Rep: (4122)
Turbo Download Manager v6.19 GP
What's new:
TDM 6.18-19
Fixed issues with opening settings
Fixed crash when starting up
Increased concurrent downloads to 4
Defensive connection mode is optional

Attached fileTurbo Download Manager v6.19.apk(5.62 MB)

Rep: (4122)
BatON v1.2.67 GP
What's new:
Recheck added for pre O androids
Tried to fix crushes on O + androids. OMG, I so hate android env: Service, IntentService, JobIntentService, JobScheduler, WorkManger and nothing works well.

Attached fileBatON v1.2.67 (67) .apk(2.36 MB)

Rep: (4122)
Google One v1.38.261988490
What's new:
This version fixes bugs and improves performance.
Attached fileGoogle One v1.38.261988490.apk(6.72 MB)

Rep: (4122)
PowerAudio Pro v8.0.6 {Paid}
What's new:
Back to previous UI
Attached filePowerAudio Pro v8.0.6 (224) .apk(17.04 MB)

Rep: (4122)
Brevent v3.7.5.4 GP
What's new:
(in beta)
- [ui] optimize for dark theme
- [ui] fully adapt "Edge-to-edge app content" on Android 8.1+
- fix cannot launch play store without account

Attached fileBrevent v3.7.5.4 (407) .apk(1.29 MB)

Rep: (4122)
Photo Editor v4.7 GP
What's new:
Version 4.7
• Text / Image improvements
• Crash & Bug fixes

Attached filePhoto Editor v4.7 (2019081700) .apk(5.88 MB)

Rep: (4122)
Memoria v1.0.2.3 GP
What's new:
- new feature: Swipe up gesture to show photo details
- new feature: Swipe down gesture to close photo
- new feature: Two finger gesture photo rotation
- new feature: Ability to save rotated photo

- added delete button in recycle bin
- fixed issues with deleting
- fixed issue with notch
- when you crop>save, photo will now appear in other apps
- fixed various bugs
- fixed crashes
Attached fileMemoria v1.0.2.3 (134) .apk(13.83 MB)

Rep: (4122)
Open Camera v1.47.1 GP
What's new:
1.47.1: Fixed some crashes in 1.47
Attached fileOpen Camera v1.47.1 (72) .apk(2.52 MB)

Rep: (4122)
Button Mapper v1.29 GP
What's new:
-fingerprint gestures (Google phones only, reboot required)
-fix long press volume
-new custom keycodes method (faster + one-time adb setup)
-do not disturb: choose block everything, alarms allowed or custom
-keep screen on
-toggle portrait / landscape
-camera shutter
-Android TV fixes
-Active Edge remapping for Pixel 3a
-component and data field for custom intents
-improve flashlight + brightness option
-Zello PTT for camera button
-optimizations and bugfixes
-update translations
Attached fileButton Mapper v1.29 (129) .apk(4.6 MB)

Rep: (4122)
WeterOKS @ 08/18/19, 5:51*
normal apk no way
Well didn’t you upload it yourself? : D

Rep: (4122)
this arm64
Yes, I fixed the post, changes began from version 2.8.262928433 ..

Rep: (4122)
Google Go v2.9.263331243 release
What's new:
- Unknown
List of changes unpublished

Attached fileGoogle Go v2.9.263331243.release.apk(7.46 MB)

Post has been editedAnd_RU - 17.08.19, 06:35
Reason for editing: architecture

Rep: (4122)
this is suddenly incompatible
strange, the min version of the SDK has not changed (5.0+), backup from the same smart ..

Rep: (4122)
AliExpress v7.9.0
What's new:
- The video will be played on the product description page.
- You can register using numbers supported in Russia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
- You can make an unconditional return of goods ordered in Plaza.

(!!) .apks install using »»SAI (Split APKs Installer)
Attached v7.9.0.apks(71.12 MB)

Rep: (4122)
Xender v4.6.5 GP
What's new:
1. Technical Upgrade: Optimized transfer experience
2. Bugs fixed

Attached fileXender v4.6.5.Prime.apk(17.87 MB)

Rep: (4122)
NextApp Keyboard v0.97 GP
What's new:
All features are now free, including themes and precision vibration feedback. No beta expiration.
Long pressing space now sends tab character (may be disabled via settings).
Option to always use "PC Layout" in landscape orientation.

Attached fileNextApp v0.97.apk(11.94 MB)

Rep: (4122)
Power Shade v14.33 GP
What's new:
- Added Hexagon shape for tile icons (Layout section)
- Added support for non-centred notches (like on the S10)
- Now the footer handle gets tinted automatically
- Fixed screenshot option on Pie
- Fixed startup crash on Q
- Few other crash fixes
- Added notice about permission to get Wifi name for Pie users

(!!) .apks install using »»SAI (Split APKs Installer)
Attached filePower Shade v14.33 (1433000) .apks(1.46 MB)

Rep: (4122)
Speedtest v4.4.17 GP
What's new:
We have added a few updates to make Speedtest even better. Is there anything else you would like to offer? We would like to hear your opinion.
If you rely on Speedtest to diagnose connectivity issues and to support your ISP’s integrity, we’ll be happy to receive your feedback on this on Google Play. Thanks and successful testing!

Attached fileSpeedtest v4.4.17 (58466) .apk(13.55 MB)

Rep: (4122)
App Cloner v1.5.26 (Apkmirror)
What's new:
• Navigation option 'Shake action'
• Media option 'Disable haptic feedback'
• Fixed 'In-app floating keyboard' option
• Fixed installation error message when cloning App Bundles
• Warnings about modding options that don't work with 64-bit only apps
• 'Allow all other hosts' option for 'Hosts blocker'
• Updated UI for Change Android ID, IMEI / IMSI & Wi-Fi / Bluetooth MAC addresses
• Bug fixes

Attached fileApp Cloner v1.5.26 (19081616) .apk(15.82 MB)

Rep: (4122)
Brevent v3.7.5.2 GP
What's new:
(in beta)
- [ui] optimize for dark theme and fully gestural system navigation
(navigation bar will be semi-transparent on Android 8.1+ devices)
- fix cannot launch play store without account

Attached fileBrevent v3.7.5.2 (405) .apk(1.3 MB)

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