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GTseo @ 05.09.2016, 16:41*
Do I understand correctly that the Ultimate version, you can bet on more than one device?

wrong - Account should be one for all

GTseo @ 05.09.2016, 16:41*
I can provide - knock on PM

RO can arrange for such appeals

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Quarrel - I had a row, and now the main-sore :)

As I have repeatedly and, not unreasonably, say, Samsung - have the most capricious device at Viper installation. So, this morning I got into the hands of one of these devices, namely -Samsung SM-J500H. He was asked a simple all-rutanut, but I remember how much we have in the subject of complaints about the impossibility of installation at the Viper now devaysakh, decided to try to put him V4A. As a result - 3 restart and voila!

So, as I have done (and can someone help):
Installation Instructions:
we do everythingSTRICTLYI wrote - that is, If I wrote a "reset", then - reboot the device !!!

0. Given:
Samsung SM-J500H Galaxy J5 with sink iOS on Android 5.1.1, just rutovanny
Attached Image

1. We go to SuperSU and remove the check mark from the - "Create a roll-call division of space" (Otherwise we get an error: "The driver is not installed. Check for root-rights and the BusyBox" ):
Attached Image

2. Install - SELinuxModeChanger and set - PREMISSIVE :
Attached Image

3. Install - В® BusyBox and install the latest version of its Applet is in - / Su / bin / (For other devices or if you do not help, then. - / Su / xbin / ):
Attached Image

4. Viper4Android install the latest version.
5. restart device NOT starting V4A!
6. Run V4A, give permission from SuperSU and install the driver.
7. restart device.
8. Voila!
Attached Image

And that's not all :)
Yesterday I got to his devaysa (HTC One M8) and decided it is finally "upgrade" to6th Android (custom based on the flow), and, of course, is also faced with the problem of driver installation. Did all of the above on your instructions - to no avail. Whether custom - curve, or the wiper under the 6th Android badly sharpened, or Android itself too "smart" so far for the current version V4A - it does not matter.

How can I still managed to set it on the 6th Androide?
----- Demolished already installed V4A.
0. Perform steps 1 by 3 of the instructions above.
1. restart device in rekaveri!
2. We program any (you can take in the header) file with Viper PREVIOUS version, ie - ! Personally, I've been experimenting with these 2 files:
Attached MB)
Attached MB)

3. After the firmware file cache and wipes are doing dalvik cache.
4. We go to the wiper and install the driver.
5. restart device!
6. Set on top of the latest version, ie, - (must be "Off the signature verification in package manager-e" Eg via a patch Lucky Patcher 'E, Xposed-module, or any other means, otherwise you simply will not be able to put on top of the new version).
7. restart device!
8. We go to the wiper and install the driver.
9. restart device!
10. Voila!
Attached Image
Attached Image

Want to mention right away that these instructionsdo not pretend on the only correct and possible one thread get all of the first statement (if you have firmware " normal "6th Android, and not as I do), and one thread will not work at all in any way ... But definitely worth a try;)

p.s. well, here's an interesting arhivchik cat. It gives PREMISSIVE rights WITHOUT installation SELinuxModeChanger: Attached (141.76 KB)

And do not forget about backups before any firmware via rekaveri !!!

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* jc300,
It was translated by me initially, but after the February update, the author somehow rule out these lines from their programs.
p.s. Add to cap translation

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Archangelus @ 20.08.2016, 13:32*
I do not even know what kind of program that blocks

a standard system a stray Samsung, and is either in the settings, or in the Engineering menu (can not remember) - go to a theme of the firmware, there is prompt what and how

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* Archangelus,
utf8 @ 20.08.2016, 11:38*
on thine image below me here this garbage confused: - "Error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown package com.sec.knox.seandroid"

this crap (something like windows defender'a) blocks a lot of similar software, try disabling it

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* ministr91,
If I ever see from you this post, you will go to the PO, and you will have just a lot of time toCAREFULLY view the cap and do not flood the topic!
IPERSONALLY All this time he filled in the cap when a new version, and now it engaged the author of the program.

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version: 7.3.1

Unbelievable, but it is a fact! For the first time onAmazon app updated earlier than guglomarkete :-D

What's new:
Version 7.3.1:
- Bug fix for playback error on some device models.
Version 7.2.5:
- Bug fixes
Version 7.1.0:
- Bongiovi DPS Headphone mode setting for each category
- Fixed Android Auto
- Improved jetAudio lock screens
- Progress bar
- Background options (Album art)
- Revised Notification layout
- Background color options
Version 6.6.2:
- AAC file Playback compatibility improved.
- Playlist management error fixed (delete)
- Minor Bug Fix.

Version 7.3.1 License Patched (without effects): Attached filejetAudio.Plus.v.7.3.1.b.65801.crk.Amazon.Removed.apk (14.3 MB)

Version 7.3.1 Original from Amazon: Attached filejetAudio (14.31 MB)

Check the license cut, but at the expense of paid-effects - it is unlikely they will have any (patch in-app billing is not my strong).

Past versions:
Version 7.2.5 License Patched (without effects): Attached filejetAudio.Plus.v.7.2.5.b.65608.crk.Amazon.Removed.apk (14.05 MB)

Version 7.2.5 Original from Amazon: Attached filejetAudio (14.05 MB)

Version 7.1.0 License Patched (without effects): Attached filejetAudio.Plus.v.7.1.0.b.65413.crk.Amazon.Removed.apk (14.13 MB)

Version 7.1.0 Original from Amazon: Attached filejetAudio (14.14 MB)

Version 7.0.0 License Patched (without effects): Attached filejetAudio.Plus.v.7.0.0.b.65311.crk.Amazon.Removed.apk (14.13 MB)

Version 7.0.0 Original from Amazon: Attached filejetAudio (14.13 MB)

Version 6.6.2 License Patched (without effects): Attached filejetAudio.Plus.v.6.6.2.b.65206.crk.Amazon.Removed.apk (14.07 MB)

Version 6.6.2 Original from Amazon: Attached filejetAudio (14.07 MB)

Version 6.6.0 License Patched (without effects): Attached filejetAudio.Plus.v.6.6.0.b.65113.crk.Amazon.Removed.apk (16.58 MB)

Version 6.6.0 Original from Amazon: Attached filejetAudio (16.58 MB)

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valerylebedenko @ 03.08.2016, 18:28*
Nexus 5.Zaikaetsya sound

theme you make a mistake - you are here:Google Nexus 5 - Marriage :)

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* parodental,
for such questions is a special topic on the forum -Dropbox, A reference to that in the cap hangs for several years, and in which I am also moved past your message. I ask you to stop the flood in the subject.

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paulyz @ 28.07.2016, 16:09*
in settings В«Instant upload"

the same garbage, only Dropsync program. And also, while sitting on the LP - everything worked, and how moved to MM - broke down ((
I will write to the developer.

Rep: (1386)
paulyz @ 28.07.2016, 12:43*
c6 with the MM, and if you take a photo automatically sends

but perhaps should? Or do you mean that you have configured the synchronization of folders: DCIM ->"Oblako_papka" and included the item "Smart Change Detection", and here it does not workright away made after a photo?

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Juxx @ 21.07.2016, 13:02*
In Google play in a review I wrote

reviews, it - reviews! It wrote about the program experience. And if you have a problem, we should not write reviews, but -SUPPORT : Attached ImageAnd besides, that is, as it were, a matter of course - write about it almost all the developers in the description on the Market. Especially, I'll tell you a secret that the author - very responsive: he several times wrote to him, when I had my wishes to the functional.
Juxx @ 21.07.2016, 13:02*
Which makes sense to buy this application?

do not buy, no one forces you - to you is worse, because The application is very convenient and at 100,500 times better than their peers, IMHO

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* Juxx
readTHISafter "p.s."

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namza80 @ 13.07.2016, 17:02*
And I like that: * If you do not see Google Sign In button, please disable Chrome extensions that may block social widgets like Ghostery or Disconnect.
All extensions disabled and still does not work ...

similar to last opera. Home runs normally (login into it several scroll months ago.), And at work - after the reinstallation of Windows and, respectively. browser, and could not login :( After clickingAttached Imagepop flies and immediately closed:
Attached Image

all, nothing else happens. Pressing leads to the same

onigospon, help than a thread?

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azzimov @ 16.07.2016, 09:21*
It seems since version 2.0 has stopped working smart alarm clock function

[Android] Tools & Mi Band (Post XTracer # 51072281)

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* Batian1 ,
Batian1 @ 02.07.16, 11:57 *
Through the shutter clicked Mentions go ... I saw it.

And then, it is still hanging in the sidebar, right up to the client restart (the last beta)
Attached Image

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dimaz17 @ 08.07.2016, 00:40*
I have an idea because of what could have been a glitch?

dimaz17 @ 08.07.2016, 00:40*
decided to root removal and re-produce it

glyukanul Ruth client (because I wrote about root explorer - to check whether the route-rights are dealt). It would be possible to try and without having to reinstall, and just go to Ruth client, remove permission for Fridoma, and the next. start them again to give him. If it does not work, then just as you did :)

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Vetal`M @ 07.07.2016, 14:52*
Skype (Ad Free) by Balatan

and it all takes off immediately after starting?
p.s. in the cap long I will not bring this version - wait for more reviews

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The curator of the topic is appointed

Rep: (1386)
* dimaz17,
the program will give you the answer to your question:
dimaz17 @ 07.07.2016, 14:04*
You need write access to the system partition for Freedom

Check the ability to record in any partition system root Explorer'om, and you all at once becomes clear

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