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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - Unofficial Firmware

Attached ImageHMN5P, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro / Note 5 China, whyred
Description | Discussion | Purchase | Marriage and Repair | Configure Notifications | Xiaomi club | Camera talk | Mi Account | Power consumption and autonomy | Modification and decorations | Bootloader unlocking |
Custom Kernels | Project treble | MIUI firmware | General instructions and recommendations for Xiaomi devices - Firmware | Unofficial firmware

Drivers and Utilities
Drivers | QDLoader HS-USB Driver | 32/64-bit| ADB Driver Lite |32/64-bit| Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) |r.25.0.4 | Windows| Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) |[b] r.23.1_. | Windows- XP support| Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) |r.25.0.4 | Linux| [b] Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) |[b] r.25.0.4 | macOS

AFH| Minimal ADB and Fastboot |1.4.2 | Setup
AFH| Minimal ADB and Fastboot |1.4.1 | Portable
Google | Dropbox| 15 seconds ADB Installer |1.4.3
[color = green]| Xiaomi Check & Flash |0.2
Mi Flash
MIUI | AFH| MIUI ROM Flashing Tool (Mi Flash) |2016.08.30.0
MIUI | AFH| MIUI ROM Flashing Tool (Mi Flash) |2016.04.01.0
MIUI | AFH| MIUI ROM Flashing Tool (Mi Flash) |2015.10.28.0
Hashtab file checksum utility
USBDeview a list of all USB-devices with the possibility of their removal from the system
MiracleBox firmware program

Template message design with firmware
Disk with firmwareGoogle
Technical post with firmware
Android 10.x.x


Android 9.x.x
About firmware. Read before installing the firmware! Error 7!

Warning - while the firmware does not work with the memory card in exFat, there will be constant crashes. We take out, or format.

Android 8.x.x
Android 7.x.x


TWRP / SuperSU / Modems / Firmware / Patches

Useful / Applications

Survey Screenshots
The survey was closed on 08/13/2019.
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

For filling caps, please contact vovcik3 at QMS

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Development and porting of GSI firmware

Supported Devices

What is Project Treble?

Project Treble shares low-level drivers and the rest of the operating system so that manufacturers and third-party developers can release updates faster and easier. For devices with Android 8.x Oreo "out of the box" support for Treble is a must, and for older smartphones and tablets the option is available.
Template for the design of the post with the firmware
Android 10.x.x
Android 9.x.x
Android 8.x.x
Problem solving

Topics Curatorrozetkin , for updating and updating caps contact QMS

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* sv39rus, memory card is relatively young ... March 2017: girl_cray:

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DiscussionXiaomi Redmi 6
PictureXiaomi Redmi 6, HM6
Description | Discussion | Bootloader unlocking | MIUI firmware | Unofficial firmware | Mi Account | Google account | Xiaomi club | Club owners Xiaomi Redmi 6

  • Before asking a question, look Android OS FAQandGlossary. Respect your and other people's time.
  • To discuss and search for third-party programs / games, use the following sections: Programs and Games .
  • To compare the device with competitors and on the choice of devices, please contact: Selection and Comparison .
  • The available amount of RAM and memory for installing applications is discussed in the topic: How much memory is in your machine?
  • The results of performance tests of Android devices, see the topic: Benchmark
  • Before posting photos, read the topic Working with Images on the forum
  • Messages that are not related to the topic of discussion (offtopic) are deleted without warning.

>>>Mini FAQ<<<


Features Redmi 6 3/32,4/64

General characteristics
  • OS version at the beginning of sales: MIUI V9.5 (Android 8.1 Oreo)
  • Type of shell: classical
  • Number of SIM cards: 2
  • SIM cards: Nano-SIM, Nano-SIM / microSD
  • Weight: 145 g
  • Dimensions (WxHxT): 71.5x147.5x8.3 mm

  • Screen Type: color IPS, touch
  • Diagonal: 5.45 inches
  • Image size: 720x1440
  • Number of pixels per inch (PPI): 295
  • Aspect ratio: 18:9

Multimedia features
  • Number of main (rear) cameras: 2
  • Permissions of the main (rear) cameras: 12 MP, 5 MP
  • Diaphragms of the main (rear) cameras: F / 2.20
  • Photo flash: rear LED
  • Max. photo resolution: 4000x3000
  • Max. video resolution: 1920x1080
  • Max. video frame rate: 120 fps
  • Front-camera: there is, 5 MP
  • Audio: MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, FM Radio
  • Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm

  • Standard: GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G, 4G LTE, LTE-A, VoLTE
  • LTE range support: 800, 850, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600 MHz
  • Interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11n, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.2, USB
  • Satellite navigation: GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou
  • A-GPS system: there is

Memory and processor
  • CPU: Mediatek Helio P22 (MT6762V), ARM Cortex-A53, 2000 MHz
  • Number of processor cores: 8
  • Video Processor: PowerVR GE8320, 650 MHz
  • RAM size: 3 GB 4 GB , 933 MHz
  • Internal memory: 32 GB 64 GB
  • Memory card slot: there is - microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC up to 256 GB, combined with a SIM card

  • Battery capacity: 3000 mAh, Li-polymer (Lithium Polymer)
  • Battery: fixed
  • Type of charging connector: micro-USB 2.0

Other features
  • Sensors: Light, proximity, compass, fingerprint reader

Attached ImageAttached Image


If you have noticed an inaccuracy in the cap, or want to add a cap - contact the CuratorDzenibathroughQMS.

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* Danefo which logs are needed?

* _AI_ With router does not do anything (other devices also work). What kind of setup do you mean?

Update and check for updates at least once a month, and sometimes more often: unsure:

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* gladvalakas1 , ACG1 me quietly without interruption / loss / error handles Gigabit and cloud connected devices at home (from phones to servers: D)

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Hello! I can not understand what's going on with my Raspberry (3). About a month ago we began to appear in the shoals of raspberry, namely:
  1. I began to fall off sharply RealVNC Server because of what he had to hand over the terminal to raise ...
  2. Pi-Hole ceased to function "filter" (just do not see any connected devices)
  3. Connect in any way to using Malin Wi-Fi - is unrealistic, but from the network settings, etc. all right
  4. Raspberry even when connected. Ethernet cable, though sees a connection to the Internet (ping pass, TP, too, everything is correct, the page loaded in the browser), but the update packages can not
  5. For some reason, Raspberry can not connect to Steam

What could have happened and how to fix it? : Unsure:
Tell me please

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Q-GAPPS Android to 10 (Q) (Informal)

Author: dinosnore
Version: v0.1
arm64: Attached (95.63 MB)

Please check on the performance, etc.

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Perhaps found wayAndroid 10 (Q) for arm A : Download

Just by way of:
arm64 A : Download

If someone will test and everything will be the norm, then framed normal post

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OpenGAPPS Android to 10 (Q) (Informal)

arm64 (pico): Download (assembly of 06.09.2019)
arm64 (nano): Download (assembly of 06.09.2019) / Download (assembly of 11.09.2019)
arm64 (aroma): Download (assembly of 06.09.2019)

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* leosan_Zpr , has already: Development and porting of GSI-firmware (Post bullik01 # 88808352) (Just before collected)

Complete your post ✓

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Title: arrow ( arm64 A , arm64 A / B )
System version: Android 10 (Q)
Author: ZJRDroid (Resk84)
A source: the Internet
Known bugs:
It depends on your vendor
Are expected

WITHsway: The image of A / An image for the A / B

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Updated firmwareUltraSucc - Android 9.x Pie (arm64 A + arm64 A / B)
List of changes:
* Quick download (takes ~ 15 seconds after the firmware completely)
* There is nothing more than delete :)
* No webview and other basic applications
* New launcher

Rep: (2335)
Title: UltraSucc - Android 9.x Pie - arm64 A, arm64 A / B
Author: DanielTheCzlek
Source in English: XDA
Known bugs:
  • Unknown
  • RIL / Communication (on markw)
  • The access point (to markw)

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

WITHsway: AFH(Arm64 A) / AFH(Arm64 A / B)
Older versions

# Cap

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Title: Resurrection Remix ( arm64 A, arm64 A / B )
System version: Android 10 (Q)
Author: EnesSastim
A source: Telegram
Known bugs:
It depends on your vendor
Are expected

WITHsway: An image for A / B / The image of A

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* RammsX666X Accidentally I enjoyed and was even the topic curator kastomov :)

And now, after all the torment enjoy my 5T 8/128: lol:

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CompletedFAQ for Project Treble response to the new (and frequently asked) question.

Rep: (2335)
FAQ for Project Treble

AT: What is GSI (Rus. CCA)?
ABOUT: GSI = Generic System Image (Rus. CCA = Total system image)

AT: Why fingerprint / button / etc. wake-up does not work?
ABOUT: These default features (for now) is not included in the firmware with the NFB (GSI) and more due to the fact that the Project Treble yet developed. will be specially laid out for some devices, the so-called "Decision" or are integrated directly (such as in the firmware of the JDC team).

AT: How can I go back to the usual custom firmware and what I need to do?
ABOUT: You need to flash as usual through TWRP all. Firmware custom firmware (Ed .: sorry for the tautology, but in a different Russian will not say: D) rewrites boot.img and section / system ... Section vendor remains in place and wait for the next test! :)

AT: If I go back to a custom firmware and want to return the support Project Treble, what do I need?
ABOUT: You just need to flash archive of activating support Project Treble ( through TWRP for the first time. To PT need boot.img and vendor.img installed within the device. Nothing more is needed

AT: AOSP with negative feedback from Phh very poor in functionality. Why is that?
ABOUT: This is all due to the fact that the AOSP c OOC from Phh not custom firmware, and the usual AOSP. And in general, this firmware has been collected for experimental purposes so that would be the easiest way to install it on most devices that support Project Treble.
This support may be "out of the box", just to update the firmware on the normal Oreo or it may be added to the enthusiasts of "unsupported" devices.
Firmware AOSP today with negative feedback from Phh not very good for everyday use ... or you could even say that it is only good for those who like ultra clean system.
We hope that in the future many custom firmware will be transferred to the CAB (such as the JDC or TeamMex), then we will have a "base" with support Treble for new projects under our devices.

AT: How to get to the ROOT AOSP with negative feedback from Phh?
ABOUT: First you need to download images from GAPPS and SU. After installation, find the app in the Market "phh superuser" root for access control for other applications requiring the presence of ROOT / root.

AT: What's my type of system partition? A-only or A / B?
ABOUT: Put application → Tyk and look at the second block
Where to look
Attached Image

AT: If I type the system partition, for example, A (A-only), then I can put the firmware for designed for A / B too?
ABOUT: No you can not. You can put only for firmware support your type of system partition (in this case A)

AT: How to install firmware from HSE through TWRP?
ABOUT: Read here

AT: I am a developer and would like to collect firmware from HSE, how can I do it?
ABOUT: Read here (Instructions)

AT: Why latest firmware from HSE go to .xz format and have a little weight?
ABOUT: Since AOSP [Phh] v19 (2018-06-03) - releases compressed in the xz. Before flashing you need to unzip the file.

AT: How do I determine what my type section through Treble Check program?
Determine the type of partition
If you see the following picture (only at the top there is a tick), then you have the type of system partition A (A-only) :
Attached Image

If you see the following picture (there are two checkboxes), then you have the type of system partitionA / B

AT: Does it make sense from Project Treble? Will the phone become a rocket, or will the battery be active for 5 days?
ABOUT: Yes, if you want to establish a stable base and EP with all the "buns" What is your dream, but they could not use the firmware for your device due to bugs, or lack thereof.

AT: What the designations in firmware "Arm A" / "arm64 A" / "arm64 A / B" ? What do they mean?
ABOUT: " arm "- designation of architecture;" A "- section type (type of image)

AT: Why should I use the image (GSI) for partition type A / B if I have BUT ?
ABOUT: Starting with the 9th version of Android, Google has changed the company requirements and all of the devices shipped with Android 9 on board must use "system-as-root". Prior to these changes, only the device type section A / B, where the "system-as-root" name CAB and divided into A and A / B. Because of the above reasons you need to use the image (GSI) for partition type A / B on the device comes with Android 9 and above.

AT: I have installed on your device password / pattern / code. After the change of the firmware can not enter ... What to do?
ABOUT: You need to flash the TWRP through the next file - Script reset passwords using custom Recovery [TWRP]

In the process of filling ...

# Cap

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* VisualsDrugs Why only 8.1? We have to 9.x Support Project Treble: rolleyes:

Just what is the point of all this is now remembered? Since 3T updated, it is likely we will update and 10.x to have to wait ... just;)

About Project Treble and custom bikes will be thinking when the official update will end, and the community will continue to support the unit and collect various firmware for him (as it will be possible to use the CCA [GSI]).

Rep: (2335)

  • Housing - ASUS TA86 Deepcool Kendomen TI
  • Power Supply - Chieftec Eco GPE-700S (700 W)
  • Motherboard - Huanan X79 Gaming Edition (v12)
  • CPU - HexaCore Intel Xeon E5-1650 (6 cores / 12 threads) @ 4.1 GHz
  • CPU cooling - Alseye Wind Plus
  • RAM - 16 GB DDR3-1333 Reg. ECC DDR3 SDRAM (4 channel) (4 GB x 4 pcs.) (Can be increased to 64 or 128 GB)
  • Hard Drive # 1 - WDC WD5000AACS-00G8B1 (500 GB), WD Green
  • Hard disk # 2 - Hitachi HTS541616J9SA00 (160 GB)Lies near death
  • Hard disk # 2 - WDC WD2500AAKX-001CA0 (250 GB), WD Blue
  • Hard disk # 3 - Seagate ST2000DL003-9VT166 (2 TB), Seagate Green
  • SSD - OCZ-VERTEX3 (60 GB)
  • Video card - NVIDIA MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G (8 GB)NVIDIA EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4G SSC ACX 2.0 (4 GB)
  • Sound card - Realtek ALC662 @ Intel Patsburg PCH - High Definition Audio Controller
  • Monitor # 1 - AOC 24B1X, 24 "(1920x1080)
  • Monitor # 2 - AOC 24B1X, 24 "(1920x1080)
  • Monitor # 2 - LG Flatron W1942S, 19 "(1440x900) sold out
  • Keyboard - JamesDonkey 619
  • Mouse - Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition + Razer Goliathus Alpha Carpet (Speed)--- ReserveHotarmy WD4 Backlight Mouse (600-1200 DPI)

  • OS - Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64

CServer # 1:

  • Housing - 2U Chenbro RM217 (+ rails)
  • Power Supply - 2U-510W single PSU EPS12V {P2G-6510P} (510 W)
  • Motherboard - TYAN S5372G3NR Tempest t5000VS
  • Processor # 1 - Intel Xeon 5110 @ 1.6 GHz
  • Processor # 2 - Intel Xeon 5110 @ 1.6 GHz
  • CPU cooling # 1 - 2U Box Passive
  • CPU cooling # 2 - 2U Box Passive
  • RAM - 12 GB DDR2-667 Reg. ECC DDR2 SDRAM (Hynix)
  • Hard Drive # 1 - Seagate ST3250620NS (250 GB) [RAID5]
  • Hard disk # 2 - Seagate ST3250620NS (250 GB) [RAID5]
  • Hard disk # 3 - Seagate ST3250620NS (250 GB) [RAID5]
  • Hard disk # 4 - Seagate ST3250620NS (250 GB) [RAID5]
  • Hard disk # 5 - Seagate ST3250620NS (250 GB) [RAID5]
  • Hard disk # 6 - Seagate ST3250620NS (250 GB)
  • RAID controller - Adaptec SAS RAID 3405
  • Fdd - FDD 3.5 "SONY black {MPF-920Z121}
  • CD-ROM - DVD-RW Sony RAM18X Black {AWG170AB2}

  • OS - Ubuntu Server 04/18/02 x64

CServer # 2:

  • Housing - 2U Chenbro RM217 (+ rails)
  • Power Supply - 2U-510W single PSU EPS12V {P2G-6510P} (510 W)
  • Motherboard - TYAN S5372G3NR Tempest t5000VS
  • Processor # 1 - Intel Xeon 5110 @ 1.6 GHz
  • Processor # 2 - Intel Xeon 5110 @ 1.6 GHz
  • CPU cooling # 1 - 2U Box Passive
  • CPU cooling # 2 - 2U Box Passive
  • RAM - 2 GB DDR2-667 Reg. ECC DDR2 SDRAM (Hynix)
  • Hard Drive # 1 - Not
  • RAID controller - Adaptec SAS RAID 3405
  • Fdd - FDD 3.5 "SONY black {MPF-920Z121}
  • CD-ROM - DVD-RW Sony RAM18X Black {AWG170AB2}


Hoh laptop # 1:

  • Model - Gigabyte P2532N
  • CPU - Mobile QuadCore Intel Core i7-2670QM (4 cores / 8 threads), 2800 MHz (28 x 100), Turbo Boost up to 3.33 GHz
  • Video card - NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M (CUDA), 2 GB
  • RAM - 12 GB, DDR3-1333, 1 x 4 GB + 1 x 8 GB (can be increased to 32 GB)
  • Screen - 15.6 ", LCD 1920x1080
  • HDD - HDD TOSHIBA MQ01ABD075, 750 GB

  • OS - Runtu 16.04 x64


  • Model - Raspberry Pi 3B
  • CPU - 4 × ARM Cortex-A53, 1.2GHz
  • Video Amplifier - Broadcom VideoCore IV
  • RAM - 1GB LPDDR2 (900 MHz)
  • Storage device - MicroSD Class 10, 16 GB

  • OS - Raspbian 8.0 x64

  • Headphones # 1 - Razer Kraken Essential v2KOSS UR20
  • Headphones # 2 - KOSS Porta Pro
  • Multifunction device - Canon MF3010

MOh MustHave applications for Windows

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