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vlad nsk,
Flooding stop!
Stealth3001, it is not necessary to take over the duties of moderator - if you are someone insulted or offended you, just click A complaint on his report and we will take action

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freeman42, found here BAGI:
- when you try to link unrelated application - departures
- when you try to download the app from Market - departures
- Screenshots will not ship -screenshot
- Avatar is not loaded
- Links to the posts does not pass, opens them endlessly I do not confirm - everything is working
- counter available updates also disappears after entering the setup and back -screenshot
- lost games tab
- first missing, then unlinked zadvoivaetsya tab (after the first flight applications) -screenshot
- when you see a description of a program and come out of it it appears at the beginning of the list of applications, although previously memorized position

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Enough to flood - waiting for fixes.Closed !

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Captcha not working Because it is online the next changes occur! let's SILENT wait for a fix from the author. But for those "who are in the tank," more - here

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The topic is opened at the request of the author - a corrected version is ready and the next several. hours (as soon as the author appears on the forum) will be posted updates to the program.
I appeal to allIf, before putting some of the new version of someone seeing a flood, 3 of which page we cleaned - that such "peysatel" immediately fly to PO!
p.s. All with the Old New Year! : Russian:

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Discounts and promotions on Google Play and Amazon Appstore (Post cry_san # 56403678)
But what, the action was for 1 day? - I get a sum of 69 rubles

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* sergionator,
* Illnar
that of the messages of my colleagues* vadeus above you do not understand ?! Probably have to tighten up in order to maintain the theme of the flood ...

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Kutep0v @ 29.10.2016, 06:42*
Where to dig?

here by God - I do not knowAttached Image
the same can not answer on the question below:
enigmus666 @ 29.10.2016, 08:22*
Player jetAudio plus (7.2.4)? In any does not want to process the signal from this player

I use this player for several years - itIS ALWAYS andno problemI worked with the Viper and EVEN together with their activated audio effects \ equalizer

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George Yves @ 28.10.2016, 16:06*
And whether it is necessary for the application

who do not need to - shut off in the settings (as was suggested)
p.s. in "Update Notification" (also can be switched off), implemented in a subject, the meaning is the same, and nothing - live somehow with this :)

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Kutep0v @ 10/16/2016, 1:26 PM*
Put TuneIn 16.3, processing there. Something clocked in the new version ... I'll try to check on the day of V4A, may be a problem only with

In addition to my sight. post: that's updated on Amazon, and with it, and I,Tunein up to version 16.6 , Everything else remains the same - Viper works still clear, ie the problem is clearly not in the radio;)

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freeman42 @ 22.10.2016, 06:55*
The only solution I know is a widget as an icon with a counter, but it is not very convenient.

Well, not that: that's me, for example, Stock and stock firmware launcher and icons displaying the number of unread messages. As an example, this is done as follows. programs:VKontakte mp3 mod, Viber, Skype, or I did not understand correctly? : Scratch_one-s_head:
Attached Image

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* woozlik90,
any - all installation instructions are in the header!

Roman308 @ 10/15/2016, 20:21*
You have 6 android

if it was a question, then yes :)

Kutep0v @ 10/15/2016, 20:29*
What is the firmware version V4A and TuneIn?

viper: - put your pack out from under the recovery, a cat. you still ruled for me with my translation, remember? ;)
TuneIn:16.3 - I don’t update to the last because it was bought from Amazon, and they are usually tough with updates (they stopped at this update) :)
Android and firmware:6.0 (MM) flush based firmware from LlabTooFeR (we have a nickname - Football ) - MaximusHD 12.0.0 (you can say it's a full stock with optimization)

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Kutep0v @ 10/16/2016, 1:26 PM*
16.3, processing is. Something screwed in the new version

as my father always said to me: "new is the enemy of the good" :)
it's like Windows: a new one came out - wait half a year or a year of one or two service packs, and then you can safely install, and then the masters stopped working in large quantities, you didn’t edit the vpn connection, then some other thread crap comes up .. ..

the same with V4A - I don’t hurry to update myself: I don’t like the interface, and the sound completely suits me in the old

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Roman308 @ 10/15/2016, 12:46*
the viper does not handle the sound of tune in radio

everything works great with TuneIn Radio - I listen to it every morning / evening

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point1974 @ 11.10.2016, 05:00*
(Advertising) climbs everywhere. Even on top of the launcher windows

LuckyPatcher ->disable ad Activiti all, no advertisements

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If you can not communicate correctly -NOT WORTH then to write anything at all, so - another similar statement, and you have only to read the forum!

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FX & XHiFi
2.3 / 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4 / 5.x / 6.x (GB & ICS & JB & KK & LP & MM)

screenshots with my translation
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Program FAQ
AT : What does this program do?
ABOUT : This program is a conventional equalizer with a broad list of features that works with almost all the players.

AT : How to install?
ABOUT : Install the APK itself, run and follow the instructions that appear. If the default setting does not help, use FLASHABLE-version.

AT : How to remove a program correctly?
ABOUT : First remove the driver through the program itself, and then delete the program itself android conventional means (or any third party uninstaller). If the program is in the system partition - that with any root-explorer to find and delete the file in / system / app / can also be removed and the remaining files from the memory card (profiles, samples) by deleting the folder / sdcard / ViPER4Android /

AT : Why the program need ROOT?
ABOUT : Then, the drivers (libraries) that are required for the program, are written (set) in the section: system / lib /

AT : To copy files (samples) for Convolver'a?
ABOUT : SDCard / ViPER4Android / Kernel / - case letters dlozhen be strictly followed!

AT I downloaded the new impulses for the convolver device, and their unit does not see why?
ABOUT : Board to all who do not work convolver, make sure that the pulses files * .irs you lumped together in ViPER4Android / Kernel folder and not sorted into folders.

AT : What is the format (extension) should be in the sample?
ABOUT : Starting with version (, and then, the file extension "non-linear processing" (aka Convolver) with * .wav replaced by * .irs

AT : How to take a new driver? After all, there is laid only apk.
ABOUT : Install and open it with the program, it will offer to update the driver.

AT How to use the different pulses are then laid out? I put the version XHiFi, but they do not have any choice of these same effects ...
ABOUT : The pulses are intended to convolver (convolver), cat. only in version FX! At the root of the memory card, you create a folder: / ViPER4Android / Kernel / and to throw pulses. Well, then you select the desired impetus in the program.

AT : Viper somehow affect the sound in the earpiece?

AT : My program does not work with PowerAmp'om. What to do?
ABOUT : To make it work with V4A Poweramp correctly, you should both applications (FX and XHiFi), switch to Compatible Mode and then reboot the phone.

AT : Switch from Normal to Compatible and still with PowerAmp not want to work. Maybe something else you need to turn on or off in PowerAmp? Prompt?
ABOUT : In PowerAmp need to go to Settings->sound->additional settings->put a checkbox on musicfx and uncheck direct volume control. Then tab tone / volume set compulsory treatment with activated point musicfx (while in V4A system settings must be activated), long press on MusicFX opens an equalizer which is now used by the system.

AT When installed a program, and tried to find whether the driver whether the update I wrote this: "Please comfirm your phone has been rooted and busybox installed" . What should I do?
ABOUT : First, the program definitely need ROOT-law, and secondly, we must also install Busy Box. It select the smart installer and reboot.

AT : What's the difference between version XHiFi?
ABOUT : V4A XHiFi version is mainly to restore the sound quality and detail. This is the main feature of XHiFi, it makes detailing and high frequencies to restore losses to MP3 audio files.

AT : Install the latest version V4A through agriculture. Install both the equalizer. On the second why then no setting for the speaker. This is as it should be, or school setting?
ABOUT : XHiFi is intended only for the headset (headphones) / BT, but if you want to use XHiFi speaker, then simply activate the lock effect mode in XHiFi application.

AT Q: Can I use them both simultaneously, or only individually?
ABOUT : It can be both - they get along well together and complement each other.

AT I installed both versions, but only activate one of them, and hang both in the processes. Why is that?
ABOUT : It does not matter which version you have activated - FX or XHiFi, they still will always run together (provided that they are installed both).

AT If necessary fx driver, should be put hifi, whether it is necessary to put it the driver?
ABOUT Yes, when you first start, the program will prompt you to update draver.

AT : Significant difference from the DSP Manager available?
ABOUT : V4Android partially based on the source code of the DSP Manager, i.e., in fact, it is more advanced (improved) its version.

AT : And now all in one file? Previously, there was also a manager. Explain.
ABOUT : Starting with version (, and then, the manual installation is now - will not, because the program will update the driver on startup.

AT : Unpack pulses to convolver, but using sound stutters. Tell me what's the problem?
ABOUT : The processor can not cope. Disconnect the convolver.

AT : How to use this nonlinear processing? Which one of the heap in the format files .irs stand to improve?
ABOUT : Any what you enjoy. They are all in their own way alter the sound, so only you will be able to choose what you like.

AT : It is possible more in detail about the samples themselves? Everything can be put right? And on some available phone model, what is it?
ABOUT Yes, you can throw all the samples in the same folder. If a sample contains the model of the phone, then this phone has some kind of his trademark uluchshayzer (type BeatsAudio at the HTC), while the use of which was filmed sample (using spec. Equipment).

AT : What is the Lock mode (blocking mode)?
ABOUT : Lock Mode (Lock mode) - fixes tab and use the Settings tab for all outputs (speaker, earphone, bluetooth).

AT : What is the mode Safe Mode (Safe Mode) and what is it for?
ABOUT If V4A you will not work with some players, then try to switch to Safe Mode, Cat. and it is designed to work with virtually any music player with a cat. V4A not operate in Normal Mode (only works with Android 4.X and higher).

AT : What is the mode Compatible Mode (compatibility mode) and what is it for?
ABOUT : Compatible Mode supports a larger number of both system and third-party music players and players with their own EQ and Sound Effects (works only with the Android 4.X and higher).

AT Where exposed compatibility mode? I have such a menu item for some reason not on Android 2.3
ABOUT : FX Compatible Mode & Safe Mode only works with Android 4.X and higher.

AT : Switch to Compatible Mode, and I wrote that the Driver status: NO
ABOUT : Driver status in V4A FX Compatible Mode will always show - NO. YES will show only in Normal Mode - this is a bug of the program.

AT : Switch to Compatible Mode, reboot, but nothing has changed ... (Option 1)
ABOUT If you want to use the Compatible Mode, then you need to switch to this mode, both applications (ie and XHiFi and FX).

AT : Switch to Compatible Mode, reboot, but nothing has changed ... (Option 2)
ABOUT For those who still have problems with effects in Compatible Mode, even after a reboot, do the following: find the file - /system/build.prop and change it with the line: Ipa.decode = true on lpa.decode = false

AT Why ViPER4Android FX always leads to FC when headphones are connected?
ABOUT : Most likely you have not allowed to write in the section / system / on the device, so no drivers have been installed. Allow entry to the system partition and re-install the drivers automatically or insert them manually.

AT Why ViPER4Android FX produces unexpected sound effects, cat. not observed (or different) from other users?
ABOUT : First, try to make a clean ViPER4Android FX data, and if it does not bring results, then make sure that you are not worth the third-party audio amplifiers.

AT Why ViPER4Android FX does not load after load devices?
ABOUT : Check your antivirus, or else V4A was disabled in the Startup list.

AT Why V4A effect disappeared after using the task-killer'a?
ABOUT : Just add ViPER4Android FX in the list of exceptions task-killer'a.

AT Why V4A effect suddenly disappears?
ABOUT : Because Android system kills some processes due to memory limitations. Just install ViPER4Android.apk as system application (move it to / system / app / and reboot the device).

AT Why there's background noise when using v4a effects?
ABOUT : This Android bug cat. It will take place on all the sound modes (BeatsAudio, etc). Try to rename the file: /system/lib/SoundFX/ in, and reboot the device.

AT : Trying to install the program, says that the driver is not installed. Check for root and biziboks. Both are found in what's the catch, I do not understand ...
ABOUT : Perhaps you should not write a resolution in system, so drivers and are not put. Try to install the drivers manually This instructions.

AT : Prompt, in status of the driver, the value of treatment - no, this is something does not work or does not work?
ABOUT : Status: Processing - NO (if the music is not playing); Processing - YES (if the music is playing).

AT : Download the sample, and there * .wav format - is the old, the new version will open it?
ABOUT : Just rename it to themselves * .irs

AT : What is the Cure +?
ABOUT : When listening to music, with normal audio, for more than three hours, you will begin to feel fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus, irritation and other ailments. This is a normal reaction of the body, because heavy bass and loud sound can cause permanent damage to the human auditory system. But these symptoms can easily get rid of - just enough, just a little rest. Viper is a professional tool for listening to music, so we decided not to ignore the problem. We put a lot of effort to develop a more "innocent" listening to music technology, and has already achieved a small success. It is this "small success" and is a technology - Cure +. But we are still working on how to better present this technology to the user.

AT : The latest version of the sound stutters when off screen. When the speakers - do not. What to do?
ABOUT : Raise the lower (minimum) frequency of the processor.

AT : A driver is "High quality sound" really eats a lot of battery? as much than the "standard sound quality"? Whether the sound difference is large?
ABOUT : The difference in the sound of a large (and it is not in favor of "Standard sound quality"). On the Samsung C3 difference is very noticeable on neksuse7 too, but less pronounced. Battery "High Clarity Sound" eats about 5-6% per hour.

AT : How to make the Viper do not fly out of memory?
ABOUT : It is necessary to go to the Viper, press "Menu" button on a smart, and the pop-up menu, click "icon in the panel", then the top of the screen will appear blue icon Viper, and Android will not unload it from the memory permanently. If you do not help - then just do it systemic !

AT Why Viper does not work with the native FM radio communication firmware?
ABOUT : With FM radio, he can not work in principle ... Viper- is the processing of digital audio data, but it does not analog, while the FM radio signal at the output is analog. The exception is the online radio, but that's another story.

AT : What is the player to put it to work?
ABOUT : ANY!!! - Viper works with 99,99% All well-known and popular players, except the cat. They have their own does not disable the sound engines - and further, it is no longer being discussed!

AT : It was before XXXXXX XXXXXX and headphones, the sound was a bomb without the Viper, just tuned Aimp. Who changed it to XXXXXX, installed bets audio - the effect of a disappointment. Presset can eat some of these ears on the wiper or the share settings, and then can not configure (quietly, you do not have bass, voice wheezing)?
ABOUT All presets have a cap, if a little - there is still a lot to XDA. And even if someone is in this thread with your headphones, all the same: EARS everyone has VARIOUS , All kind of music to listen too DIFFERENT And used DEVICES and PLAYERS they too VARIOUS , so No and WILL NOT BE no UNIVERSAL settings or PRESETS !!! All you need to adjust the purely individual, so to speak "By itself" .

AT If an error: ". The driver is not installed Check for root-rights and the BusyBox"
ABOUT : The Superpower is necessary to remove the check mark from "roll-call division of space." Reboot again and put the driver

AT : The universal version rekaveri installed version It's a typo, or another version?
ABOUT Yes, that's fine - just a typo

ViPER4Android FX
Copyright В© 2006-2016


[FX version: v2.5.0.5]
1.The emergency repair load file incompatibility issues.

[FX version: v2.5.0.4]
1.New UI.
2.Add quad-ch convolver support (stereo convolver).
3.Add FET compressor.
4.Support change storage path.
5.Fix bugs.

[FX version: v2.4.0.1]
Fix a legacy from the first edition of the bug. The bug can cause V4A power consumption increases, bringing background noise, the background often killed and so on.
Highest sound quality and power-driven one, both.
Added "AnalogX" sound, the sound for the analog amplifier characteristics Pure Class A amplifier, bringing warm mellow tone.
Cancel support non-NEON CPU's.

[FX version: v2.3.4.0]
1.Fix bugs.
2.Add customizable ViPER-DDC feature. (Explanation posted later)
3.Improve compatibility.

[FX version: v2.3.3.0]
1.Add spectrum extend feature.
2.Add ViPER-DDC feature.
3.Fix bugs.
4.Improve compatibility.

[FX version: v2.3.2.5-6]
1.Bug fix.
2.New LPA detection feature.
3.Improve driver performance.
4.New profile format.
5.USB / Dock effect fully supported.
6.x86 (Atom / Core i3 / i5 / i7) platform fully supported.
7.True octa-core fully supported.
8.Improve audio quality for super audio quality driver.
9.New navigation drawer ui mode.
10.Fix dynamic system.
11.A lot of improvements.
12.Fix profile load and save issue (
13.New app icon, great thanks to YanYangFeiXue.

[FX version: v2.3.2.2]
This big update now fully supports Android 4.4.2 and provides higher stability and improves driver installation.

1.Code & UI Updates + addon.d script implementation [4.x]. (Thanks to xLaMbChOpSx)
2.Improve driver installation. (Thanks to xLaMbChOpSx)
3.Fix some bugs.
4.Fully support android 4.4.2

[FX version: v2.3.2.0]
1.Rewrite framework, fix bugs.
2.Optimize code, speed up about 40%.
3.Improve audio quality of "High Quality" driver.
4.Separate tube simulator.

[FX version: v2.3.1.5]
Notice: v2.3.1.5 partially-support Android 4.3.1 and Android 4.4 OS.
1.Rewrite FFT implementation, improve speed.
2.Rewrite most of the framework, fix bugs.

[FX version: v2.3.1.3]
1.Bug fix.
2.Update translations.
3.Add a new bass mode.

[FX version: v2.3.1.1]
Important:In v2.3.1.1, UI settings is introduced. You can choose your interface mode between Beginner, Advanced and Expert. Number of settings and options are different.

NEW:In v2.3.1.1, a new feature call Force-Enable is added. When V4A no effect for music players, try switch on Force-Enable. If V4A remain no effect, try Compatible Mode. If nothing works, you have to disable or remove the default sound effect under MusicFX, then return to Normal Mode.

1.Bugs fix.
2.Use VBoX (ViPER's Toolbox) instead busybox.
3.Add audio quality / power saving preference.
4.Support apk in system.
5.Tweak parameters of bass.
6.Improve audio quality for high qual mode.
7.Add super audio quality mode.
8.Add speaker optimize feature.
9.Add UI level setting.
10.Add force-enable V4A feature.
11.Add 3rd app control API.

[FX version: v2.3.0.1]
Notice:Please install v2.3.0.1 as USER app.
GUI Fixes:
1. "Show Notification" switches to "Hide Notification" after toggle.
2. Driver status hidden if FX Compatible Mode set to Compatible Mode.
3. Maybe some less obvious.

1.Bugs fix.
2.Auto cpu detection.
3.Update installation module.
4.Upgrade eq to minimal phase eq.
5.Fix convolver ir issues.
6.New root acquire logic.
7.Support usb audio dock (usb soundcard).
8.Improve audio quality.
9.Remove safemode.
10.Update headphone surround +.

[FX version: v2.2.1.1]
1.Add differential surround (Haas effect).
2.Add channel pan setting.
3.More settings for field surround.
4.Support android 4.3.

[FX version: v2.2.1.0]
1.Added XHiFi Clarity mode.
2.V4A XHiFi stopped development.

[FX version: v2.2.0.9]
1. Optimise Surround Engine + for VFP CPUs.
2. Fix previous version issue. (Refer bugs / issues.)

[FX version: v2.2.0.8]
1.Add Headphone Surround Engine +.
2.Fix some bugs.

[FX version: v2.2.0.7]
1. Driver CPU type devided into:
- "Old floating-point arithmetic device (PXA920)"
- "ARMv5TE with VFP or higher" (Most old processors such as S5830 (Qualcomm7227), Tegra2 etc)
- "A8 with NEON"
- "A9 with NEON or higher" (A9 and A15 optimisation)
2. Fix PXA920 processor (such as ZTE U880) driver problem. Convolver is disabled because processor does not support floating-point operations.
3. Add Cure Tech. (In future may be removed and exist as individual V4A Cure version) More info updated soon.
4. Field Surround 3-level effect balancing.

[FX version: v2.2.0.6]
1.Driver installation / uninstallation more stable.
2.CPU load optimization (convolver).
3.Impulse response support longer than 1sec.
4. Fix Convolver audio delay.
5.Convolver support ARMv5TE chip.
6.Field surround effect upgrade.
7.Uninstall driver needs confirmation.
8.Effect profile support overwrite.

[FX version: v2.2.0.5]
1. Increase toolbox compatibility, improve In-app installation success rate.
2. Fix Continuous install / update popup when enter v4a app.
Note: 2005 only fixes the above bugs, there's no update on lib or effect, so users with 2004 working can skip this version.

[FX version: v2.2.0.4 FIXED]
1.CPU load optimization.
2.Add changelog view in menu.
3.Auto driver compatible install and update with ViPER4Android, no longer need to manually install.
4.Add driver safe mode. If you got no audio effect, you can try to switch to safemode.
5.Add normal and compatible mode. If you got no audio effect, you can try to switch to compatible mode.
6.Improve the stability of convolver.
7.Effect profile support save and load.
8.Improved UI interface and logic.

[FX version: v2.2.0.4]
1.CPU load optimization.
2.Add changelog view in menu.
3.Auto driver compatible install and update with ViPER4Android, no longer need to manually install.
4.Add driver safe mode. If you got no audio effect, you can try to switch to safemode.
5.Add normal and compatible mode. If you got no audio effect, you can try to switch to compatible mode.
6.Improve the stability of convolver.
7.Effect profile support save and load.
8.Improved UI interface and logic.

[FX version: v2.2.0.3]
1.Fix convolver effect for MIUIv5, root permission required.

[FX version: v2.2.0.2]
1.CPU load optimization.
2.Add main output gain.
3.Change ir sample extension to irs. Support ir samples with irs extension. (To prevent recognised as music)
4.Sorted impulse response list.
5.Show a hint when no ir samples found.
6.Fix menu FC in MIUIv5.
7.Fix convolver effect for android 4.2.2, root permission required, so you have to allow root access.

[FX version: v2.2.0.1]
1.Add convolver effect (First mobile audio engine to have it), Please read all texts in the downloaded zip file.
2.Fix some bugs.
3.CPU load optimization.
4.Anti auto kill technology added.

[FX version: v2.1.0.2]
1.Adjust eq effect, more comfortable.
2.Bluetooth device effect fixup.

[FX version: v2.1.0.1]
1.Enhance eq effect.
2.Add mid-image adjustment in field surround.
3.Add changelog dialog.

[FX version: v2.0.0.9]
1.Upgrade eq to 10 511 band order FIR eq.
2.Add driver status check function.
3.Upgrade volume module of speaker.

[FX version: v2.0.0.8]
1.Add effect mode lockdown function.
2.Add reverberation for speaker.
3.Tweak parameters of field surround.
4.Tweak kernel function.
5.New application icon.

[FX version: v2.0.0.7]
1.Fix force close when bluetooth device connected.
2.Effect unique id fixup, more compatible.
3.Add IIR eq for speaker.
4.Fix a potential bug.

[FX version: v2.0.0.6]
1.Bluetooth device connection fixup.
2.Fix crack sound when IIR eq and bass set to extreme.
3.More optimization.
4.Finish the framework of speaker effect.

[FX version: v2.0.0.5]
1.Tegra2 platform fixup.
2.Fix dynamic system with version 1 config.

[FX version: v2.0.0.4]
1.Add notification function.
2.Compatibility fixup.
3.Add listen device configuration of version 1.
4.Fix some bugs in dynamic system.
5.Upgrade field surround.
6.Fix speaker effect.
7.Optimized for different cpu platform.
8.Add zh_TW language support.

[FX version: v2.0.0.3]
1.Disable loudness correction in IIR eq.
2.Fix crack sound when change music.

[FX version: v2.0.0.2]
1.Fix pop sound caused by IIR eq.

[FX version: v2.0.0.1]
1.New frameword, upgraded kernel.
2.More optimization.
3.First release of version 2.

Note: This release may have issues on Convolver effect disappeared after reboot. If so happens, re-enable Convolver will do.
Phone with single core and frequency below 1GHz may cause laggy when convolver is enabled.
Convolver is disabled in ARMv5TE version.
ViPER4Android XHiFi
Copyright В© 2006-2016

Development stopped!

[XHiFi version: v2.1.0.2-1] (Only for Android 4.0 ~ 4.3)
1.Support android 4.3

[XHiFi version: v2.1.0.2]
1.Support speaker effects.
2.Fix some bugs.

[XHiFi version: v2.1.0.1]
1.Fix optimization for VFP platform.

[XHiFi version: v2.1.0.0]
1. Fix random high pitch sound in low bit-rate DJ Dance songs.
2. Optimise Audio Reconstruction

[XHiFi version: v2.0.0.9]
1.Driver installation / uninstallation more stable.
2.Uninstall driver needs confirmation.
3.Effect profile support overwrite.
4.Tweak parameters of audio reconstruct.

[XHiFi version: v2.0.0.8]
1.Fix driver unistall process where FX driver also get installed.
2.Fix eq preset selection in Tegra2 platform.

[XHiFi version: v2.0.0.7]
1.Add changelog view in menu.
2.Auto driver compatible install and update with ViPER4Android, no longer need to manually install.
3.Add driver safe mode. If you got no audio effect, you can try to switch to safemode.
4.Add normal and compatible mode. If you got no audio effect, you can try to switch to compatible mode.
5.Effect profile support save and load.
6.Improved UI interface and logic.
7.Tweak parameters of audio reconstruct.
8.Support TEGRA2 & ARMv5TE chip, both select "Tegra2" driver.
9.Installation process will use toolbox first.

[XHiFi version: v2.0.0.6]
1.More optimize, reduce cpu load. Will support T2 chip soon.
2.Fix MIUIv5 menu FC.
3.Tweak parameters of audio reconstruct.

Development XHiFi discontinued!
- XHIFI Hi Clarity = FX Viper Clarity>XHiFi Clarity Mode.
- XHIFI Lo Contour = FX Viper Bass>Natural Bass Mode.

Download FX-version of my old (original) TRANSLATION:
Version Attached fileViPER4Android + FX- (2.4 MB)

Version Attached fileViPER4Android_4.x_2322_rus_by_Sotik.apk (4.36 MB)

Download the latest version of FX-: Attached (7.47 MB)

Download the latest version XHiFi-: Attached fileViPER4Android_XHiFi_2102- (1) (825.45 KB)

IRSamples for Convolver: (Updated on August 17) Attached fileIRS Starter Pack (Aug 17) .zip (1.06 MB)

(!!!) Starting with version 2.5.0.h and further, V4A was "bought" a certain company has undergone a redesign and rebranding. What happens next is not yet known ...
(!!!) Starting with version and further, the UI of the application changes - you can choose 1 of 3 interface types: Novice , Advanced and Expert . The number of options and settings depends on your UI!
(!!!) Starting with version and further, V4A automatically detects and sets the appropriate codec to your device.
(!!!) Starting with version and further, FX and XHiFi combined in a single unit!
(!!!) Starting with version and further, Convolver'om now supported ARMv5TE CPU.
(!!!) Starting with version ( and further, the manual installation is now - will not be Because subject the driver will update itself (see. screenshot)
(!!!) Starting with version ( and further, the file extension "non-linear processing" (aka Convolver ) With .wav replaced by .irs

Previous versions

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please make the already well last feature -"Put (track) in queue (The current playlist) " ! It has long been waiting for, and can not wait - it's the only thing I miss in your player, and the only thing that prevents him go with my favorite JetAudio ! She has almost every player, and without it - as without hands, IMHO!
p.s. And if it is still there, and I have it for some reason not found, then poke a nose :)

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Galakti0n @ 09/22/2016, 11:43*
we have 30r

so inrubleshe was so muchBEFORE discounts - this is in hryvnias it has become 2 UAH more expensive "at a discount": P! I just periodically monitor this program, because I am aware of its price, so I am surprised - but where is the discount? : D

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Discounts and promotions on Google Play and Amazon Appstore (NPA Post # 53354693)
I wonder where infa about discount60 rub =>30 rub.? I just recently thought about buying a license, because I have been using the program for a long time, and it works fine, without glitches, but before the so-called discount, it cost10 UAH (30 rubles), and now (at a discount) - 12 UAH (the same 30 rubles): D

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