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I play on an old plate, when the he can not connect to the internet and the game manages to swear, and begin the process of reconnecting to the server, it's uncomfortable, gets off the screen scale, the position on the map, you forget that he planned to do, if a lot of time has passed. Is it possible to enter additional settings for the old processor - type delay connections to the server when you turn on the tablet screen?
UPD: every time you turn the screen to reconnect to the server, it is so annoying (

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Good day, our plate is generally possible to find in the sale of the battery? My completely dead. Tell me, please, can, from another tablet which is suitable?

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VillyAndr @ 27.07.2017, 00:08*
updated spontaneously in the air, the icons all started with English captions, but in the settings was Russian. Decided to flash the firmware ... Multirom Stable of frost_ua.
everything turned out and how to adjust? Also just updated the bodies himself, I will have to reflash and also plan to Frost

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Thanks for all the answers :) I still have questions:
tablet came here with such set pieces
(Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs)
Attached Image

All this is worth? Separately interested in the answer to this question from fellow sufferers, ie who also do not work correctly bluetooth audio device in tablet windose-axis. Maybe the whole thing in extra set pieces. Especially in the next temka representative Chewie told me that, and I quote:
driver realtek will not help, because the tablet is not realtek chip. You need a program Bluesoleil

I understand that this program (blyusoleyl) paid. Pay (and generally put the crutches) for the fact that in itself works for the other? o.O

I would also like to see what is displayed in the Device Manager in other holders Chewie (required when connecting bluetooth audio devices). Interested branch Manager "bluetooth", "audio equipment", "Network Adapters"
I like that, seen bluedio-connect headphones, speakers, and Xiaomi-Controller
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Guys, anyone have any bluetooth headset, headset or speakers? Is tried to connect with Chewie, the rules work? Prod advises him to carry in repair if it is a problem of missing the correct drivers, then the repair will not help me zhezh ...

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superpuperuser @ 22.07.2016, 15:37*
You can try peresopryach device reboot again peresopryach device, remove and put again the Bluetooth driver, but like all the drivers for the tablet - can be a problem.
Yes, I have it and it's all done, it did not help. By the way, on your screenshot Headset mic also has the status of "disabled". He rules you work? It's just that he does not look so connected?
And yes, I forgot to mention the other windose tablets no such problems. So the problem is not exactly in the headphones, but in Windows by Chewie.
UPD: Now the same thing with bluetooth speakers
Attached Image

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Vlad0775 @ 22.07.2016, 13:53*
SDEK calls back for confirmation before delivery? I keep at work
I hope the service delivery should not have to pay anything? Just the first time after delivery SDEK
I called to the service itself several times on the telephone number listed on the site, track approach courier (delayed, arrived late in the evening): girl_crazy: you follow through the site, there is clearly seen that the courier parcel already given and it is now you. Shipping is already included in the bill, to pay upon receipt is not necessary. The experience of getting through SDEK I liked, sending moved quickly, well monitored. But decompress when the courier did not work (it was at the beginning of this year), can now the rules have changed, and they allow you to do this ...

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kostyamat @ 22.07.2016, 00:08*
so matching, long tap on the dynamics in the trae on the "playback devices" and choose your bluetooth device out there, set the default.
Petro @ 22/07/2016, 00:40*
It is that in Windows it is necessary to go to the playback device, and set the default device bluetooth headphones. Then the sound goes through them.
this device when you connect headphones to the device "razdvayaitstsa" one part, as well as writing, already on the default device, and the second reason is disabled and can not be enabled (button is inactive).
Here, the screens
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

superpuperuser @ 22.07.2016, 15:20*
Try to reassign the output device by default (right click on the volume in the system tray) when connected to bluetooth device - it will appear in this menu
yet designed the answer you wrote. Thanks. Posted pictures show what I can not do it

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The problem with bluetooth audio devices in Windows (Stock) : headphones connected ( "Options" they "connected" status) but the sound still It goes to the speakers tablet. Pootklyuchala bluetooth on all gadgets, close (except mibenda). Delete and re-connected the device with your tablet. Reloads tablet twice after that (well, you never know, suddenly the drivers necessary to correct "stand up"). Where else to dig? Is there still anyone this problem and how to solve? Prod meets every day and it seems that just stalling for time. On offorume this problem is not found (

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forcer99 @ 17.07.2016, 15:48*
after the story with a turn plate with bangguda I did not have to buy them - everything clearly and quickly.
I noticed that unfolded sent via EMS. NORMAL come. mail via the NL, with a charge of 38%, "tablet", st-Th "nonnative", but extra-took-ensurance insurance. That's why he was sent back, I do not understand, the product clearly not consumer goods, it is unlikely the high volume of purchases ...

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alxleu @ 19.07.2016, 19:01*
like with the connected charging is faster? Or is it?
I think, you think: girl_pinkglassesf:: girl_crazy:

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vutak @ 07.05.2016, 09:50*
The Secret Society v1.19.5 + Mod

It appears without the cache does not work when you start trying to spool the missing and outputs something like "similar game neoplachena" and takes off.
It was my version of the 1.8 mod, version 1.19.5 mod did not go, version 1.17.5 mod start, earned, picked up the level (but lost all of the collections obtained, pay and bonus bun), but to link to your Google's "play-games" fails, an error
Attached Image

1. So save your progress has never in any way and in google? There was a hope to transfer your progress to other tablet through Google ...
2. How do I update the game to the newest version (1.19.5mod)? Interestingly, in pleymarkete no button "update", and only "open", so that even a failed experiment

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Qrast @ 14.02.2016, 11:59*
tupit when you start trying to force vparit input via facebook, if we refuse - flies. if you enter through it - then, again asked to go to Facebook)

And so it was. It cures restarting the application. Try it!

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chuf1 @ 10.02.2016, 01:12*
Micro SD card inserted, it is determined WINDOWS! All the rules but she would have to be it failed, all because I just do not know how to get it?

It would be nice to see the photo problem :) I have a card inserted virtually flush with the side surface. Pressing the nail on the visible edge of the card is pulled out from the slot. Quite easily, you only need to adapt himself.
Take the ranks of owners :) yesterday brought directly into the hands of a courier. Dualbut, A5C8 version. I timed the battery at night - 4-5% for 6h. Today again spotted.
Help! :) How do I remove this boring PIN / password to log in windsurfing? netplwiz command is not saved in the parameters "request a password on wakeup" is disabled.

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Flerka @ 18.11.2015, 20:00*
I make the backup sms file on SD-card

Files on the map back in stock? It should make a new backup and compare their location (the file path), and the names, maybe something different and the program simply does not recognize the old backups. To avoid losing files, prior to the experiments is better to make a copy of them in a separate folder.

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leonne @ 11.11.2014, 00:11*
I turned on a gesture from the top down, it is true only in the case if I had myself extinguished. When the crash itself can only wake button. = \
You're right, even this gesture is activated. I forgot about it. And yes, unfortunately, this only works if the switch off Tapani at "home." If he fell asleep, then wake up has to "sneakers" - button "on" :)

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kolun-san @ 31.10.2014, 12:20*
All right, just double tap on the screen does not switch reagiruet.Mozhet who knows how to overcome this?
but also will not work, lied to them in the description. The screen turns on gesture "line from left to right"

I am now because of this phone all the other gadgets are not trying to turn off the standard (off button) and Tapani on the "home". By good so quickly get used to! Why such a comfortable little things do not build everywhere ...
badforay @ 26.10.2014, 15:12*
.Mozhno choose from the menu, with some SIM cards are going to call or go to the 'Net before acting.
God forbid you from such recommendations !!!
Blacview Crown camera is quite decent.
thanks for answers! Camera Blackwill mentioned in your opinion better than the Arc, or simply decent? Well, I will not recommend just explain for what reason?))

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Would like to correct the code in the previous message, and the system does not give the rights to it, it surprised o.O
Code changes over time, so the new code here: DD1Y2Y

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boar-hooligan @ 08.02.2013, 19:24*
Full video walkthrough
Video is not available, why? : Girl_cray:

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I'll try and add an invitation: 3WOZEK

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