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In my opinion, this is the most interesting game under androyd!
Enough of it so that the eyes are sick.

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On the hero working standards, but the main menus some flattened, and a window with a download progress.

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On the hero works fine.
Already in MetalSlug I drove.

Posted 02-11-2010, 17:09:

And, by the way, the hero with multi-touch all right. Play pretty comfortable.

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AlexWin94, start with the fact that Windows is compiled ONLY under the x86 architecture, and communicators ARM-architecture processors.
To start Windows, you must first make the emulator x86-processors that will gobble up as many resources that will remain for Windows.
Therefore, if real, the only dos, well or kraynyak win3.11.
Win95 and the subsequent general use protected mode of the processor, so that will have to emulate a lot of things.
+ To all, under Windows have to write a driver for the device equipment, at least for the screen and a sensor that would windsurfing somehow worked. This nereal.
Here with Linux is much easier, it is in the source code, which can be perekompilit under any architecture. And no emulators are not needed.
Wood is the source code in firmware (in at least htc hero is kernel sources)
And Linux will functional win3.11

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Slightly optimize and HERO, I think it's going fine.

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On HERO incoming sound slow, but I have noticed, if you turn the speakerphone - slows considerably less.
Chat is working properly.

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Apparently here you can download:

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Fucking igrulina !!!
My lovely.
So even in Russian!

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Why does not happen?
Rekaveri custom make to the original stitching is very easy. It is necessary to flash the patched hboot (look, which allows to flash unsigned stitching, I had already flashed.
Flashed as follows: zarutil prog, downloaded rekaveri using rommanager. and flashed using it
Then, having such HBOOT, taken with the custom file recovery.img rekaveri and android-info.txt file from the original firmware file is archived in, throws the stick. When the volume is clamped down and turned on, loaded hboot and sewn custom rekaveri. Similarly, then returned to the original rekaveri.
I've done more than once.
Rekaveri in general, as I understand it is only needed to create an ext2 partition on the flash drive. Why is he still needed?
A possible most root having app2sd implement to the machine, adjusting bootscripts init.d example.
Just a problem, do not have time to finish writing a script to transfer on ext2-section of all files and / system / apps, remove the / system / app and mount / ext2 partition on the flash drive in the / system / app.
I would like a ready solution. Though if such a decision will not - I'll take care of myself, and perhaps I will add this script as soon as the flash drive buy more and higher class.

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Connecting to the request to find a working app2sd.
Custom stitching do not want to. I want the original, but with app2sd.
I tried to put a2sd:
After you install the boot device hung up on the intro "quietly brilliant".
Principle can finish the init.d script, so he moved the entire contents of the / system / app in the section on the card, then remove / system / app and mount in its place with the stick section.
But I would like something more than a well-functioning, well-planned and automated.

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