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Roboto @ 07.30.19, 12:18*
Friends calls with LTE fixed?

Back in the previous version

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The photo program flies In a couple of seconds after opening. View photos only by third-party applications

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(r @ zy M @ x $ @ 07/17/19, 11:36*
Here, every 2 or 3 writes either about the glutton or about the departure of third-party applications.

And it is regrettable! Those who do not know how to read the topic header will always have problems with iOS!

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UpGraIDE @ 06/27/19, 20:26*
never with a beta such garbage was not, yes even 3.5 GB
in a similar situation saved the release of memory to free 10gB
(in your situation 3.5 is very small)

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The front camera does not turn on periodically through AUX. How to deal with it?
Attached Image

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"Do not disturb" - the weather stopped climbing in the mornings

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Yarik67777 @ 06/19/19, 18:34*
did not notice that switching between networks occurs.
and again not about that, the question was about passing the call, and not switching ... more closely, plz

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How does LTE dialing appear? what should be included? Does it depend on PPSOS ?,
Yarik67777 @ 06/18/19, 09:41*
in the waterphone Ukraine VoLTE does not exist in nature
it was about LTE and not about VoLTE

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INSPECT0R @ 06/18/19, 09:10*
Many do not get a call in LTE?
Vodafone Ukraine - passes
of the jambs, so far only icloud mail

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letters are not deleted from the recycle bin (deleted),icloud mail just not the correct display of the number of letters! Does anyone have this?

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Tell me how to make an automatic connection of music via bluetooth from the phone? (How it works in the native tape recorder)

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and what is the difference now with the PRO version from the BETA version of AdGuard 3.0? except for the extra loot asked?

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iOS 12.3 - 16F5155a [Beta: iOS123DevBeta5] has been released for 58 devices

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* russtik31,
probably emodzhi corrected: rofl:
X modem firmware increased

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Beta3 flew in

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<<Yuri>> @ 02.04.19, 19:29 *
The last was 9 months. back only.

what for ? if everything is working properly

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* _ @ lexander_,
and if the Request code-password window has only one item - "immediately", then how to change it?

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666Stranger666 @ 03.20.19, 05:57*
What methods of rollback on 12.1.3 are you talking about?

very strange question! or do you think that everyone has 12.1.4? : rofl:

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Tried to order ELM327 V1.5 OBD2 Bluetooth / WI-FI on Ali for Camry 55 (2016, 2.5) - the seller refused in two places, .. writes is not suitable for your car.
Maybe someone acquired for this type?

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Beta 5 is already out :)

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