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Something I do not understand why not ...

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Kilobanan @ 16.05.19, 17:39*
a few pages?

I think of the 499 pages about anything here 490

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Really not at all. Samsung set, but still zadvaivaetsya.

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I understand zadvaivaetsya those who have not installed the Samsung and Google only. Samsung is now set and accomplish your goal.

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You also tick the guglpey the previous screen and go again.

Posted 05/16/2019 at 19:15:

Just you should default Samsung and Google put if it will be like and all.

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Tick ​​guglpey on the previous screen and go again.

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callpsych @ 16.05.19, 16:57*
Not everyone

Click on the "other" button in the lower right corner

Posted on 16/05/2019, 19:05:

Yuri W @ 16/05/19 17:00*

You also click on the "other" button in the lower right corner

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mesielosie @ 16.05.19, 16:36*
S10e too expensive

Samsung A40

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dimtsape @ 16.05.19, 14:29*
Does everyone have it?

Yes, everyone.

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kas78953 @ 16.05.19, 07:16*
Help with a choice between two smarts:
1. Sony Xperia XA2 Plus 4/32
2. Meizu M9 Note 4/64.

I advise you not to any of them. Money down the drain. That Sony could barely breathe that Meizu

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igor43nv @ 16.05.19, 06:50*
I also have with okantovkoy- this affect?

Hmm .... and I have no border ... maybe this is the case ..

Posted 16/05/2019 at 09:00:

Or by the fact that I probably thicker .... Glass mean.

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igor43nv @ 16.05.19, 06:04*
Hurrah!!! We rejoice ... will fire even in the bright Sun-checked.

No. Do not wet, not semi-wet, not half-dry. Only dry and no options ... I sit at work like a fool, fingers lie)). And it was no.

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SEgoist @ 16.05.19, 05:52*
Not all of it is pre-installed

I would even say that he is not who did not pre-installed. On the first screenshot I showed Galaxy Store.

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FizikPsix @ 16.05.19, 05:18*
where to get the app Samsung pay?

Right here.

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Cokok @ 16.05.19, 04:56*
I will be grateful for your advice

You are welcome.

Posted 05/16/2019, 7:20: 4/32. And davolno compact. Plus sound chip. Topchik for their money.

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shitan @ 15.05.19, 15:20*
There is a real alternative for the money?

The real alternative is xiaomi mi 9se. 20k worth.

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Hello! -Anton! @ 15/05/19, 11:05*
Look toward the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018. Inside, MTS sechas 14000 and a column in the bargain. Or Honor Play on TMall for 16900

Samsung A7 on the official website selling for 9700. I did not even look in his direction. A Honor Play more half a year ago, Huawei were selling them for 15,000 So then it is not bad, but not very good offer. I think very soon it will be to sell and forget about it.

Posted on 15/05/2019, 15:05:

If you have something to take on the fresh.
Yes, and in the store to buy I do not see the point. I bought a Samsung A50 in white color as wanted, the girl with Avito for 15k with a cover and a glued glass. He was still in the films. A check for everything she gave 21,500, and it was only a week. I do not see sense to overpay.
A Samsung A30 bought brand new with a check for 10k. Asus ZenFone 5z in the very top-end configuration for the 25k. Simply ideally, it was worth a month byl.Kogda 39999. When he came out. So afraid Avito not necessary. Just do not take that hit, but good deals can be very often.

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DarkStar51 @ 15.05.19, 12:54*
Does this phone Samsung pay

Use the search engine. This is all more than once discussed.

Posted on 15/05/2019, 14:57:

On top of the screen magnifier here to enter the floor, and he will. Just the same thing every 10 pages are not interesting to describe.

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Take the test on the touch. Change keyboard on Google release and try it, whether such or not.

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Pipol @ 15/05/19, 11:12*
dipresuha held

Do not drive! As already said, her eyes. Free memory 6 gigs version is not much more. For example, I had 2 Honor 9. In one 4 gig in another 6. So the system scored in 4 gigs gig version 3 and version 6 gigs 4.Hotya phones are the same. And the difference is in the free space in the 2 GB and 1 GB. And the difference is not felt absolutely no one! And this is not the only example. Also I was. Asus ZenFone 5z in the top-end configuration in which the on-board 8 GB, after I moved to the Nokia 7.1 which has 3 gigabytes. And lo and behold .... practically no difference !! It is not only in the number but also in the optimization, etc. Nameko I do not play games, this may not have noticed the difference. A sit flipping browser and watch Youtube 4 gigabytes just for your eyes! So do not ochkuy.

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