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* Vladimir74ru,
everything is possible
support itself indicates the address where they will have something to send.
alone, in any case, it will not work

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* Adeptly21,
Current version of MacOS 10.15.3
I do not really imagine how you start it on such an ancient and cut iron.
Seen as running MacOS 10.13 on the Surface Pro 6. It is hard but it is possible (yes, it and wifi / bt though crutches, but the plant)
Newer versions of mac os - it will be a nightmare.
And as you are going to Catalina on your bet - I do not know.

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HugeDimaR @ 12.02.20, 14:03*
What is happening with the SE?

This is one of the typical problems for devices that can run on the new ios, but remain on the old.
That is to say, not a "bug" and "feature".

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Which means that for the form? You just decided to send the hundred-mail is not communicating with the support?

not to wander around the site - put the apphttps: //

here is the complete instruction

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* Vladimir74ru,
Where thoughts about all these en / ru?
The address was - [email protected]

But the right - first wait for a response through the questions form

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* 7768,
incorrect terms lead to erroneous judgments. we are talking about the technique, not the trends of contemporary art

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* mahmud2003,
and what relation to that described is new or old device?

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* Adeptly21,
Let all over again.
That what you do - it hakintosh. Actually - questions better write to him on a branch.

At the expense of the receiver - if the support is declared, it will work. But you hack and whether the desired kuksty milking normal operation usb - I do not know

Yes, and that call us MacOS Catalina 10.15 Final? is that for an animal? (This is not the official line)

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* mahmud2003,
after a fall might appear cracked / bridges which lead to a high load on battery, and this leads to a transition to a more economical (slower) mode

as is indicated in the status BATTERY? maximum performance is still maintained?

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VitalzR @ 11.02.20, 11:12*
Here's the official support response

This is a problem of large companies. Here, with no options.
Scored any ad Afro turko- .... actually ... And the result.
Yes, and very disgusting OSes to corporate support, as it were, is not relevant.

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* 7768,
1. Quicktime has never player for ios. This is the commercial name of a particular product for MacOs and Win (in the past)
2. All video / audio played back in ios only player. There's no option (and no options with web browsers). Sided player can exist, but it can never be integrated.
3. His manipulations you made one - banned maxthone bitrate control, returning it to control the player. Also, most likely, and you can look back on a standard player.

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* hazrat77,
It is strange that you could flash it. Such volunteer MDM have not met.
To know that your device is controlled by a special profile (MDM), which states all you can do, and what not.
So that the machine has become commonplace, it should be excluded from the list of managed this profile. Make it could only those who brought him there. (The contacts on the screen - it contacts the organization to whom the phone belongs to). And on top of all the latest screenshot is written openly

If you are unable to return the device - read forum. There neskolok ways that allow partially remove the problem. That way// Forum / ... DM & x = 0 & y = 0 & subforums = 1

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NT User @ 10.02.20, 21:37*

.... as though not much about the update for iDevaysov. ))))))
Apparently the list was going to machine and not so realistic.
Among servers specially introduced confusion
For example gives SSL Certificate domain (than he actually is, but it is a direct violation of the standard, although there is no violation of the chain)

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* KostyaPro,
Very interesting. Earlier * used only to communicate with the cloud background

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* kasatka60,
abandoning the voice on older protocols, you get rid of the typical problems of real life. so it should be.
heaped new technologies are good for infographics and beautiful advertising. they are in life, usually only interfere

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* Serega200821,
to unpack the resources you need to know the key deshefratsii. This additional protection themselves developers of the game.
easier to connect the cord to my computer and just capture the sound

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* VitalzR,
I do not like vedrofony, but when people had to replant - no problems.
perhaps this is another bug ios 13.

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* VitalzR,
just as an option. Reboot the router and both devices and try again ...

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* VitalzR,
You with these issues better in the theme of vedrofonam.
You have both devices in the same wifi network? (No connections via iphone do not need to do)?

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* sedoyksa,
It's very simple (unlike google)
If it is very simplistic:
1. buy a $ 99 annual license
2. atone for applications in the store (by means of the most ide)
3. automatic check passes (1-2 minutes) for configuration errors, and the like
4. passes metadata verification (several hours). This screenshots, descriptions, specifications and so on.
5. Automatic check passes (about an hour) for the use of public places without the SDK and undocumented calls
6. launches the application automatically tests for obvious errors (1-3 hours)
7. if the problems have been identified - a brief manual check and to the store.
8. If the problems were, or additional testing or an error description.

If everything is OK, then from the filling to the publication - not more than 3 days. Usually - faster.

BUT .... For a discussion of these issues has a branch -iOS - Development and Programming

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