Rep: (100)
Mr.Tobur @ 17.08.19, 11:47*
Now, about the benefits of non-removable Batteries: size and ergonomics of the device, waterproof and fall protection, the use of good material body, the ability to cram more electronics, as well as depreciation and acceleration of the production process.

And yet, despite all the comfort phone with a removable battery in the fall is used to break down into three parts, which are scattered in different directions.

Rep: (100)
fshv78 @ 22.07.19, 23:35*
You found the new IOS

I am seen something similar on some of their old devices on Android. On Meizu or Xiaomi. But not impressed: the text is loaded with the Chinese server some Chinese puzzle, bldzhad :)

Rep: (100)
Mkudritsky @ 06/29/19, 03:40*
Why so little?

Quite enough.
Mkudritsky @ 06/29/19, 03:40*
Here the seven has such a support period: "while normal browsers continue to be updated under Windows 7".

And what prevents to be guided by the same principles in relation to 8.1?

Rep: (100)
Negatio @ 06/26/19, 17:27*
c) Set LTSB / LTSC

d) 8.1 Embedded. For a not too powerful PC from Windows, the best option. It is as if eating resources no less than seven; support until July 2023.

Rep: (100)
korky_boochek @ 23.05.19, 11:44*
experience has not been and will not be free

Well, prostitution - it is just not for free. Try it for the money, gain experience ...
korky_boochek @ 23.05.19, 11:44*
because simply do not experience the pleasure.

And this is good. Not for nothing that experienced procuress say, "If you finish under the customer's time to change jobs."

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But,have good news

Rep: (100)
White Oleg @ 05/11/19, 21:45*
any such option in my Xiaomei, which no other ketayskih phones and iPhones?

Advertising? :)

Rep: (100)
fshv78 @ 09.05.19, 12:01*
Information tear off his hand? cool

It happens that blows the roof. And there are cases ischo contact with bablos and even Turma.

Rep: (100)
fshv78 @ 08.05.19, 10:31*
Health? And how?

Antiprivivochniki, HIV dissidents, supporters legalayza drugs, "traditional medicine" and other pseudomedical crap, no way in the set are filled with these your internet ...

Rep: (100)
fshv78 @ 08.05.19, 08:26*
As information (knowledge) can harm the health and development?

There are in the world, and deliberately false information. And yet, yes, it can hurt. However, basically it is designed for adults, but children can perepast.

Rep: (100)
fshv78 @ 07.05.19, 20:40*
So specify the logical chain

So already. At the same topic. If you read from the beginning, you will certainly find.

Rep: (100)
Spoomer @ 07.05.19, 11:06*
It is in Russia you can buy marijuana for medical reasons? (no)
Was created in the Russian Federation if the competent commission, which issued a verdict on the hazard / usefulness of hemp? (no)
Yes, planokuram hard :)
fshv78 @ 07.05.19, 15:45*
And how decriminalization lead to the growth of - well, I have something I do not see the logic

And it is :)

Rep: (100)
fshv78 @ 06.05.19, 17:55*
4. Control is legalization. Yes limiting the remains (eg ban sales to minors) - but this restriction, rather than disqualification. Under legalization, I do not mean the free market "by anyone on every corner." Simply, there are reasonable limits, and there are unjustified ban

So it's now we have. There is a legal drug trafficking with reasonable limit "for medical reasons".
E. All of you going next fight, has long realized. And you did not notice :)

Post has been editedAlex Klein - 07.05.19, 10:30

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mishanea @ 05.05.19, 12:40*
once you start to disassemble watery.

Yeah. It was better to trump:

Rep: (100)
rori @ 02.05.19, 07:12*
A more specific?

Yeah. From the point of view of a florist or venereologist? :)

Rep: (100)
mkudritsky @ 02.05.19, 08:22*
What if Win 10 can not stand, and from "vindous" you have only Win 7?

To envy :)

Rep: (100)
razum_04 @ 01.05.19, 20:07*
put the same mtPaint and juzat from the subsystem via vnc.

What's the point? Through WSL runs.
Here, under Windows 10
Attached Image

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wiz85 @ 30.04.19, 21:10*
Pinta is still buggy.

enough for simple tasks.
mkudritsky @ 01.05.19, 06:05*
Well LibreOffice installed only because there is no alternative under Linux.
Rather, it is - it is OpenOffice.

In fact, more. Just nobody knows :)

Rep: (100)
mkudritsky @ 30.04.19, 02:54*
And yet! Point!

There are pinta.

Rep: (100)
romansbeer @ 27.04.19, 20:31*
Written by "A", but if you want, you can switch to English. For me, wildly, when the Russians deliberately distort their own language and culture

Wee did all Russians in a heap does not bother: do not all speak the dialect maskovskom. But since you so jarring, we can call you "shmekele" :)
romansbeer @ 27.04.19, 21:36*
I tell you this with full responsibility as a radio engineer his diploma Voenmech and demonstrate your expertise in the US, Europe, Canada and Australia.

Still retrained from truckers to radio engineers? It is commendable :)

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