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Hello to all!

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"Proletarians of all countries, unite!"

Here are going to people who consider the Soviet Union the best time in the history of mankind!

Our emblems and flags :

Our great anthem Attached fileussr2.mp3 (4.73 MB)

A bit of history :
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [1] is a state that existed from 1922 to 1991 in Europe and Asia. The USSR occupied 1/6 of the inhabited land and was the largest country in the world on the territory occupied by the Russian Empire without Finland, part of the Polish Kingdom and some other territories (Kars, now Turkey) by 1917, but with Galicia, Transcarpathian , part of Prussia, Northern Bukovina, South Sakhalin and Kuriles.

According to the Constitution of 1977, the USSR was proclaimed a single union multinational and socialist state.

After World War II, the USSR had land borders with Afghanistan, Hungary, Iran, China, the DPRK (since September 9, 1948), Mongolia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Finland, Czechoslovakia, and only sea with the United States, Sweden and Japan.

The USSR was created on December 30, 1922 by the unification of the RSFSR, the Ukrainian SSR, the BSSR and the ZSFSR.

It consisted of the Union republics (in different years from 4 to 16), which according to the Constitution were sovereign states; each union republic retained the right of free exit from the Union. The Union Republic had the right to enter into relations with foreign states, conclude treaties with them and exchange diplomatic and consular representatives, to participate in the activities of international organizations. Among the 50 founding countries of the UN, along with the USSR, were its two allied republics: the BSSR and the Ukrainian SSR.

Part of the republics included autonomous Soviet socialist republics (ASSR), territories, regions, autonomous regions (AO), and autonomous (until 1977 - national) districts.

After World War II, the USSR, along with the United States, was a superpower. The Soviet Union dominated the world socialist system and was also a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

The collapse of the USSR was characterized by a sharp confrontation between representatives of the central federal government and the newly elected local authorities (Supreme Soviets, presidents of the Union republics). In 1989–1990, all republican Supreme Soviets adopted declarations on state sovereignty, some of which were declarations of independence. On March 17, 1991, in 9 out of 15 republics of the USSR, an All-Union referendum on the preservation of the USSR was held, in which two thirds of citizens were in favor of preserving the renewed union. But the central authorities failed to stabilize the situation. The failed coup d'état of the State Emergency Committee was followed by the official recognition of the independence of the Baltic republics. After the All-Ukrainian independence referendum, where the majority of the population spoke in favor of Ukraine’s independence, preserving the USSR as a state entity became virtually impossible, as stated in the Agreement on the creation of the Commonwealth of Independent States, signed on December 8, 1991 by the heads of the three Union republics - Yeltsin from the RSFSR (Russian Federation), Kravchuk from USSR (Ukraine) and Shushkevich from BSSR (Republic of Belarus). Officially, the USSR ceased to exist on December 26, 1991. In late 1991, the Russian Federation was recognized as a successor state of the USSR in international legal relations and took its place on the UN Security Council.

Comrades of this topic :
alexymca - Foreign Secretary.
iSeven - Minister of the Interior
polzowatel - Head of the Secretariat of the Central Committee
Johnny_P - Comrade Andropov
miroslav_mm - Pavlik Morozov
} {uMuK - The main strategic flood and inorganic trolling
a_black_ cat - Comrade Cat
11-1974 - Comrade Rudenko, Attorney General
katala97 - Komsomol
Aristarhas - Responsible for propaganda and ideology
Alessandro1991 - Commissar of Health.
I.V. Stalin Well, here without comments
dmrykov - The most important builder
wandererbk - People's Commissar of the NKVD
Gabby - Minister of Energy and Electrification of the USSR (including Nuclear Energy!;)
SumatraUser - Chief Designer (not a builder)what is not yet clear
AtomicAVK Fighter invisible front
Shoking - Minister of Transport
Dschinghis Khan - General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU
kuzen64 - Chairman of the USSR State Planning Committee
Skipper73 - Head of the Main Political Directorate (GlavPUR) of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union.
morbid_s- Commissar of Labor.
Apokaliptus Minister of Civil Defense and Emergencies

Our archive
constantly updated

Reports on the work done for 2011.

Thank you all for the materials provided.
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bald1984 @ 01/06/19 16:36*
You are in turquoise faster.

This is in doubt, Wan. As far as I remember, there was a note in the profile corresponding.

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bald1984 @ 01/06/19 15:16*
Grumbling again, old one?

Did not have time to note 45 already old? : D Wan, like this you, huh? : D

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Aleks34volga @ 01/06/19, 15:12*
If you have something to say, but it is better to remain silent, you can "not finish.".

It was about this that I said when I wrote, about the supposedly puny significance, and so on.
"In each line only a point.
Guess, they say themselves.

The classic favorite trick, the simplest manipulators: fortune-tellers, psychic telepaths and other charlatans
With a clear view, drive away an incomprehensible blizzard, cut off the "thought." And you’ll think about it yourself, but then you will be obstinate that someone “predicted” it to you. Went, primitive, and in my case does not roll.
Aleks34volga @ 01/06/19, 15:12*
I hope we will be friends.

. Not sure. A person who builds a phrase in a clearly traceable accusatory key, but at the same time cannot even explain himself what is wrong. You feel wrong and think up yourself or find in what.
Here it does not matter what it is, it is important that you start making excuses.

For the sake of interest in Google, look for the main types of psychological manipulations.
Rag, Aggressor, Prosecutor.
Well, at the same time about the Karpman triangle, you can see.
Maybe then the next time it will be thinner.

Posted on 1/6/2019 at 15:41:

That's all your subsequent posts only confirmation of the attempts of this very manipulation.

Rep: (1735)
Aleks34volga @ 01/06/19, 14:53*
You know, there was a "thought" move.

Class, honest word. I thought to myself, I was walking.
"but you seemed to me" then the thought got tired and stopped. I rested a bit, and already from the new place I tried again. "Well, not". But here the musl completely exhausted and could not go further.

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* kerbala,
No less happy for you. That you still got such a desired shoulder straps and multi-colored position, even if at such a price.
kerbala @ 01/06/19 11:05*
specifics? no, don't wait)

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* ohalis
* DSN2010
* WEDR626
Thank! : thank_you:

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But you seemed to me .... Well, not ...

Unfortunately, I do not possess telepathic abilities and do not in any way decipher pseudo-segmented unfinished phrases with supposedly significant ellipsis.

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* Violence Jack,
Zhen, hammer. Everyone chooses a woman, a religion, a way.
If a person in life likes to cringe, if he does not know how else, then he will.
Cringing for the sake of epaulettes before one and inflate the cheeks in front of others. And to dream that when his epaulets are more abruptly prompted, even then he will play for everything. There is no longer a remake.
Come to your better. For fresh air.

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* nafuk
* Malfurion,
* Sonycat
Thank you: thank_you:

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* qwasius,
* Abbat1985,

Rep: (1735)
* bald1984
Thank you, Vanya. Yes, I do not grumble. This is so bad habit, right to say everything).* NastГЁnchik, Nastya, thank you: daisy: for the kind and kind words and for your sincerity and honesty in all situations.

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* udav21,
* kingofshadows,
* Violence Jack,
* Otkhelnick,
* plamy,
Thanks friends. Your words and congratulations are very much and very valuable to me.
Thank you so much.
Well, you all know the place where they are waiting for you and where I will be sincerely glad for our communication.

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MXFox @ 01/04/19, 21:08*
All the most, you yourself!

Are we with you? I'm sorry not to accept when this transition happened.
The best thing is not to receive false, insincere wishes from false, insincere people on your holiday.

Posted 04/01/2019 at 21:42:

* MXFox,
And one more request, if you ever need to contact me suddenly in the future, be so kind as not to distort my nickname. If it is difficult for you to remember five letters and two numbers, you can use the button name.

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* Nik2001Nik3006,
* bakpetr
Thanks for the kind words.
* Kenny в„ў,
Sincere congratulations are valuable and pleasant.

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* tshlglv Appointed topic curator

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SONYMINI @ 05.12.18, 13:39*
So what is possible?

Everything that does not violate the rules of the forum and section, and also corresponds to the topic topic. Check them out, please.

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JohnCr2 @ 05.12.18, 13:08*
understood nothing. Floodoblud some. Senseless and merciless in its meaninglessness

So it’s just not yours and that’s it. It happens. Why stay in the topic that you think is flood? The Internet is huge, just find what meets your interests.

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* TomCat16
I would strongly advise you not to turn to rudeness and baseless accusations of using anything.
Just for reference, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke weed, I don’t drink other psychotropic substances.
I am an honorary donor of Russia. With each blood sampling, it is checked for traces of these same substances.
If you are not capable of playing without stimulating substances, I am truly sorry. But this does not mean that this topic can be turned into a topic for political physicians.
You can not follow the rules, you are not interested in it - just leave the topic and that's it. Find one that matches your desires. It's elementary.

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Vasilich @ 05.12.18, 11:28*
It surprised me too.

Once again, in order not to be surprised, it is enough to read the cap, the spoiler. Comrades of this topic and the first few pages.

Honestly, got it already. And humanly, without tags and other things, you apparently just do not want to understand.

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