Rep: (136)
bob4om @ 24.01.2020, 22:56*
Models for 6 years and sings, you can have a problem!

Perhaps because of this. Therefore I wanted to know how modern watches of other manufacturers on wear os.

Rep: (136)
Who else uses the clock on the Wear Os (Not Huawei)? As with notifications - there are problems? Somehow, in the Sony SmartWatch 3 notice is come, then no.

Rep: (136)
PPPO2 @ 24.01.2020, 20:08*
battery rape

What is rape? He was not even hot.
PPPO2 @ 24.01.2020, 20:08*
Weary tale that he did not harm.

Tired tales to the contrary.

Rep: (136)
lukovsky @ 24.01.2020, 18:09*
Prompt, whether it is possible somewhere disable fast charging?

Do not bother! This battery is designed for fast charging, and it does not harm him.

Rep: (136)
Msm01 @ 17.01.2020, 09:55*
Who has what application is using call recording with votsap?

What has emerged such programs, except for MTK-processors?

Rep: (136)
Who else uses the clock on the Wear Os NOT Huawei? As with notifications - there are problems?

Rep: (136)
Anto-Fa @ 14.01.2020, 22:44*
Tell me, how to hide the notification that the call record is expected in KollRekordere?

In the setting of this recorder is switched off.

Rep: (136)
stopudovii @ 10.01.2020, 20:11*
Fast charging much Accum killing or not?

Not. Forget this myth already.

Posted on 01/10/2020, 23:58:

KIBego @ 10.01.2020, 20:40*
frequent charging (charging) "kills" the battery

Nothing like this. It's cycles are not affected.

Rep: (136)
pspgo73 @ 30.12.2019, 22:52*
What is the latest version of the OS to wear this watch?

Attached Image

Rep: (136)
* vs.,
In bluetooth menu appears when you connect only aptX. And SBC and AAC are not displayed.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (136)
antonhot @ 31.12.2019, 13:10*
SBC and AAC. What is better to choose?


Rep: (136)
vs. @ 12/30/2019, 23:41*
And how to make headphones that use the phone gives?

All codecs that support the headset will appear in the list when you connect to them:
Attached Image

Rep: (136)
suzorik @ 30.12.2019, 08:41*
Not all headphones sing even with good pleerami.u me fiio x5ii was absolutely impossible to listen tfz, and with p30 - perfect.

Support! By the sound of P30 has no complaints. Especially now download audiotestovye tracks to wav format. Closely listened to one and same fragments in a standard headphone Sennheiser HD 650 on the sound card M-Audio M-Track II and P30.
In a blind test, I would have found it difficult to distinguish the source of the sound. The difference in the sound across the entire frequency spectrum and transparency is minimal. P30 sound even seemed just a little preukrashennym, and it is off when Dolby Atmos!
For me only one conclusion - 99% of sound quality, this headset, and the problem must be sought in them, rather than poking around in the phone psevdoekvalayzerah that still does not help, but will add just the dregs.

Post has been editedswelll - 30.12.19, 12:31

Rep: (136)
IrakliCH @ 25.12.2019, 23:30*
And MTS go well

MTS Kazan. Do not go.

Rep: (136)
sweetblondine @ 22.12.2019, 09:58*
And yes, like a size larger and I miss the keyboard. Maybe some settings have to deliver? A feeling that has the letters .. Although objectively can not remember what was there, but harder to write

Yes, unfortunately Ayfonovskaya keyboard better in this regard. If you need more letters, you can try the keyboard Fleksy, but we have to get used to it. On all devices in the end I go back to Google Keyboard.

Rep: (136)
suzorik @ 22.12.2019, 00:04*
strange it all, I have a night out 3-5%. mb you have a bad signal?

Included with luminous ANM?
Without it, I, too, 3-5%. With him - 8 percent more.

Post has been editedswelll - 22.12.19, 00:39

Rep: (136)
* suzorik,
Timed flow enabled a few nights and vylyuchennym ANM for eight hours. The difference was 8%. This is taking into account that the ANM burned half brightness.

Posted on 21/12/2019, 23:57:

suzorik @ 21.12.2019, 23:47*
I have a body at rest for an hour, even percent did not eat, network-enabled, wifi, sync and aod. as it was 100, and left.

100 percent of anything it is impossible to measure. They always stay long.

Rep: (136)
dimas36 @ 21.12.2019, 21:14*
and it takes 1% per hour if it is not checked if trogat..a juzat is not noticeable

Yes exactly! At first I did not believe that the ANM as it consumes, but experiments have confirmed it. But it is only when it is lit continuously. So it is not critical.

Rep: (136)
Gurpark @ 08.12.2019, 11:18*
Install the latest build of WhatsApp plus Rezvan. I set completely, after the phone firmware. Confused by the fact that in addition to chat with new messages appeared blank 4-5 chat with contacts from the phone book, but it's the people with whom I had not spoken for WhatsApp.

Yes, terribly annoying. But I have these empty chats appear with the numbers, which already has a correspondence. After removal, soon appear again.

Rep: (136)
ch33ch @ 08.12.2019, 14:30*
Hi all, I want to own the other day to buy a P30 pro

ch33ch @ 08.12.2019, 14:30*
I want to ask the owners of Smart

You are wrong branch.

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