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But no one did not measure, how much load on the percent of p535 increases? I ruled the registry-shoot became quite malo.Pochti ideal job display is now)

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vitaliy4, Spasibo.sdelal reboot, tried again, as if he did not change anything (small difference) I was thinking: spending seems to be far too little for the first time, as well as making it the first object, tucked under the arm (cotton swab), then all the more pressing had to be too weak, do need to change the touch screen? because to the original on Wed nothing could go back to the driver?

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Murav, I'm just ready to kiss you at the meeting! =)
a long time could not decide to put this patch, unnecessarily. read only part of the message in the subject line, where many said they say the brakes began to respond to the PDA nazhatiya.Nochyu stumbled upon a subject again, and read vse.Uvidel that p535 is great, decided the same day poprobovat.Do that were too strong "smithereens ".I put notes in point, and it turned into a line through the ekran.No everything was fine after installing the patch," smithereens "disappeared altogether!
I write just with the PDA.
Very grateful, keep your plyusische)

Hmm, strange, it does not work plus postavit.Ne pressed and vse.Prosto pictures once budto.Proboval with the company with the opera and opera-alike PDA.

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