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Generator1 @ 07.28.19, 21:16*
It’s good that the old versions have been left to work on 4.x Android, because it’s impossible to update there.

And what version still works on 4.x? version 3.35 no longer works, and the latter requires untethered from gugloservice sends

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XcrazyS @ 07/31/19 5:53*
Apparently, you did not give permission to the application on the "Shared Files"

I just checked - the rights were issued: (maybe the file is broken, but she hardly checks it for validity and hides it from the issue. On weekends I will receive a new flash drive and transfer it to it - I will try to download it again, and this one on my computer will check cheksumme

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Does anyone use zimpedia? I downloaded the zim archive for the Russian wiki, the archive is in the downloads. But the software does not find it, but you can not indicate the path in it.

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XcrazyS @ 07.28.19, 16:58*
Amazon applications can be removed before the first reboot.

I will look in a fake. I saw about parental control, but then the installation of the apk will fall off, it's not very convenient.

XcrazyS @ 07.28.19, 16:58*
Go to Telegram X

I am happy, although as far as I remember, the smilie panel is buggy, but it is also buggy in the ordinary. and calls in it plow?

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a couple of questions are ripe:
1) Do you have any calls in the telegram? well, or rather, when they call me - it’s all normal, but when I call and they don’t answer me (I haven’t checked it yet), the telegram falls with an error. Version of the foss from the masthead set.
2) how can you kill Amazonian applications? stupidly and launched them having accepted the agreement, now they hang in memory. they’re not eating much, but even so - there’s no sense from them.

I poked various weather applications here, while I stopped atWeather Timeline - Forecast
You cannot add places without Google services, but in the current location mode (just click the "add" button on the screen where swears at the lack of Google services) it seems to work very well. forecasts themselves are very detailed, and most importantly - there is a system of alerts and notifications, moreover, customizable, as well as configurable update interval and quiet mode.
The version set was this one (12.3) and the provider - they write in the topic of discussion that the most adequate. By the way, weather-underground is also supported there.

played with a magnet - unfortunately it doesn’t work exactly as I wanted. Unlock by presenting the magnet is really possible! but it won’t block, when presented, the device locks, but as soon as the magnet moves away, it immediately unlocks. very sorry((

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Olegsiat @ 07/27/19 16:27*
Passed after a reboot with the volume keys.

Thanks, really helped! And the usual reboot did not help. Memory free was 1.2 gig

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Alexxxl @ 07/27/19 12:44*
Subject appointed curator XcrazyS


Tell me, could I have accidentally turned off the keyboard backlight? Or am I so lucky that it's time to buy another device? wax it does not work anymore (((

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and qbrowser can no longer be bought? Like a good browser, I want to see what's there in the pro version

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muza9 @ 07/23/19 10:45*
Regarding the weather, there is another option - website

checked Sedna - in Moscow shamelessly lying in terms of precipitation by the hour. Although the problem is even more probable, even in that it is trying to "average" the city - and in the case of the same Moscow and rain it turns out useless infa.

or so how can you specify the area or the nearest weather station to yourself?

Posted on 07/25/2019 6:27 PM:

and still nivkakuyu can not configure mail for MS Exchange ActiveSync. The settings are exactly correct, but it swears that I did something wrong. comunibut managed to get rid of?

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* muza9,
* XcrazyS,
Thanks for the info, I will try.

by the way -it so happened that before Friday (inclusive) I would have on hand an extra SE version of this unit (I ordered its delivery, and while he was driving, he bought another one in Moscow time and stayed with him). The device is sensitive but in perfect condition, without scuffs and defects. I paid for it 10k (with delivery) - if I need someone, I will give for so much, the fat is not interesting to me. Moscow city.On Friday evening, if no one is willing, I will issue a refund.

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XcrazyS @ 07/23/19, 14:08*
Add to the above magnetic bracelet and get an imitation of the cover

ohhh, but it sounds interesting (though not a bracelet, but a ring, but even so). Does anyone have a magnetic case? How does it work at all? It seemed to me that unlocking occurs when the magnet is removed, and, accordingly, the lock when it is presented. if so, I don’t understand how to combine it with a bracelet / ring

Posted 07/07/2019 14:42:

XcrazyS @ 07/23/19, 14:08*
If we are talking about notification services - the same Weather Undeground can be run via and the native Blackbullet (Pushbullet client) as custom push notifications in the Hub - as an option.

It sounds interesting, you need to look at this client. not only regarding the weather

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XcrazyS @ 07.23.19, 07:29*
After that - exit from sleep mode will be carried out either by pressing the power button, or a bunch of "U + Enter" (very convenient)

This option is not suitable for me, unfortunately - the possibility of unlocking with one hand is crucial for me :(

XcrazyS @ 07.23.19, 07:29*
2GIS (pedestrian information)

I will try, thanks.

XcrazyS @ 07.23.19, 07:29*
Everything is perfectly picked up and sorted if the tags of the music files are properly decorated.

in the attachment - an example of a playlist formed by the default player through the choice of a genre. as you can see, this is a regular playlist, in which tracks with the genre indicated by me are crafted. When adding a new track with the same genre, it naturally did not appear here. In the Star-player the same thing (only there is also the interface does not know how to swipe, to switch between screens, you must reach for the top buttons)
Neutron did not try, it is not in my market. But I found some kind of Moon player paid, in the description he has smart playlists. I have not checked how comfortable it is.

XcrazyS @ 07.23.19, 07:29*
Regarding Total Commander

Yeah, it's all about android, thanks.

Posted on 07/27/2019, 12:52:

muza9 @ 07/23/19 10:45*
And you will receive letters with a forecast for 7 days.

But does it come by hours or just day / night? I repent, too lazy to check

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XcrazyS @ 07/22/19, 16:01*
Update Total Commander to version 3.0 or higher.

and where to get it? Or is it about the android version?

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managed to launch Yandex.
took from hereYandex.Taxi (Post Alex.Ognev # 51034732)
versions up to 3.40 inclusive are launched. but at 3.35 and 3.30 cards are not added. 3.15 cards were added without problems. Versions between these have not yet been tested. account picks up everywhere

It starts quite a long time, 30 seconds, but otherwise normal. if you try to install different versions - clear the cache

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Byak @ 07/22/19, 2:40 p.m.*
the question is closed, found in masthead poketsafe

happy early. This software locks, but DOES NOT turn off the screen. Accordingly, the hellish zhor battery in your pocket

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Via Browser (Android)

hell, but he is good! It looks straight like what I need. but one problem immediately got out - I was not able to open the full version of DuckDucko - automatically redirects to lite. Neither changing the user agent to chrome nor the PC mode helps. it’s a trifle, but without this it’s not very usable for me. I’ll try to dig further.
But in general, he is very buggy - the same spoilers on 4pda attempts with 5 open. but it works smartly infection, in contrast to the default

About Adguard, etc. applications can be forgotten

I do not claim that it will work, but even so:
  • Version 3.x really dropped the support of old androids, but half a year ago version 2.x worked without problems on my ancient tablet with 4.2 android.
  • Yes, the main mode is local uplift. but there is also a second mode in which, instead of vpnku, the usual mith proxy rises. and in theory this can make money, though you will have to put the certificate in handles and register a proxy too
    In general, there is a chance, I will definitely try

UPDATE : checked, installed but can not be raised. port changed to 5 mark - did not help. it's a pity

I tried huyandeks cards. Put 7.h version hacked from the forum. then through the rights manager, I also cut out the rights to the phone, microphone, autorun. normal flight. the device heats up kaneshno, but this is a matter of cards - with an emergency need it is better to have a stash.

in search of the best app for weather. I would like rain warnings in advance, and ideally a Yandex rainfall map on the site. advise cheegonit

a question about quick change of profiles - I really liked the idea with a hot key, but how to assign vibro instead of soundless as a second profile to it? soundless is very impractical as for me, vibro is much more universal. and vibration in soundless turn on nizya.the question is resolved - first, in silent, you can redefine vibration for individual notifications (and although he writes that this will not work, he plows all the rules), and secondly, through the keyboard shortcats software from the masthead, you can reassign the profile.

and we don’t have a proximity sensor? I would like for the bodies to go to bed when putting it in a pocket, but so that without a magnetic cover.the question is closed, found in masthead poketsafe

for some reason, in SMS messages from my bank (the number on it contains the name of the bank in Latin letters), dialogs do not always match. Now I already have 3 dialogs from the bank - one imported with a bunch of communities and two new messages in a couple. very uncomfortable. what could be the trouble?

I understand correctly that the default player cannot smart playlists (when you add a genre / artist to the playlist and all the new tracks corresponding to it automatically fall into it)? and in ours if you add to the playlist of the artist - it simply forms a static playlist with all the tracks at the moment. here it sucks kaneshno, I did not expect this. Who uses which player? I tried the star player but he does not know how to hike. I am in shock, my old man on bb7 in the default is able ...

Yandex Taxi (set the untied version off with an anatica) does not start - the splash screen hangs. Someone has started some version? Taxi need a thing ((

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* olegsiat, I transferred the files to a card, renamed it on my computer and merged it back onto the phone ...

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XcrazyS @ 07.21.19, 19:05*
it is enough to place inside the directory where these files are located - an empty file with the name ".nomedia", without the extension

ohh, here it is super, senks

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XcrazyS @ 07.21.19, 17:27*
Plan b.

It worked! thank you. : thank_you:

In general, regarding the browser - which advise you to take for the main? I have minimal requirements - Wikipedia, Stackerflou, Lor, Opennet and other simple sites. Accordingly, it is necessary to work smartly, not to load the system (as I understand it, ondroids will load significantly more) and it was possible to cut advertising at least somehow - in default with this trouble.

As for advertising, this is generally a sore subject, as I understand it. while it only occurs to me to register the dongles of the guard, and then try to start the traffic through your proxy, for example, a proxy and cut it there already.

By the way, it occurred to me ... but will adguard android launch? in VPN mode - it is clear that no. but if in the local proxy mode, and then register it in the VPN settings. to try, maybe the old versions will start ...

Posted on 07/21/2019, 18:10:

aah, and even in pursuit. I remember that even before the purchase I came across somewhere here on the Old, that with android applications you can manually set access rights. and now I can’t find it. through the application manager only the location can be disabled and something else, for the rest of the rights the slider is inactiveinattentively watched in masthead from* XcrazyS there is

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disconnected vpn - did not help, very strange.

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