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VipCODe @ 12.19.18, 20:55*
Listen, can we put 16 + 16 with us? Or a maximum of 8 + 8 is possible?

Everywhere in the specifications 16 max is written, but it looks like with a 5400 screw, somewhere I saw they wrote that it holds 32 quietly or it said that in theory it should be kept, you need to find a pdf with a detailed description of the mother, it will definitely be true or go to Lenovo forum and ask them a question too

231190 @ 20.12.18, 00:05 *
Used SSD? - Do not joke)

It has a right to life for itself, the main thing with the utility is to find out how many terabytes of data have already passed there, see how much the manufacturer claims and decide for yourself how much it

And then in one article, the dude believed that even 75 terabytes said he was enough for 33 years)) because after several months of use, he calculated about 2.5 gig per day

Still, they use SSD in different ways, someone edits video and constantly pours on SSD, while someone only keeps Windows there and does not use hibernation

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ServerSide @ 12.19.18, 17:35*
You overestimate the importance of the manufacturer, even if you push the strips of different sizes and frequencies and timings, it should start up according to the worst of the parameters - it is standard practice to unsolder 4 gigabytes of memory on the board in small laptops and give 1 slot to the user.
Of course, you don’t have to speak 100% for a specific laptop - after Lenovo forgot to make cooling profiles, I won’t be surprised.

Well, all the same, first I’ll try to pick a bar with the same characteristics, see what happens, maybe there’s no point in picking something else up. Another thing is if I pick the bar according to the characteristics, and it will be 2-3k more expensive than the bar without a perfect match on the bars, then there is reason to think))

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231190 @ 19.12.18, 15:54 *
Oh and dear they are. Will this approach?

M.2 2280, PCI-E x4, NVMe - according to all the data, it’s suitable, I set myselfthis

Rep: (7)
Armed with the HWINFO64 data, we begin the selection of memory)) at first I thought to buy blindly (before the laptop arrived, it's good that I did not)

My laptop has a memory: Ramaxel Technology 1333.3 MHz (DDR4-2666 / PC4-21300)

It is clear that the volume and frequency must match.

I went to the Internet to look for manuals on how to choose a pair for her, I found the following points:
1. "all RAM in the computer must be with the same timing"
2. "It is desirable that modules from the same company are installed in one computer"

Well, if you can try to look for the same timings, then here is the same manufacturer hehe hehe

What do you say, all of these points must be fulfilled or you can limit yourself only to: volume, frequency and timings?

Well, the most delicious advice: "The most correct option is to sell / give / throw out 8GB and buy paired 8 + 8"))

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VipCODe @ 12.19.18, 03:37*
The one you took will not work, because the SATA III interface. From A DATA either. Look for the PCI-E x4 filter with NVMe.

another moment, the key M, now of course they probably don’t do it with the key B, but you never know, when I chose I ran into the filter by keys and fell into a stupor))

Rep: (7)
Buntr @ 12/18/18, 17:16*
Congratulations! We are waiting for impressions from the laptop and tests!

Thank ))

launched HWINFO64

Memory: Ramaxel Technology 1333.3 MHz (DDR4-2666 / PC4-21300)
What is it)) the first time I hear

Screw: Seagate ST1000LM049-2GH172 7200 RPM

Matrix: LG Philips [Unknown Model: LGD0Force]
LG Display LP156WFC-SPD1

Integrate: Intel UHD Graphics 630 1024 MBytes

Idle temperature sensor data
CPU: 44 min, 49 max, 47 average
Mother: 50 min, 53 max, 51 average
GPU: 39 max, there are no other numbers))

So far, I put different programs, set up

It probably makes no sense to drive stress tests, it’s better to somehow check the heating in real life, but I only play online games, now I play The Elder Scrolls Online (now I download the game, look at the heat in it)

Rep: (7)
Tell me your thoughts on whether to take this version, how relevant it will be for a couple of years, so that the child does not complain about juggling games.

Do not bother with the HDD and laptop to fork out for SSD

Rep: (7)
ServerSide @ 12/17/18 07:20*
Tell us about the behavior of a discrete video card when an external monica is connected, is it unconditionally activated?

Ok, I wrote down a memo with the question of how the laptop will come and see

Rep: (7)
Came SSD and external monik for a laptop, it sounds like))

SSD: what a baby you are)) well, wait while on the shelf

Monique: 24 "LED IPS FullHD 75 Hz ... connected to the old computer ... turned on ... and then a bright light lit up the room and it became as bright as day))) went to the settings and lowered the brightness to 85, burns out 100 eyes

How I used to live on TN Monica

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The license key is built into the BIOS, when installing, be sure to install win10 SL, the key will be pulled automatically)

But if I were you, I would take a modification 81FV0021RU for the same money. Until it's not too late)
There is no overpayment for Windows, i7 costs instead of i5, 12 GB of RAM against 8 in your modification and costs 2k less.
Roll on the win10pro SSD and buy a license OEM key on Ebay for 400-600 rubles.

Yeah in the know. that you must first activate the Windows that is already on the screw, connect your MS acc, so that the key is attached. and then just reinstall on SSD

It's late, I learned about ebay and keys for 600 rubles)) and I don’t want i7)) why do I need an iron))

Vardo @ 12/16/18, 08:19*
12 GB of RAM

As I understand it, the 8GB and 4GB bar is nonsense there, the two-channel will not work and you need to throw out 4-ku when upgrading

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What modification did you choose?


Rep: (7)
I did not compare, he put the Samsung 970 Evo, while everything is OK)

I didn’t really choose it either, but now I’ve google it. Well, yes, Evo will be cooler, but also more expensive. Intel is good too. And the one who all his life sat on the HDD and Intel will be WOW))

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The most difficult thing is waiting)

All the fingers are already gnawed)

What SSD picked up?

256 GB SSD M.2 Intel 760p Series [SSDPEKKW256G801]

P.S. Now ponabegut and will say: "It was necessary to take the Samsung 970 Evo")))

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Thanks to everyone for the answers, I’ll get a laptop on i5 and 1050 in about BT, I’ll install the SSD there, I’ll reinstall Windows and I’ll drive tests and watch the temperature.

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ServerSide @ 12/14/18, 01:36*
Will you arrive with i7?

I'm traveling with i5

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ServerSide @ 12.12.18, 22:14*
Hmm, if there is a weak CO, then in your laptop, do you think is strong?
https: //www.notebookch...rmarked_40982bda49.jpg
Of course, I have a slightly different apparatus, but it’s very similar inside done.
Do you also buy a bigger car with the engine, and press the pedal less? If you are so worried about the laptop, play around in the XTU; lower the heat pack, the voltage

To be honest, I'm still a juzver, but after looking at the review of the note on this laptop and the review of the same note on the Dell XPS 15, you can judge what it is in the CO legion, but in general the fire

So far, only fears, supported only by reviews and pictures of terrible figures under 90 in stress tests, it is clear that they are stress tests, my order will come and see how it behaves during a real load and what the indicators will be, maybe not nothing to choke, but you can still strangle and also look at the speed, maybe he doesn’t need this turbo boost

Rep: (7)
Carnage666 @ 12.12.18, 18:40*
Does anyone have this version 81FV001WRU? Tell me whether to take? What about the temperature?

This 81FV000WRU goes to me. Come, I will tell.

By the way, I do not recommend taking this modification, it is cheaper to take it from the HDD and deliver the SSD will be cheaper, and they also say that the stock SSD is so-so in speed, the SSD also goes to me separately, how will I get to go to the service insert

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ServerSide @ 12.12.18, 12:33*
Yeah, and also turn off all the cores, unscrew the disk and cover the screen with a rag

That's just the machine is quite powerful and its CO is weak, it is better to strangle slightly than to get a brick for 60k in the future)) Or is it all a fairy tale for a neznak and you can not turn off the turbo-bus and not be afraid of constant temperatures of 80-90?

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Thanks for the link, I saw this information, it is right on the product page on the lenovo site, there’s no way to understand what the matrix will be before buying, especially since it’s written below that not all specifications are in all regions, so it can be that in Russia there are none at all

ZGold @ 12.12.18, 00:06*
Turbo boost is turned on in idle, CPU loaded at 4%, the frequency jumps to 3.96 GHz. I would like to know from the owners of i5 - how are things going with you?

In reviews and comments in online stores recommend to cut down the turbo boost

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Aw.kibuk @ 11.12.18, 19:22*
On offsite Lenovo you can see by model number what exactly is in it

link to the studio) otherwise I can't find something

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