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Vladimir Evseenko @ 02/19/20 8:16*
Google wanted to do, wanted to back back, wanted to do did not produce

It is necessary to add the hat as the solution to all the problems from the new old design, light-dark theme, etc

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* musa94 ,
If the ping on the server side, it is all at the same time. In pabge it happens infrequently. Wait.

In most cases, affect Ping:
- provider
- equipment for distribution of Internet
- quality of the device on which the game

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DOOM BRINGER @ 13.02.20, 23:39*
whether there is a division between the available online Android OS devices and Ai

Not. Pubg mobile portal: one for all devices. Also on the same servers play a global and Korean customer, the player base, each customer has.

If you have a ipad, then you can play with a friend, in which the device is based on Android.

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Game for peace
version 1.5.8 (8350)
Genre: Action
Last update of the game in the header:29.01.2020

PUBG MOBILE Android » | Game for peace » | PUBG MOBILE iOS » | PUBG MOBILE LITE » | PUBG MOBILE for PC » | Club players mobile PUBG »
Attached Image
Attached Image
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Attached Image
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Short description:
The Chinese version of В«PUBG Mobile: BattlefieldВ» renamed В«Game for PeaceВ» - officially launched on 8 May at 15:00 CST
You will be involved in a fight in which 100 real players will fight each other until the last survivor. To win, you will have to wander around the island, collecting equipment scattered throughout the playing area, which is becoming smaller and smaller, forcing players to be closer and closer to each other.

In this game there are almost all elements of the original. The control system is also similar, but adapted to devices with touch screens, and interaction with objects and game elements remains the same. You will be able to enter buildings, drive different vehicles, rob the corpses of their victims.

Developer site:

Features: 3D, G-sensor, Online

Russian interface: Not

Download: Version: 1.4.6 (8230)
Version: 1.5.8 (8350) Updated on 12/18/19 (Maks.hackdog)
Please free up storage space of at least 5GB to install the game!
With requests to update the game, refer to the topic.Upgrade your game!
Before installing, please read the topicInstalling games with cache [FAQ]
sdcard / Android / obb

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Reason for edit: Update: new version 1.5.8 (8350) Updated on 12/18/19

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Both flagship phones, but different years of release. Which is better, the US flagship of the end of 2017 or the Chinese in 2019:

  1. Screen - definitely better for iPhone. This model Honor worst screen in its class.
  2. Battery - better in Honor, but Apple has a wireless charging.
  3. Processor - Kirin 980 against Apple A11 Bionic. In tests slightly better iPhone, although both good chip.
  4. Camera - definitely the iPhone wins.
  5. Price: above the iPhone


  • Somebody better take an old American flag, and someone pleasant to save money and take the new Chinese Honor. Then you decide.
  • If the question of money is secondary in this case, then go to an electronics store - Support both phones in hand, leaning against the ear, listen to your tactile sensations. What is more pleasant visually, then take it.
  • From the point of view of liquidity, as practice shows, to sell in a few years it will be easier and with minimal losses in price will be the iphone.

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Guys, I understand, having read all the posts on the topic in a thread, buy the original cover Xiaomei from liquid selikona no opportunity for the people of Russia? And one option - to take a fake as NILLKIN or cheaper GKK

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Discussionvivo Y19
Picturevivo Y19
Description |Discussion »

Processor - MT6768
The number of nuclei - 2 x Cortex-A75 2000 MHz, 6 x Cortex-A55 1700 MHz
Graphics processor - Mali-G52 820 MHz
RAM - 4 GB
Built-in Memory - 128GB
Expandable memory - microSD slot for memory card (maximum 256 GB)
Battery - 5000 mAh lithium polymer
Operating time - up to 42 days of standby time, up to 55 hours of talk time
Fast charging - there
Operating System - Funtouch OS 9.2 (based on Android 9)
Screen size - 6.53
Resolution - 1080 Г— 2340 (FHD +)
Screen - capacitive touch screen, multi-touch
Screen Type - LCD
Safety glass - Panda King glass
Unlock your smartphone by using the "Face Detection"
Luggage basic - 16 + 8 + 2 Mn
Front camera - 16 MP
Aperture - frontal: f / 2,0 (16 Mn) / base: f / 1,78 (16 M) + f / 2,2 (8 M) + f / 2,4 (2 M)
Phase detection autofocus - PDAF
Flash - for the main camera,
Shooting modes - portrait mode (AI Face Beauty), photos, videos, professional mode, panorama, slow motion, taymlaps, HDR, shooting with bokeh effect, extra wide angle camera, Super Macro, the watermark with the times, a watermark with the model name, photo filters, net, timer, DOC, stickers augmented reality, live photo
Adjusting the color temperature mode of protection
Enclosure - dimensions 162,15 Г— 76,47 Г— 8,89 mm
Material - polymer
Available colors - black, white
Covering - glance
Weight - 193.0 g
The back panel is made by 3D technology
Number of SIM-cards - two nano-SIM (both with 4G LTE support)
SIM Card Tray
Three slots: nano-SIM + nano-SIM + microSD
Two SIM-cards in the standby mode - 2G, B3 / 5/8, 3G, B1 / 5/8, 4G TDD-LTE, B38 / 40/41, 4G FDD-LTE, B1 / 3/5/7/8 / 20/28
The maximum speed of data transmission / reception - 300/150 Mbit / s
Support for VoLTE technology (Voice over LTE) and VoWiFi (Voice over Wi-Fi)
Connectivity - Wi-Fi (2,4 and 5 GHz); Bluetooth 5.0; USB 2.0;
GPS - is
OTG - is
NFC - have
FM - have
Headphone jack - yes
Support for Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast, 802.11a / b / g / b
Video supported formats - MP4 / 3GP / AVI / TS / MKV / FLV
Video recording format - MP4
The maximum resolution of video recording - main camera: 1920 Г— 1080 (1080p) / front camera: 1920 Г— 1080 (1080p)
Audio supported formats - WAV / MP3 / MP2 / AMR-NB / AMR-WB / MIDI / Vorbis / APE / FLAC
Record audio - there
Recording phone conversations - yes
Fingerprint Scanner - on the rear panel
Accelerometer - is
ambient light sensor - there
Proximity sensor - there
Electronic compass - there
Gyro - have

A photo:
Attached Image

A source of information
Engineering menu - * # * # 3646633 # * # * (as well as on other processors MediaTek) - easy to remember: * # * # ENGMODE # * # *
Program to remove and restore the applications
How to buy a smartphone for 11798 with a cover-book
Guide screenshots
Firmware PD1934F_EX_A_1.9.4 on 15/01/2020

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.

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AnalogsAirplans - Choice and comparison.
Reviews | Breakage | Reviews | Useful
Attached Image
( Useful
Be mutually polite! Express"Thank" - increasing reputation:
If you want to thank the user for the help provided, do not write messages like “Thank you! You are super !!! ”and the like. Just click Picturenext to his reputation. If you do not have 15 helpful posts, ask the moderator to raise the reputation of the person who helped you through the buttonPicture.
Do branch cleaner and healthier! use the buttonsPictureandPictureto rate the post. Posts with a bad rating will be reviewed and deleted, and the best will be added to the header.

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Reason for editing: The noise and crackling, returned some of the money through a dispute

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New Year coming soon,
It will bring a lot of happiness,
Forum will be better.
All will rise will sing.
All the programs we'll be getting
Many mods and software.
Romodelov congratulations -
You crutch - without further ado.

We all friendly guys - we live on the PDA.
Every day, here we go - let everything will be fine!

With the NEW YEAR friends and comrades.

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dushisvet @ 26.12.19, 2:48*
aces / invaders get

It remains to 100-200 points before the conqueror. There is no place to receive them does not count. And there is no fun until you get a treasured box.

And why all - began to swing the rank two weeks ago, when he had gone far up points.

The easiest way to get the desired rank - it's take it from the very first days of the beginning of the season, and then play for fun.


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Asriel Dreemur @ 20.12.19, 11:52*
subscription for 75 rubles

BIGGAMERNOTNOOB @ 20.12.19, 11:02*
Royal Pass for 4 months; 300 p total cost the

That's right it is. On the second ACC took Royal Pass so for 300 rubles.

This is a monthly subscription fee for the game, is made through the lobby, click on the crown icon and choose one of two tariff plans *.

* $ 0.99 per month = 150 UC
For 4 months = 600 UC

That's enough for basic royalpass, which is currently set up so that the successful completion of all the tasks and achieving the highest level - all spent in-game currency is returned as 600UC.

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Donat has become an integral part of gaming culture, news headlines regularly full of crazy stories about ordinary profit developers. PUBG Mobile became the first mobile "Battle Royale", where revenue exceeded $ 1 billion.

How often and how much you are logged in the game?What are you willing to pay to play? Share with us your interesting stories or unpleasant cases where investment does not materialize and take part in the new poll in the header of the Club.

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_KeiKo_ @ 20.12.19, 8:13*
at my timeytov the same trouble was

Yes you are right - it is quite often the case. I also constantly have problems with ping Timer, sometimes all three.

In addition to those who use high-quality Internet connection and a good router is properly configured - it is usually kberspotsmeny - for whom the slightest drawdown ping - a loss of money for the tournaments. Plus, the device itself is where the game can give failures.
In general recipe is as follows:
  1. a good device for playing
  2. good internet channel
  3. separate gaming router

and about problems with ping, you can forget.
(It is in my case it is a special game rate the provider router NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK PRO GAMING XR500, iPad pro and Xiaomei mi9.

Rep: (165)
_KeiKo_ @ 20.12.19, 01:25*
with ping on Europe

skullskull @ 20.12.19, 03:59*
After Refresh, Ping can not rest

Problems with ping - this is 99.9% of the problems by the user, with the exception of massive failures on servers. Alternatively use a quality provider and equipment for the distribution of the Internet. I had constant problems with the servers has not yet changed the service provider and not buy a separate router for the game. During this year, the problems with ping has never been consistently between 20 and 40 euros on the server.

Rep: (165)
sarmin85 @ 18.12.19, 7:44*
China's next president

very interesting dream

Rep: (165)
Rostik98ua @ 17.12.19, 9:24*
No extra touches

And in the left corner of the refund? Near framework faintly no response?

We had such on three phones. But there were always phantom tripping subtle. After update. It was treated rejoining the game.

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Rep: (165)
Rostik98ua @ 16.12.19, 16:41*
hangs joystick movement

Please phone settings Developer menu, activate the switch TOUCH DISPLAY / LIST OF DEPRESSION
and check whether there hangs phantom tripping on tache.

Rep: (165)
Dear user, please contact a profile subject:
Help fix the device

Rep: (165)
kazoom1 @ 10.11.19, 5:52*
I ceased to see more than 1 finger multitouch

crag780 @ 11.11.19, 13:12*
And people fall off multitouch

FLASH-F2M @ 6.11.19, 9:58*
And I have now after the update on 11 stopped working multitouch. Display understands only one touch. Due to update it or something with iron and just a coincidence ...

I subscribe to the issue: dumps multitouch. In games and applications running in the shell desktop system sees only one finger. Empirically not activate putting a few fingers on the screen in the game, and not letting go to the desktop. Multi-touch begins to work, but only until the unit is switched off.

I solved the problem with a non-working multi-touch:

It flashed through fastbut extreme global firmware version 10.
Did the same 11 - did not help.
When an official update on the 10 to 11 version - multi again broke.

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Uvazheniemye friends, we came to the subject of the curator:Orbitex

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