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* Locoboy Promised 15,990, and once the issue.

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* Biker299 , Goldveya these questions have tortured

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Sellers already sent blankets and glass redmika and goldvey brakes.

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* n2183, It is all. The train left.

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* rollex,
Because of the second lot here on the forum panic;). I took out the first option.

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You are not bored with what has not? Roux firmware. Certainly it is as 3 * 32 sold it officially. But who ever saw 4 * 64 pv firmware? A few words goldveya caused monstrous insanity on the forum with a bunch of flooding. Orders have already been made, who would even have time otmenit.Smysl shake the air? Let's have calmed down and we wait for delivery.

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Here is the video onYoutube. Unlike the Chinese version of the show from globalki. And globalku author took from goldveya. The one item that is here so much panic.

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harvarox @ 30.03.19, 17:01*
on Tmolle yes, no 4/64 version) but do not rule out the fact that this version may be out Tmolla)

Officially it is not. This is the paranoia.

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* harvarox,
Panic is among those who ordered the 4 * 64, those who 3 * 32 only on the date of delivery experience.
harvarox @ 30.03.19, 16:57*
One person asked about Goldveya Global 4/64, is there on the box label "global version" ?? He was told that there is no them. Therefore, there was a suspicion that may be Russian globalka)

And other sellers asked about this label? I'm afraid if they ask, then there will go crazy and cancel orders and other sellers.

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harvarox @ 30.03.19, 16:50*
For Russian Globalku (this is sold on Tmolle)

There on Tmolle 3 * 32. About 4 * 64 there is no mention.

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pavruv @ 30.03.19, 16:37*
Uncertainty about globalki. Band 20 is necessary as air.

Turn on logic. 20 Band Set. So there is no China. India Ali did not sell. Russian 4 * 64 in the nature still seems not, at least not officially represented and there are no owners. What we have in the end? In my panic here at a forum on level ground.

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eroxa7612 @ 30.03.19, 15:58*
12 739.96 rubles. 20% DISCOUNT | The global version of original Xiaomi Redmi Note July 4 GB 64 GB Smartphone Snapdragon 660 Octa Core 6,3 "FHD + 48MP + 5MP dual chamber 4000 mAh

I also ordered this item. The feedback from the people and in the description-globalka. But what about her first time goldvey said: "Hi friend
The smartphone is China version with official multi language rom, which supports ota updated, google play and multi-language, with eu adapter, and Chinese package.
CY "

Then he, too, after the order, said it globalka and send in the film.
So until you start receiving parcels from goldveya, the forum will panic;)

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MOHCTP59 @ 30.03.19, 15:50*
returned if a coupon for $ 20 off $ 135

A sense of the return of the coupon? They also provide every day. Now I bought a glass on the camera Notes 7 for 59r. and coupons directly nasypali.Na 20 bucks as well.

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Goldvey just sent a message:
"We will send the goods as soon as possible in accordance with the order. (Please note, the weekend is not the day of delivery)
tracking number will be displayed when the goods are shipped, please, please wait
we will send the goods as soon as possible according to the order. (please kindly note, the weekend is not the shipping day)
The tracking number will be shown when the goods is sent out, please kindly wait
d "

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Dospios @ 30.03.19, 13:21*
All I do know now how to look on the PC, in the code to open the line item with the band, and voila!

Why is it so difficult? Just move your mouse cursor on the Bend and all of them open.

Attached Image

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I ordered 28 evening Goldveyathis lot. 11206 came with coupons. Still something to come back cache. Now it has become a lot more expensive. The track has not yet received. The seller promises that this globalka, come in unopened box and that the deadline for sending in 1-7 days.

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farloks @ 28.03.19, 18:39*
It turns out all the Chinese people have patched receiver Goldway?

Orderedthis. B20 is, and the rest of the look. With coupons 11206 happened.

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Beliv @ 28.03.19, 18:12*
Guys, how is it that one and the same seller (Goldway) different prices for the same pH 7 on different links? And here and there globalka

Here are the answers to different versions Goldveya
The first"This version of the CN to the global multilingual ROM
Say "
Second"The smartphone is the Chinese version of the official multilingual ROM that supports ota updated, google play, and multilingual, with EU adapter, and the Chinese package.
Say "
He set an official multilingual ROM support ota update, google play, and Russian.
It is installed with official multi language rom, support ota updated, google play and Russian.
cy "

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TAILORD @ 28.03.19, 16:57*
With coupon $ 20 on Hong Kong Goldway got 11,340 rubles. (12 674.64 rub.)
https: //ru.aliexpress....64-GB/32978607811.html

While tupil, black finished o.O

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What the sellers Ali in Horn 7 features a leg break. Here are selected from twoGoldveyandDreamer. It globalki? Like band 20 here and there indicated. Goldvey here that said: "It is installed with official multi language rom, support ota updated, google play and Russian."
Price with coupons obtained 11500 standard for 4 * 64

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