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vas76 @ 20.02.20, 14:26*
Unfortunately on the iPhone SE, 5S and older it is missing.

)))) Just the way
SE younger than 6S

Rep: (110)
* vas76,
Of course, I do not use health and such ... but if I'm not mistaken, at the SE was just an ordinary pedometer

Rep: (110)
* StaroPHPJS,
When on battery blows, there is a big chance that will crack in loops / board

Rep: (110)
* [email protected],
1. Change Accum
2. It did not help - change the controller.

Rep: (110)
* limax2100,
Just for me the criterion in choosing a bank is its bezgemoroynost and minimum problems with currency control
From this, all sorts of Sberbank Tinkoff or - even consider foolish. The rest - to study carefully.
And the timing, as for me, they are now comfortable

Rep: (110)
* Forg1veme,
Dirt in slot dies or codec.
Connect your headphones via the Lightning, if the problem persists - codec.
If the problem disappears - and change the lower loop and do not suffer.

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nifty1 @ 20.02.20, 00:57*
and when a man put a sim card, then according to his contacts just appeared

for that he had to "hands" give the command to copy the contacts from SIM cards. They do not appear
nifty1 @ 20.02.20, 00:57*
The question is - how do I remove my phone from his contacts but only so much

Option 2
1. Correct. For each phone to make their uchetku in icloud
2. Crutch. On the second phone to disable contact synchronization with the cloud, pointing to "leave the data on the device"

Rep: (110)
* Chewbaccaa,
go into your account and read carefully. There's no need manual

Rep: (110)
Chewbaccaa @ 19.02.20, 16:31*
in Russia has no desire to call

and you can not. They have a 8-800 number
In Ukraine there is no independent tech support. And it does not help anything.
Chewbaccaa @ 19.02.20, 16:31*
whether it is possible to recreate the ACC?

that is, to re-create?
you can easily create a new account.

And most importantly - have passed such lock-just as in many others. If the account is worth on a poppy. quietly go into your account and unlock it. There, everything is simple, if there is a device attached.

Rep: (110)
* muhin73,
those. disconnecting the four-something that previously was not supposed to go to sleep. purely my speculation.

Rep: (110)
muhin73 @ 19.02.20, 14:03*
but just a problem Softovaya

Then, at a minimum (as it occurs only occasionally and not on all devices) should dare to reboot and reinsertion.
Therefore .... One does not typically

Rep: (110)
muhin73 @ 19.02.20, 13:55*
Here at the branch unsubscribed owners of different vehicles.

Not certainly in that way. problems no one else since X and below
A XS and 11 are very similar inside.

Naturally, this is only speculation.
But it is not like a software problem. Symptoms other.

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* limax2100,
Then all quite different.
Look how is the payment and choose a bank with a partner in the country of the sender. This will speed up the process. Day before the partner, the partner day - your bank, etc. - depending on the currency control. Rarely more than a day.

Rep: (110)
* Maxim12G * muhin73,
everything here is very simple. Apparently, the problem is not resolved at the program level. Somewhere a mistake in circuit design or security baseline (a la Siri access or what / how wakes)
And if so - what kind of reaction you can liquefy. Remember how Jobs shows the correct hand position to communicate did not disappear? Here, all the symptoms, the same thing ...
Just apparatus was very moist.

Rep: (110)
* limax2100,
Well, if you speak in a trust / know - why ask mortals? (We're talking about physicists accounts)
Nowhere I have never seen / heard to have apla enrollment was faster than 3 days (it is on the client account). In states - perhaps (there had accounts) Day (the day), it is only within the bank or between "friendly" banks.
At the expense of our - we read the Federal Law "On Banks and Banking Activities" Article 31 of the Civil Code, Part 2, Article 849, of the Federal Law "On the national payment system" + contract Bakovskaya service your accounts (Central Bank regulations).
Once again, what and how does Google - not interested, but I do not believe that there is something unusual.

Yes, this is another nuance which soon forget
- when opening an account Physics, everyone agrees that it will not be used for the conduct of commercial (business) activities.
A flow of money from APLA and Google, with good intentions, can not podpihnut for the realization of copyright, because there is a direct sale.

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AnDreW_od @ 18.02.20, 19:59*
Can I somehow change the resolution?

Of course - there is no
AnDreW_od @ 18.02.20, 19:59*
in the stories of Instagram on the edges as though beyond the scope of screen,

Instagramm - one of the curves of the programs from the App Store. While they are not corrected by hand, so be it.
Moreover, there are so many programs at the moment, who is adapted to the screens of these new devices.
While the percentage of users with these screens will not be great, no one will not bother.
For them, just scaled some of the immediate solutions.

Screen size (in points) and it is the quantity + aspect ratio at which a device is selected.
This basic difference from vedrofonov where simple size (diagonal) has priority

6S has a real size - 375x667 points
XS MAX has a real size - 414x896 points, by the way, is the same as the XR and a large difference in geometry.

Rep: (110)
* ayayo
This device has no meaning as the default gateway. He is very old and does not have the normal setup for network control (MAC only timeout).
I express are two, but the main gateway to kineteke

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* limax2100,
Here two points
1. Do you know the banks, which would violate the requirements of the Central Bank?
2. Do you know the exact time / date of the outgoing payment?

To both questions - NO

Earlier payment will be credited within 14 banking days, is now 5-7. More than a comfortable, understanding that payment of a non-resident.
I will say this, at the expense of Finnish payment from APLA (Google is not interested in) comes to 3-5y day.
Such operations can not be accomplished quickly. This can not be solved on the side of the bank. That's the way the banking system itself.

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Vadimka_Aga @ 18.02.20, 22:30*
but wrote "no sim" at the top left

I'm afraid these are signs of fast modem death. I hope I'm wrong

Rep: (110)
* Ice_Tiger,
If the lock is made through the profile - of course, you did it not do. His "rules" have the highest priority.
If you so need an Internet it is easier and faster to take a cheap LTe-Wifi router with its Simcoe and connect the tablet through it.
Although ... When we were making such profiles for the company, these things are also blocked, the people used to Soup only for its intended purpose.

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