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not a custom I do not need. this phone is not for real use. so just a memory.
it is on this android works well. does not slow osobo.batareyu good holds.
custom bikes and this is another pain in the ass.

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This is what is written when you try to enter Google acc.

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* Danilgame1,
that for an alternative? where to find them?

Posted on 23/12/2019, 15:53:

your phone when you try to enter profile gugla finishes with an error.

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* Citrus
* Danilgame1,

that is no longer possible to get to work on the play market 2.3.6?

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maybe who knows.
android 2.3.6
when you enter the account ends with an error
pleymarket not work. it as it is possible to set up?

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wanted to ask is who knows.
pleymarket not work. it as it is possible to set up? android 2.3.6
when you enter the account ends with an error

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spasibo.a I already thought that the blind positions.

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tell me how to enable the i9000 at the map% in term of state? all clambered can not find

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Guild vA Old Republic is looking for active players.
Leader vA Endler - 247-895-273

write to telegrams @ Galaxys911 (

um guilds 201million 48players

we have every day 30,000, high active on vg.
so if you want to get into one of the most active guilds, come to us

Mandatory Requirements:
- delivery of energy 600/600
-Galactic power of at least 2.5 million
telegram messenger
-no cheats
account on SWGOH

Our features:
1) The most important mode in the game for us are guild wars, as evidenced by our result of 65 victories.
2) Fast actions on TB: you will know where to move the troops and what battles to take place before the beginning of the new stage, so you can immediately shoot back and go to rest
3) for the deployment of troops on the BC, they will tell you what and where to put in defense, therefore you will have a minimum headache with thinking over the trains and analyzing your warehouse

About guild:
guild enters vaapad empire
um guilds 201 million.
we take 45 stars reduced TB
and 47 stars dark TB

- reset test guild 13.30 Moscow time
Pit 7 - simulation
Tank 7 rash- alternation. 21:20 and 12: 20
so in phase

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Cumirum @ 08/01/18, 16:20*
yes at all.

and how much is enough for such heating?

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wanted to ask. There is a modem zong.
It is very hot. Directly hot. If you turn off wi-fi, it stops heating.
is it all so?
but i just need wi-fi from it.
What to do with heating?

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It is heated only with the included wifi. If you turn it off it is even colder 3372

and there were cases when they burned?

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I'm warming too. I don't even think it will burn?
Danmagor @ 07/19/18, 18:29*
Hello) everyone is heated like a nuclear reactor?)

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Annigilator85 @ 03/29/18, 14:04*
forum is dead

but it works.
sorry that dead

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The cart does not work, it's good that at least the forum is working.

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Tell me, does the Shop still work with a fixed price of 1 Gem?

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Guildsavagemessiahzine.comOld Republic will take on ACTIVE players.

Requirements for players
-compulsory energy delivery 600/600
-Galactic power of at least 2 million
telegram messenger
no cheats
the presence of captain Han Solo and the rebel soldier min 5 *

about guild
um guild 117mln.
take 41 stars.
take 50 fragments of Leia Organa every tb

write in a personal or telegram @ Galaxys911

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N.Timur @ 16.12.17, 16:07*
again? and again she imba?

better not waste your time. and start a new acc.

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I will repeat how much for how much the chimera (without Donat) really pump in at least up to six, tpo time

if it is completely from scratch, then it may take half a year to assemble the chimera.

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* vitsa
Traun (Chimera) is now the best flagship. and the very Troon 7 * 12 shooting. he's an arena.

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