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welcome, somebody left a promotional code? share, please!

chocolate with me :)

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broken black frame / lens rim, anyone know where to order a replacement? or what is generally better to replace?
can, of course, to stick together, but we are not looking for easy ways: lol:

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* Drago007,
I ordered 24.11, Singapore Post, treknulos only today.
Information Received (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)

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katerochek @ 20.09.2014, 16:23*
I came across here on the program

В® Ultimate Dynamic Navbareven as an option.

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found earpods costs 2 times cheaper than the averagehere.
how to think, how they original? Consultant for some reason I could not give an answer to this question. can someone of you here would take them?
or even worthwhile to consider something completely different?

thank you

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And in this topic are discussed.

And I'm talking about adventures with maps.

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I will now be fully prepared to wait for a new sale

You, above all, keep us informed.

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and I have after installing the fix crash Claudia xperia

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you may need something likeof this...

and sabzhevoy phone unless there is a GLONASS receiver? or you are using an external?

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bigmen @ 22.01.2012, 21:27*
On the basis of paragraph 3 of warranty, have a look in the box
This warranty does not cover damage caused
a result of normal wear and improper
handling of the product, including (but not limited to)
Use of the product for other purposes and in violation
Sony Ericsson instructions for use and maintenance of the product.
This warranty does not cover any failure
Products resulting from accident, software
or software modification or adjustment, the disaster
and moisture.

in fact, they are the result of a fault or not flashing -autopsyexamination will show. IMHO, the fact that the basis for the reinsertion of denial of service can not be (at least based on what I learned).
Oh and if the device is using a flasher turned into a brick - no questions :)

P.S. bought the unit a few days ago, updated, do not read the forums, to 62 and now spit - you need a rut. Now I study the expediency of breaking bootloader and what is the risk to remain without a guarantee after that.
Interestingly, (cofsayta unlock bootloader):
Please note that youmayvoid the warranty of your phone and / or any warranty from your operator if you unlock the boot loader.

in general, while it is clear that nothing is clear.

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bigmen @ 22.1.2012, 14:24*
It is the exception rather than the law, the majority of services will be denied warranty service

On what grounds?

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Hello white sanfranov owners!
Long time did not go, a quick search on my question was not answered - on what datenot CMfirmware works correctly proximity sensor?
Fix, indicated in the header, according to the results of my experiments, is only relevant for the CM. I myself and sit on the CM-179.

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I sew the extreme BladeGinger-Negaraku RLS2.3. excellent, nimble, but again the problem with the sensor. White sanfran.
"Proximity Calibration is failed, please retry!"

Post has been edited1allen - 20.11.11, 11:22

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oggiarthur @ 18.10.2011, 17:50*
You can throw a link to 179

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ld65 @ 18.10.2011, 12:57*
... than I cleaned? (


updated on an extreme cm (227) - the same symptoms. Calibration does not solve the problem.

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1allen @ 18.10.2011, 10:21*
what else can you try?

I brushed the stick fell back to cm-179. earned)

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I'm sorry, perhaps the question has already been answered here - I stopped off lights during a call. after to alter cm on blade mix, gsf ...
I tried to return to the cm (which was all ok) - does not help. the sensor works, the keyboard locks in conversation. He calibrated. I did wipe. what else can I try?


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received phone yesterday, safe and sound (RJ575115615GB). I ordered at no time mentioned abovecinderella * 1 *
complete bonus found cigarette lighter adapter, film and cloth for the screen.
very satisfied!

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b_RAIN @ 10.01.08 11:44:12
Not so much I am a scoundrel). I'll be happy to help you, but only after a completed yet skin. And for this, I repeat, I need to knowskin.cps how to get out of exe-file?

any editor pulled resources. Resource Tuner, for example.

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