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Does anyone know what the difference firmware:059Q5F9 : Nokia 710 RM-803 Country Variant Russia RU WHITE RETAIL MODE V4 and
059M5Z7 : Nokia 710 RM-803 Country Variant Russia RU WHITE_WHITE_COLOR V4? Just minor mischief But as something unusual.

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pooh-80 @ 26.11.2012, 22:27*
When you go into Settings, then the System automatically opens and those information that you have specified in the System Profiler, and you sdvinte left and open the application. In the application, locate and open the phone.
A version of the system as I have.

So I went there and, hell some.

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OS version 7.10.8773.98
The firmware version number 1600.3031.8773.12121
The version number of the equipment 112.1402.2.1
The software version
Hardware Version 8255
Boot version
chip version of the SOC

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Vonemes @ 26.11.2012, 14:13*
in the sense of?

Kastomchik while others no sense: P

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pooh-80 @ 26.11.2012, 12:23*
Quote (clancyBY @ 26.11.2012, 09:09)
Something I'm confused, and where you can see your phone number?
Settings ->Applications ->Phone

voicemail number, to show my phone number, divert calls, international calls, request pin. Everything is, except number: scratch_one-s_head:

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Something I'm confused, and where you can see your phone number?

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Vlad2803, Windows Phone 7 FAQ

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Filislav @ 11.10.2012, 18:23*
And there is no guarantee?

You could say that.

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Just yesterday morning was the proud owner of devaysa evening was sad - covered "external" speaker, has worked faithfully for six months, it is insulting that the vibration is never used. And it almost before the start of WP8.
PS went to the store for 710.

Post has been editedclancyBY - 11.10.12, 17:20

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pavlo78 and unlock must be present?

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-DEK- @ 03.07.2012, 17:39*
The same as HSDPA. I personally 3G + is not met, only H. Maybe on different devices / firmware differently ..

The point is that H also happens: D

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gavrila @ 03.07.2012, 14:48*
according to the register, the following icons are provided for gsm-phones:
G - GPRS (2G)
E - EDGE (2.75G)
3G - UMTS (3G)
H - HSDPA (3.5G)
for cdma following:
1X - 1xRTT (2.75G)
DO - EV-DO (3G)
Well, for the 4G-networks:
4G - LTE
W - Wimax

I even saw at 3G +. What's this?

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EG.Gnom @ 02.07.2012, 00:08*
Can not update (((, is it necessary to pull the wire or enough off from the connection?

Enough to break the connection, faster turns. + Airplane mode to deliver.

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Windows Phone 7.8 will receive the maximum number of updates that are possible with the characteristics of the existing smart phones
PS From the point of view of the consumer and developer Microsoft acted honestly dividing WP7.8 and WP8, but from the point of view of marketing as something ugly happened, IMHO.

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Waited, waited for news, and now sit back to wait for news that will fall directly in WP7.8?

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The game has been updated to 1.3.

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Interesting battle mechanics, you will not say anything. Attack Sand Raiden-761 pcs. Ancient Golem-293 pcs. As a result, the status is Draw, my units are all killed, the enemy is also completely defeated, and all in one round. The stones on which golems crumbled, fell asleep all of mine? : lol:

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k4hamer Well, on the site they have drawn so
Welcome. Age of Sorcery is FREE$3.99 throughout beta testing. Join us to win cool prize and bonus gems.

And where does the Russian-speaking community live?

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Something I can not understand the system of bonuses between the elements. For example, Arcane attacks Storm. What bonus will it be?

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I'm talking about itWindows Phone 8 will no longer be a mystery to the end of June

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