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what's new? as the operation going? I take out the notice ....

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Pershel on byudzhetku BQ (signature). For the first time I chose the phone without looking at the camera. Nimble, smooth screen, use e-mail, instant messenger calls. Android bare, notice where the delayed periodically, and in addition to the sensor buggy nothing irritates print. Feyslok decides everything. Batteries 3600, geo catches for 2 seconds, plus feel.

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I like that position for the second finds tracks in strava without problems in the background it does not cut down

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VladimiRUSSIA @ 27.12.19, 09:48*
tried everything

Special-access Unlimited mob. the Internet?
Battery-Power Save. In standby?

Posted on 27/12/2019, 16:52:

I tried to include the "Close the application after blocking eq." - do not close.

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VladimiRUSSIA @ 23.12.19, 22:00*
Someone like that solved the problem notification. not always receive notification (email maylru in contact, telegrams)

A couple of times just noticed that notifications fell again when unlocking if a long time is on the table, and so I have included "Raise to check the notice" in the pocket all sypitsya. In the battery touched nothing to seg. day, but I'll try, Autorun does not start, worse, have a habit of whisking application))
A "Power Saving Standby" cool?

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Murtazin telephone praised: P

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No Communications problems, catches better than my previous, where he was dumped out of 4G in 3 or 2 BQxa holds.

Posted 13/12/2019, 8:41:

iTsukasai @ 12.12.19, 18:30*
And the interlocutor simply silence

Switch the connection to 3G / 2G or 2G tried? Maybe it's VoLTE chudit.

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MalinaGrom @ 12.12.19, 19:24*
He dared to take harmonica OS

Only the "Aurora" Only hardcore: rolleyes:

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Bought the day before yesterday byudzhetku to replace, adjust the end ... But it is not enough aluminum Bochkov 650th: rofl: I'm used to know. And double-tap it a strange, perturbation hand, tapnite, only then switches on and turn off tapom Nope. Eh ....

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gindos33 @ 10.12.19, 23:41*
for fingerprint unsubscribe

I'm rarely on the first try, but I and the phone did not exist before the sensor. While learning to take aim at him)) has got the finger 2 times became better.
Double-tap odd works only with the phone to pick up and turn off double tapom and did not unusual ....
Recording with line work (need). Hint of braking even there, the guy dealer sales surprised (is there bikyu) camera modes leafed says I have such iPhone only 7 appeared. Screen says cool. In short for the money it can not be))
, Nothing happens when you call if smart gestures simultaneously incorporated to bring to your ear to answer the call and bring to the ear switch from speakerphone. Smart gesture is a gesture.
And nothing has happened so far to annoy: yes2:
Slipped firmware update notification,but not swinging and checking is not, says _06 latest version.then asked to complete a program from an electronic guarantee BQ and through her new thing stood.

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gindos33 @ 10.12.19, 14:05*
Ask not hesitate

bought it, now I'll tell myself))

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The written instructions made in Hong Kong, but as there's actually who looked under the lid? Give more feedback on anyone's hands ... warms?
I wonder from what it did bikyu Aurora CE rolled out the Nokia 5.1)))

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I can not enter into the application for more than a week for sure, "the session is temporarily unavailable"
everybody all right?

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DesignerMM @ 12.05.19, 23:20*
direct advice country, all thanks

Pzhalsta. I have the last three days Accum became swoop sits for half a day, thought of this topic infected)) The data used looked 941 Mb Download the system ... The hell? The updates downloading updates 04-2019 hovered at 62% (it is like 48 MB) The May ... Well I suppose must have come? How to reset the download updates?

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DesignerMM @ 10.05.19, 22:13*
on batteries for lyumii 650 have anything to add

and for them some special Li Chinese imported from Zanzibar? : Rofl: or dudes with Ali they will do especially well? : Yes2:
I think dopzaryadku buy or on battery for recharging, then at least be useful to other phones

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DesignerMM @ 10.05.19, 22:13*
on batteries for lyumii 650 have anything to add

If Accum mooy 650th will not live until the end of the year - buy kraftman and tell;) link is stored in the browser. About the successful purchase of 10 Baksova identity love to hear about the experience: thank_you:

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DesignerMM @ 09.05.19, 19:52*
ala "original" within tens of greenery

I threw a link to kraftman just having the experience of buying BATTERY indistinguishable original 10 bucks for Samsa S5, vspuchilis 3 months

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* DesignerMM,
there is no better todaykraftman
year warranty

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write in lichku

That write instructions and all the cases. Faster temptation will appear on another phone to switch))

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AAA1977 @ 04/09/19, 14:33*
I can not sync with one drive
A couple of months ago, there seemed to be a problem, for the new year everything was exactly the norm (unloaded Excel and reserved it).
Maybe in the ondrayve it is necessary to configure something, to give permissions to the application?

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