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The shopping is not :( what can be done?

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fibra @ 23.09.2016, 18:20*
the last couple of pages read tried?

I do not have much time, so asked.
Instead of morals it could be easy to answer or tactfully silent.

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prompt that may be - 100% after 10 minutes shows 70% after 20 minutes turned off and shows 0%, the battery end or soft buggy?

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Put CM 12.1 not make outgoing calls are now just weaning once the call is completed, what to do? (Simca registered in the LTE network is working, the tray 1, 2 is empty)

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Set Cm 12 get in Google plee - Error retrieving data from the df-dla-15 server as the fight? thank

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Friends, please help: I ​​want to change the side frame of the phone in the official center said that only changes the display and tachem respectively.
Is the information correct? Toad strangling to pay 13,000 if me and so the display is in excellent condition, only beaten by the frame in a circle. And the second question, if someone has a similar problem solved advise proven SC. Thank!

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VCE Mobile
Version: 8.0.5

Last update of the program in the header:16.11.2013

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Short description:
Passing tests format * .vce.

The program for the passage of professional tests in the format * .vce for your Android device.
With it you can prepare and pass the Microsoft exams, Cisco, Oracle, IMB, HP, etc.
Sami dumps exams can swing on the free sites, such as

Additional Information
Russian interface: Not

Developer: Avanset, Corp.
Android Market Web: ..

Version: 8.0.5 http: //
VCE Exam Simulator 2.2 VCE Mobile (Post # 34436476)

Past versions

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Reason for editing: new version

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Inarus , Terribly disappointed, was the first laptop-quality video and images were stunning. Hoping that in the third only to improve, but here the soap soap. I took a present to his wife she likes, but the camera let us down.

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Friends who have the thread with the camera had problems? Disgusting image quality in any setting day / night. If someone can not difficult couple of pictures from the device to put me to compare with his.

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psymass @ 16.08.2013, 17:05*
I'm sorry, do not have time to explore the entire thread: tell me which parts can be safely ruled out in the selection?
I understand that the most unfortunate is the 35th?
Tomorrow to go buy. Can I at once without opening the box for the lot number to weed out candidates?

Stand according to this 35 simply gorgeous in comparison with 37

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Friends, Prompt, over the past 3 months changes in build quality have occurred or not? I would like to take the machine but confuses the number of housing of marriage. Who took from the last party, won CHTC problem or not?

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Guys help, the problem with the battery tried it about three firmware 4.1.2 bodies everywhere discharged per day 2 times .. tried to pull bataryeku Delta hardreset, yuzal prog battery kolibrayshen from the Market. hollowly. how to treat?

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Lord updated wife Note before the official 4.0.4 SER, ceased to make a screenshot of the hand and the stylus. Tell me what school and as 4 is a screenshot?

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Guys plz tell me the official 4.0 for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 GT-P7300 (with 3G) is not present until now? The header void ..

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It is an official of the BEAC I need. It is called in the Market Mobile Banking Savings

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Lord fill plz distribution Mobile bank Sberbank, the Galaxy tab on the Market does not support the device list (

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Do joystick size adjusted? on the tab are not comfortable playing with a small joystick control, I would like this setting.

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Prompt Segui emulator on android 3 for geleksi Taba

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skripnik_n @ 25.05.2012, 11:55*
Try to do is to start a full wipe

Since India is possible through native rekaveri fulvayp do? If not, how to retrace with crooked India has stood again to India? Through - Rollback on 2.3.6 Firmware Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note 2.x.x (Post # 13229883)?

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slava11800 @ 02.03.2012, 00:32*
Thu remember, like a fake from kitaezov not supported Andrew, Chet Tipo trail is not so

Duc stood before Andrew, this is what I ask him to fail

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