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_kasik_ @ 08.04.2011, 13:13*
want one and sprashivaetie about something else ... I, too, Pts interesting about 32 gigs of flash drive!

Well so I vaguely heard about the problems with 32 gigs, but the price is + 100% uncertainty in the health scares ...
therefore I interested in a more reliable option as the 16gigovye cards ... but then again there are also some mb the pitfalls / disadvantages -So its pros and ask for advice, so as not to buy kaku !!!

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Hello =), and finally I got up in your ranks ... yesterday came 3 sanfrana !!!
I want to ask a stupid question mb: I want to buy USB flash drive 16 gigs (just reading here that while the inhabitants of the forum did not test with 32 gigovoy..mb right now and the situation has changed)
So have any suggestions / advice on the acquisition? or phone omnivorous and do not have any problems, so you can buy any favorite ?!
PS ask not to throw tomatoes: blush:

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Hedge21 @ 29.03.2011, 08:04*
Another such portable BATT on ibei found:

Similar to the one referring to that let shultz2000. But on Amazon as it is prettier look =)

Here isgenerally 600 to 5000 mA D =) but smallish Seller Ratings
But it is generallymonster }-)

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shultz2000 @ 28.03.2011, 15:38*
I "met" these or on the Chinese (and other) sites gadgets Here is an example Shnyaga, or here's another, but I think, and we can find something like that, the truth is quite different price ...

Amusing shtukentsiya the first link, and quite aesthetically pleasing looks =)
I would take, but on Thu ebee this is not found, but with Amazon not friends: blush:
incidentally the same charge in English Amazon cheaper ...
left to figure out just how to make Zach, uh

PS those who fear that the frequent replacement of the battery case back permission or excuse, I think that in a case when the body wearing it will not be noticeable at all =)

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Here isgood in appearance naborchik (protective film case + + + battery charging by yusb)
Of course the price is not that low, but certainly cheaper than buying it all alone!
Threat desired color of the case you can change the pre-deducted from the seller to take ... I think!

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which is the previous post I can not edit, so I'll write here:

PS can dispel my doubts:
heresuchwho ordered the film ?! how is she? just embarrassed that all films of this type in this Seller - the name is different, but the same description inside =) particularly interested in whether or not * Anti glare and UV protection * (and that summer will soon be - is felt to be trouble)?
Or should look towards a more * expensive * options? =)

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And anyone withsuchcovers the case have?
I'm still just waiting for his orange friend, but damn the price of accessories I was not pleased: Cases, batteries: tablet_protiv:

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