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* shadowcaster,
And where is the logic?)
Intel on cheap, raltek on expensive and at the same time it works worse.

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* 231190,
Hmm ... I hope that it is so)
Although familiar with the blade of the WiFi module, there are a couple of ways to fix it, but I don’t really want to bother).

Posted on 04.24.2019, 14:09:

* eXc1te,
There is probably a router.
Play around with the channels and their width when you change, test with the help of a speed test. Perhaps the router automatically switches something, but the laptop does not like it (the module, to be more precise).

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Dear, what is the WiFi module in this model? 81LB000VRU

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* CAS161rus,
Party Party and model - are different.
Have a friend in 1060, i5, ssd, 144gts
Already lit up with 4-ex sides no: blink:

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* Wital LT,
If a*.
Mainly about it, it goes.
And in our time, not CPU-games often.
So, then I agree.
A small overpayment - worth, and so do not need it. i5-8300 much for the eyes

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* Bobar,
You are not mistaken.
Hot = noisier. Everything is logical, natural sounds can be killed, but will be problems with temperatures.
And so, even in power, especially the meaning of the i7 - no.
To it needed vidyaha 1070 and above, in order to fully reveal his

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* Neath.A,
If nothing else, do not damage - yes.
Also live in Belarus, and saw there a man still in the tree, there are models with the desired SSD

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* Neath.A,
With the same SSD has a complete set

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* Denis1121,
It should not be worse

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* eXc1te,
Um ... So the difference as such - no, but for the Y730 - has its own branch, yes.

Posted on 04/16/2019 at 15:48:

* kchk
And 144gts there? :)

Posted on 16/04/2019, 15:50:

* tyn4tyk
More often than not - this is a common theme.
Crunch in places - a lot on what laptops. Material such, but the fact that when you open ... Well xs

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* tyn4tyk
He is swinging from the market
* mad_sam
Take used is a roulette, if you can check with the seller - okay.

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* fan73,
* 4e | _o \ / e4e |<,
Thank you, put only the most basic.

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What should be put out of all this?
vidyuhi for drivers not interested, interested in that for ui.
That it is necessary to put the vantage or just him enough?
And it is worth to put except for the drivers for the chipset.
Too much of something.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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* eXc1te,
Windows does not specifically decide. Any normal swing assembly or the original image and by yourselves
LU - Lenovo utility, lv - Lenovo vantage

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Glare - is the norm.
They have many places.
Stuck generally not fatal, then look at the black image.
And ask how many safeguards and whether the box is opened.

Posted on 04/14/2019, 22:56:

* crewoi
Still fine, but why?

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Modification excellent.
A small price and packed box = maximum gray goods, but it is by phone specify (supposedly as a guarantee). Screw buy, even for nouta - penny
I5-8300h head everywhere, i7-8750h, already too much under his powerful vidyuhi be excellent.

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* Tap0chek,
More expensive than a good msi?
It’s ridiculous. Where did you find, for that kind of money, good msi?
The maximum that is is gf63 which to hell will "melt".
Why the hell to change the matrix and trash?
Good ssd ... Hmm, what is your understanding of good ssd?
To quickly launch the system and open programs, even the cheapest from Kingston or smartbuy is enough.
I doubt that you will buy a 500GB ssd and store a whole bunch of data on it.
Undervolting ... Hmm, probably it takes about two hours and every time you start the computer? Or is it difficult to do it once in 5 minutes or ask in a branch and score?
And even more so, nobody forces you to do it.
WiFi adapter - from Intel immediately without troubles, but from realtecs it’s also difficult to find and install even firewood ... Again, ask in the branch
Yes, probably with such empty troubles, it is better to take a good and cheap msi ...

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Can someone share undervolting for i5-8300h?

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* roma_34,
It is when working with those that the evo 970 wins, and, yes, the difference is noticeable.
More expensive, because Samsung itself is better, more durable and more reliable.
And so, if you are not particularly picky, for the system you have enough with your head

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* eduard,
I agree.
I decided to just look to score and is already in place.

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