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SPIDER3220, DR did not know about, thank you.
So I say - if you remove the phone - albeit on skaydrayv removed, not always successful w photo)

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Yesterday hit a srach about systems and figured what is missing VP7, it was not too much of anything, the majority - the little things, but the lack of annoying
Can not mark on the map via Twitter
Sending images directly to Twitter
View full chain of dialogues
Opportunity to reply retweet Statement
The ability to add multiple mobile phones, edit the fields, entering DR calendar
A photo
The ability to watch names pictures
Moving pictures in folders
Download full-size photo
Photo Sync (deleted on the phone - retired in skaydrayv) in the cloud to your phone
Music + Videos
Search for music
[Support for other codecs]
Deleting songs from a playlist
Full browser functionality (although, if UCWEB, do not use it for a long time)
Folders with documents
Full support for office files (images / formulas)
scaling normal
What is missing:
Tiles on / off wifi / Edge directly
Shared folder to access its programs
If you minimize the application, click on the push-notification does not trigger again, and outputs from the background

Maybe that missed Fill. Very annoying the brakes office and the opportunity to work with only one file at a time (no mass delete, download, and so on. D.).
If these little things corrected - is generally excellent.
The rest of the third-party programs. EReader has already (Bookviser), on the following agents. week should be, UCWEB developed, have to wait for Nokia Drive without an Internet and, as for me, the system will be self-sufficient.

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I Optimus 7 with 8107 wines, but the keyboard disappears again and again with the background task, or try to run vkTune Nokia Mix Radio and something to print, and when you change songs Keyboard disappear. It turns out in vain waiting for this upgrade, t. To. I disappearance of the keyboard while listening to music from an Internet occurs frequently and is very angry.Try and unsubscribe, please.

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New versions of the schedule uncomfortable in what could click on the point and see what time and charge?

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Telephone English, OPN.

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Today came LG Update for Windows Phone, now put, does anyone know what's new?

Version became, tetering no longer to look I do not know)

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Beta agent will be available next week.

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on ibee, see German and American, 3-4 months ago was worth 8-9 pieces, Wait is probably at the level of 6-8 pieces. I am a Muscovite generally mailed within 6 pieces took 3 month in November, so that both will find

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Maybe one of these days I will. I updated to 8107 through Zun and stopped working dialer and data transmission, added russkty through kabsender - earned) did not expect this to be honest)

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kirk999 So judging by the development - the final version will not soon, once even a push no. Yes, and I would like to VC and ICQ in one bottle)

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evg1394, No Tweet Added 11 hours ago. Screens for a long time there in early December showed

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@neonaft: Holders # WP7 smartphones! Get the beta Agent and ICQ. Details, screenshots # ruwp7

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@neonaft: Holders # WP7 smartphones! Get the beta Agent and ICQ. Details, screenshots # ruwp7

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Soon must come out and Palringo, the XAP on the Internet is there, but is not working, the closed beta test, and there is a page in the Market. Wrote on mail ([email protected]) the desire to become a tester, said they did not need anymore, but the question about the date of withdrawal said that soon. The answer to the sweat came less than a minute)

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Spacekimo I did not know about such a topic. and that on or off? 3dzhi, vayfay, dzhipies

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And when working with Twitter does not support geolocation tags in the twitter ??

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And on WP7 operating consoles for headphones from iPhone? (Type Belkin nouneymov or Chinese). Not the headphones with remote control, a separate control

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Minor improvements still requires. I wrote to the author about the desire to become a tester, we'll see.

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Excellent program, the ability to customize the font, indents, colors + brightness setting is thin, fast program operation, display of covers, two types of scrolling (depending on the tap location), the ability to display a book on the main screen, bookmarks, content, INSTANT count count pages.

The books downloaded through the program are also uploaded to your account on the site (the program requires free registration), after which you can upload books to the site via the computer and synchronize with the phone.

There is no opds, dropbox, skydrayv, etc., but the browser opens through the program and you can download books, also on the site there is a program for dropping books from the computer, the lack of landscape mode, the lack of images (not sure exactly, it seemed not) .

But this is still the first version, besides it is free and without ads. Bravo to the authors of the program!

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Adding color can be edited - put the normal color and normal name - I put one dark red and called Claret and just made with gray, no discomfort

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