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Talk about alternative deleted.
Please give a "complaint" under the search communication alternatives.
It discusses Eden AlternativeIPTV - General Topic

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prz13 @ 07.02.20, 07:53*
We choose wounded.

This is understandable, but I need to get out a map with a choice of applications that call.

Posted on 07/02/2020, 22:12:

On the example of how in my screenshot. (Screen with tablet)

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Guys, can anyone knows how to adjust to front
this choice
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mark2963 @ 06.02.20, 20:49*
Here's a new beta

what is new is not known?

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DenisKron @ 05.02.20, 23:36*
And to my surprise it was not so dark themes.

the tablet was beta dark, flew after the update. Well not had time to be updated on a note: D

Posted on 02/06/2020, 00:22:

Bass_Sleep @ 05.02.20, 06:31*

It works with any theme? As colors, all applications?

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ggk67 @ 27.01.20, 12:41*
uchotka meylru, then they have a problem on the server

w_asd @ 27.01.20, 12:39*
Try it in the mail with a browser to go.

All right, looks like really a problem ..

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Tell me how to be? The password is not changed, I enter the password, and pops like that.
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release date, news and rumors

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mark2963 @ 24.01.20, 16:41*
Beta with a dark theme.

means to release is not far off.

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Bolshcoy @ 21.01.20, 12:49*
use more than a month, until problems with the alarm clock was not

you can screen the alarm setting?

Posted on 01/21/2020, 12:57:

Bolshcoy @ 21.01.20, 12:49*
It is this day as a day off ....

No standing normally, only the works, it is not ..

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* ochkarik-05, here again, not for alarm, what could be the problem?
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Here you can discuss, also share your cooling experience.X92 Smart TV Box.

For convenience, all modification examples will be placed in the header.

Guys, if you posted an example of cooling, write to me inQMS I will add your example to the header. Thank!

Cooling examples

Pictures are removed under the spoiler.
How to remove the image under the spoiler in the official client of the site
How to remove images under the spoiler from the PC

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Andronix @ 19.01.20, 11:36*
Guys advise program

Help in finding programs for Android OSthere to help

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JasonYYY @ 19.01.20, 09:53*
settings have

thank you for a long time did not come back :)

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* JasonYYY, said radio from the portal favorites, tell me how to remove it?

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* diablo, All right, make the plantain and all will take place: D

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Service does not work, how to adjust?
these settings
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Attached Image

Still, you can make settings days of color?
Now a red background is hard to see
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* Rustyb I can not understand the train of thought .. What is all this? Well, put yourself thl region, I like, I do not buggy. Everything suits me.

Posted 01/17/2020, 9:15:

RustyB @ 17.01.20, 07:34*
Cheyndzhlist they have the same, but in the E somehow Samsung managed to break Google's certification.

Even so, I did not notice, and if there are shoals probably correct.

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RustyB @ 16.01.20, 17:50*
It does not work GPay

Me and unnecessary, working Spey. While the region like all that is not in ser is here. And look, you can always come back: D

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Tiger-888 @ 16/01/20, 15:15*
You have on a region

THL (Thailand)

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