Rep: (110)
* Yalkap,
and now you can once again on the Russian to describe the problem, the desired result and the order made by the action.

Rep: (110)
Ipod1987 @ 17.11.19, 01:03*
because the other is not given

all easy to solve with the help of virtual PBX and / or additional. operator services. (Body 2 services do not have).
and create first with hemorrhagic levotoznym operator, then with the Simcoe - a strange decision.

from experience (always useful to collect information on the experiments). nine want to connect luck three. 2 1 iphone and some Chinese

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* reseptor,
what happened, a common situation for applications that use certificates Developer or Interprajs.
storing information - a very handy feature for debugging.
to get access to application data is necessary that the device was application with this ID.

try to connect the body to a computer and make a backup copy of the tuna resources (it is native, not something left). see the result.

Rep: (110)
* deadboy018,
passwords anywhere, ever (if students do not) are not stored in clear text

Rep: (110)
* wolfyteze
on the poppy as the same is put any number of axes and with less dancing than a hack, but that the same Windows and Ubuntu is more convenient in the parallels.

at prices you are wrong. rates differ by 10-15%.

I went to the hack of the Tiger era. (In parallel to the normal on Macs)
last hack killed to the last cat. too big hemorrhagic in the absence of an obvious financial gain.

Unity, as well as the bucket - not interested.
but the charm of Catalina in development, especially in applications of joint pad / Catalina - it megavazhno.

at the expense of a full off i86, the problems are not felt. unless renewed, and the whole package adobe movavi.

Rep: (110)
badboys77777 @ 15.11.19, 17:06*
only did write that you jailbreak

Methods Hide dzheil the program is not (as it was not)
programmers simply ceased to be so lazy and bug corrected

Rep: (110)
* zabivayka,
so there is no lock that is already well
that, apparently, it is necessary according to the old traditions or leave uchetki on the phone and back on that gemorno, or - to buy a place with the company.
If not under poppy hand, it is possible and from Windows to set icloud for it

There are too many glitches in ios
(Before these schools met with the family access)

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zabivayka @ 15.11.19, 14:58*
icloud in the browser with the same ID.

))) This is clear. That writes? Now the input is normally held?

Rep: (110)
* zabivayka,
your Apple ID to the cloud and store the same?
with the company came to That writes?

Rep: (110)
* ScorpionAK47,
no third-party programs that can be greater than the tuna

Rep: (110)
vas76 @ 15.11.19, 10:54*
It is true that the "non-native" devices spare parts are not activated?

ekrny / battery / changing trains without any problems (11 iPhone have not tried, but there is not very hard to believe).
if the items are normal - it does not need.

Rep: (110)
* Nuteill,
formally - yes, it can.

Rep: (110)
wolfyteze @ 15.11.19, 02:01*
I advise you to start with a Hackintosh)

hakintosh had washed away before - now is not present.
Development should be conducted on Catalina, and she is very capricious. Now all the people izmuchal ....
And the point? same-McMinn worth a penny.
And the main thing. Haq on i7 / msi 32 at the correct mamma vidyuhi not overtakes these problems (which do not need to multimedia) mini i5 / 16
Something like that
wolfyteze @ 15.11.19, 02:01*
Then go to the interview).

uh. how-to and nakoy?
Now work in teams where you have an interview, it is not practical

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matwey44 @ 14.11.19, 20:41*
all around the connectors carefully examined under a microscope

and the display?
matwey44 @ 14.11.19, 20:41*
Do not know of course at the expense of statics, the display turns off even when the battery is disconnected.

and it is that difference?

Rep: (110)
matwey44 @ 14.11.19, 20:31*
But where the display can be here?

1. yes may be the display itself. do not forget that it is not just a "light bulb"
2. during connection / disconnection something damaged
3. that was killed in the process. static on the body / clothes to more than enough

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ScorpionAK47 @ 14.11.19, 19:15*
how to restore?

you said yourself ....
ScorpionAK47 @ 14.11.19, 16:09*
Telephony year, I would like to restore it well, dropping to its factory settings.

It means the data is unnecessary at all. And importantly there may be only in the last day or two

Rep: (110)
ScorpionAK47 @ 14.11.19, 16:09*
phone battery 88%

What is that figure and what it means?
if it is from what is displayed in the settings - it is a normal random number generator. It does not carry any useful information. Or rather, not so. So far everything is working as it should, then this figure may indicate that a well-to change the battery (it's worth doing at the level of 75%). If there is a problem - it can not be guided to the figures.
ScorpionAK47 @ 14.11.19, 16:09*
Phone a year, I would like to restore it well, dropping to its factory settings.

the device in dfu and sews the new latest ios

Rep: (110)
ScorpionAK47 @ 14.11.19, 15:22*
I do not understand how it happened.

From simple battery. If she is dead, the controller is no longer able to maintain the required voltage and current at the slightest increase, it falls, leading to the crash and / or restart. Hence - the replacement helps.
About the freezer.
A common problem is the micro-cracks in the conductors or soldering, usually as a consequence of falls.
Physics is the study?
Freeze (like heating hairdryer) causes metal objects to change their size, which may lead to recovery of lost contact not for long.

Rep: (110)
Post72 @ 14.11.19, 10:48*
What's the difference

Very often there are what appear TK to develop such an approach to the language ...
no money do not want to

Rep: (110)
Post72 @ 13.11.19, 19:10*
The task: writing the script for website

and as it is written in Objective C, Swift, RxJava?

Well, the best practices for Java reference to IOS - it's the same just a masterpiece !!!!

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