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* animewka,
you thought that you read?
I myself also not eager to these ships igrat.dazhe client is still not updated so that they do not just swing otkrylis.budu characters according to plan and everything.
so why pile game.

Posted on 22/11/2016, 14:53:

Halyluya @ 22.11.2016, 11:41*
Question. How can I transfer the account to a friend, without a transfer of Akka of Google?
tired of "playing" in the farm.

I could be wrong but it seems impossible.

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View plachte.
New zadrotstvo here now abide.

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* bronyam,
Depression due to the game is not only you.
A couple of times about throwing telefon.pravda podushku.a can not restrain paru.byvaet eat so as not to tear apart the phone.

By the way, I took the first place for the first time when he was 64-65 with a maximum level of 70.
Therefore, the stability to you will come closer to the 80 level.

Even if you zalosh 20000rubley the game you will not last long king areny.esli budesh.u just do I have in the arena people who have almost all pumped geroi.i what am I going to have exactly? It's not like realno.ya not going to pour $ 10,000-20,000.

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* bronyam,
Installed and Akbar? I would not say that just fine .nu yes ladno.raz so.

some $ 2 thousand? you are ready to spend so much?
To make it easier to play? can do without Donato vobsche.eta game is not for a month.
I will say that I did not Donati into the game and take place almost always 1-2-3.

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* bronyam,
just do not advise you to open chrome paki.luchshe on development tratit.nichego there falls a good .or open packs a lot of time exactly what the fall.
it was necessary in the beginning to try to knock out the right geroya.seychas have no sense.
And just because there are instructions on how well and correctly to start playing.

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* bronyam,
it is clear that once the first place does not sit in the top 10realno.a it is enough to develop normally.

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about Donato
if you do not plan to pour Nemer money, I would not recommend wasting Chris 'opening pakov.nuzhnoe there vypadet.luchshe put Chris' development of the core team.
beginner play would advise first to knock a good character, and only then start to play.

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embossing need not rare geroev.a Lendu.
conversation was what? if a man wants to play the droids because they enjoy it. he must dislodge itself from the initial inzha pakov.prosto week it will have to spend and create hundreds akkov.
so you do not write that the droids are not bends.
I did not droids tried to play them days 10-20.mogu say Biggs, Wedge traversed them easily need the right modules

so before Rey beat.

but the rebels also nuzhny.inache Pavlovich not take when the event will include

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Which infusion question.?
To get inzha just need to sit a couple of days and knock inzha of packs. the truth will have to create 500 but otherwise if you want to do everything for free.

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* santafevlad123,
if you start droids I advise you to try not to knock nagibayut.v ideally also be obtained from b2 packs inzha.bez his droids.

if you start rebels cool it would be to beregovika packs knock.

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* Sergey Shik,
If the open arena, then you can safely begin anew, prospects for Akka is not even 1%

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bronyam @ 12.11.2016, 20:33*
how schiat, Qui Gon effective or fives?

Qui! without you end budet.kak you will taunt shoot?
although he almost kvaem the arena I do not play.
without fives until you can do

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* gradusha,
yeah tell tales.
no such moduley.dazhe close.

it would be good if the cheaters are sent to the scene to separate .pust there were measured on how many cheaters who speed.

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* Johnny2007
laugh, laugh!
count the following command
Palych (270) IBGE \ Wedge (250), the Land (250) enakin (300)

this is not a pass.

Guard and I put as an example, to show what they are capable cheaters.

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if he put the right hero at the arena that he was not one to donater could have skinut.dazhe Guard speed 213

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Kevin Green @ 04.11.2016, 00:14*
Here thought, Is not ethno citizen, whom I took at the first appearance here

It is he!
I remember drove on at a constant!
until it banned olegus

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FileFish @ 02.11.2016, 15:16*
after a couple of hours avtoboya my Chewie lost HS

you're probably at avtoboe igral.a had manually.

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* _popov,
purely out of curiosity
for how many days you are going through 6 of the tank?
as fills the strongest member of the guild and how much the weakest.?

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Soup7 @ 26.10.2016, 21:31*
Complain about going to run? Personally, I'm not going into this game to spend more money, and sit all day and the farm, I'm not Cook.

I'm not complaining nikomu.igray how Hosh.
The only request to modovodam not fold before the most prizami.vot is angry.

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gradusha @ 25.10.2016, 14:14*
Even now, barely holding on to Sotk and 30 sit periodically Timy with a force of 15-20 k.

not smeshi.v Sotk ate he holds.
even playing honestly can quite easily take first place areny.pritom not Donati nichego.hotya not hide it really zadrotstvo to.inogda what this game is a dream already.

Posted on 26/10/2016, 21:28:

Soup7 @ 26.10.2016, 21:25*
why do you care? And anyway, I do not have to answer your questions!

Yes ladno.chiter as a cheater.

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