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god983 @ 18.12.19, 04:50*
kapets men

Yeah, sorry ..

Rep: (582)
Uladzislau Bahdanovich @ 17.12.19, 22:11*
spent Lard 50)

o.O yes, it's worth it: D

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Uladzislau Bahdanovich @ 17.12.19, 22:01*
that you do not recognize this place ...

so how can we know, did not go with the rubber is already 10 years old: D

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* Bass_Sleep, where is it? sparrows?

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Custom AOD (Add images on Always On Display)
version: 2.7

Last update of the program in the header:11.08.2018

Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Short description:
Kastomiziruyte AOD (always on display) on your phone.

This app uses Accessibility services.

This app used Accessibility services to perform swipe gestures and to display image on Always On Display screen. This app will not collect any type of user data.
Swipe Gestures will help the hypothetical user which has difficulty to press the buttons on a device.

*** Note ***
This app only add images / Text on Samsung's Always On Display. Currently supported on Samsung S7 / S7edge, S8 / S8 +, Note 8 and A3 / A5 / A7 2017 Only.

Do not worry about Screen burn
Half Pixel images used to prevent screen burn and battery draining issue.
Images move after some time (Image move to next pixel so you can not notice movement, But they surely move).
Text shift position to TOP or BOTTOM to prevent screen burn.

>Add Images On Samsung's Always On Display.
>Set Custom Text to AOD screen.
>Add mood emoji to AOD Screen
>Option to select custom fullscreen (Prime) and partial screen images
>new images added regularly (Prime)
>Option to select text color

Note: Restart app after purchase of prime pack

Tutorial about How to make half pixel image

This app work with non rooted device, due to system limitations it will take 1or 2 second to remove image from AOD.
So Please do not give bad rating for this delay.

Android required: 6.0+
Russian interface: Not
Developer: Dhwani developer
Google Play:
YouTube videos:
Supported Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 +, S9, S9 +

version: 2.7 Attached fileCustom AOD_2.7.apk (6.17 MB)

Past versions

Beta versions:
Version: 3.0.7 Prime by Zameel (Alex0047)

Post has been editediMiKED - 16.12.19, 06:53
Reason for edit: Update: beta 3.0.7 Prime by Zameel

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god983 @ 16.12.19, 03:36*
Like writing this

no. who wrote at once in the header.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 11 cast all in shock

Posted on 14/12/2019, 12:11:

Face ID or an imprint? Polling cap;)

Rep: (582)
Kolya0903 @ 14.12.19, 08:39*
Guys what are we paying grandmother ???

not all understand it: D

Rep: (582)
Alex.Ognev @ 13.12.19, 22:18*
And 14 hours is necessary to try more

Attached Image

Guys, how to be? I put different versions, but after a while the application just closed the entrance.
Put the original with the Market, there is no record of calls ..
with internet
Attached Image

without the Internet opens

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Vitaly Leer 01/13/19 @ 19:00*
Remote for Samsung TV & BluRay Players (Read Desc)

Guys, put those who have,RF N ..
who need to take
Attached MB)

Post has been editedkerbala - 12.12.19, 22:33

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Hello. Cut out advertisements if not difficult.

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Guys, tell me where to find the downloaded book on your phone.

Rep: (582)
IgIvanov @ 11.12.19, 11:44*
button "download the book"

it is possible, even in settings you can specify the path for the download, but the application does not see it and asks Internet

Rep: (582)
• Alex • @ 13.08.18, 10:19*
12. Caching books to listen offline.

Make instructions on how to implement it.

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Samsung Galaxy fold - Marriage and repair
I think will be important ..

Rep: (582)
Thank you all who prompted about b / s, a full reset and helped in autonomy and fast wireless charging appeared. It proves once again that you need to configure everything from scratch.

Rep: (582)
Where to disable this notification? It appears on every page of the site.
Attached Image

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Uladzislau Bahdanovich @ 03.12.19, 16:26*
I need another adapter

it goes without saying, just not8 charges without any problem, and not10 not ..

Posted on 12/03/2019, 16:31:

Bass_Sleep @ 03.12.19, 11:12*
the original first generation

By the way, with which the adapter?

Rep: (582)
ZABUHATOR @ 03.12.19, 14:12*
had pokoldovat with adapter and cable

so, too, this sin ...

Rep: (582)
Pazitiv01 @ 03.12.19, 09:56*
in the next topic

nea: D

Posted on 12/03/2019, 13:59:

ZABUHATOR @ 03.12.19, 09:13*

I usually charged (not fast)

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