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* # * # 2846579 # * # * - the code brings up a menu where you can turn on the blinking soft-keys at bedtime (the dubious pleasure). Unfortunately unlocked backdoor kvalkoma covered by a password.

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Ser3o @ 13.08.2014, 21:39*
not work zero reaction.
And after rekaveri? (Clamp down volume + power)

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Ser3o @ 13.08.2014, 20:43*
what else can you do?
A standard Restart telov with nonremovable batreey not do? (Hold down the power button for 10 seconds and then try to turn on)

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sewahohlik @ 12.08.2014, 14:08*
Can you sew in a different firmware launcher, please.
The launcher can be simply put as a program. Personally, I recently usedMI, But you can try any other.

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Found codecs for MX Player, which supports Dolby. Set of player settings, do not need to unzip it directly from the archive will take the necessary, important not to change the file names in zipe. I spread themselves codecs and player version from which all has gone well. Sound in movies is now just a song.

Attached fileMX Player Pro v1.7.29.20140807.apk(9.53 MB)

Attached MB)

Only machine specifically on my device does not pick up, I run a movie, then go out to the main screen, I go to the sound settings, Tapan by Dolby and choose your settings, then click back to return homskrin and run the player, you can feel the difference. 15 gigs of film on this screen is a song.

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KirppuMX @ 06.06.2014, 23:29*
campaign died mikroUSB only charged, and his computer does not see (3 different PCs and 2 different lace) (((
firmware also does not solve the problem. (
There's a setting you see "Connect to PC" and there you can choose what happens when you connect your phone to the computer (and by default, there is still ticked "do not ask me" :)), one of the points there, "Charge Only". Check.

P.S. By the way funny, the only one I've seen devices which antutu x won more (22 500) than in the original AnTuTu (18,500). It's b19 firmware fromHTC Leo T8585 , Thank him very much.

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sewahohlik @ 10.08.2014, 20:11*
Tell me what to do
In TWRP, as far as I remember, when downloaded and Backup Will you come in, there otmechaesch sector who want zabekapit, systems, bottles, etc. Probably it is necessary to all of them in solitary confinement zabekapit and put separately.

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ruslanb @ 07.08.2014, 23:55*
Ruth and rekaveri got to do.
It would be just fine if you wrote a quick tutorial, to all-in-one post, once the experience is. : Rolleyes:

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Sultan_SPb @ 31.07.2014, 13:11*
That would have

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vi13rus @ 31.07.2014, 09:17*
nothing falls off (Tele2 sf =)
This is because at Tele2 in St. Petersburg no 3g, nothing to fall off. But can run if they get 4G license.

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Storm Rider @ 29.07.2014, 23:30*
What do you think how many there really mAh?
Maybe honest. At least at this officehave a websiteand free phone support.

Battery capacity for increased ZeroLemon LG Optimus G Pro 2 replaces the standard 9500 mAh battery capacity of 3200 mAh and increases the duration of the phone without charging an average of 3 times in comparison with a standard battery.
Enhanced battery is manufactured in the increase in size compared with the original battery. The kit included black cover, which also serves a reliable protection against bumps and falls.

P.S. And my opinion onwhether it is necessary to glue the film. :)

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DO $$ @ 18.07.2014, 14:51*
how to include ART Wednesday
Settings - to developers. If the item "For Developers" is not visible, you have ten times the tap on the line with the build number in the "About phone"

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DO $$ @ 18.07.2014, 14:51*
why some LG G Pro 2 in Antutu gaining almost 40,000, and some (my example) - the strength of 26,000?
Here at xdapeople complain that after updating to 4.4.2 result in antutu fell from 36,000 to 28,000 and from 20,000 to 17,000 in the quadrant is necessary to wait for the update, I think.

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maksydys @ 18.07.2014, 14:51*
And I have 32 versions of 24 shows
It is only available memory in a device that Android does not pick up. This memory is in turn divided into memory for applications and internal drive (it's 4.2, I do not know whether the change in 4.4). For example on my Bedov Chinese from 4 gigs of memory just to set the application name (without the cache, the cache on the SD card) given only one gigabyte. Therefore, the memory available for installing applications, it is necessary to look to the "Settings - Applications - party" at the bottom of the display strip.

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dimazem @ 18.07.2014, 13:43*
32GB 18 GB, and I do not know v16gb
Oh, plyusanu for speed. At 16, while 9 means of a penny.

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And not enlighten much space for applications in the 16 and 32 versions of the gigs? It is possible to see "Settings - Applications - sided". Or 4.4 is implemented differently than 4.2?

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mvv77 @ 07.03.2014, 13:16*
Run - to run a route-needed right ....
A SU (superuser) program delivered? She also manages the rights to whom to give.

Posted on 01/04/2014, 00:34:

kirite @ 04.03.2014, 01:48*
Things happen at different firmwares
It was such an app, I have sinned, then I put the firmware a broken home and like stopped.

Posted on 01/04/2014, 00:39:

Himmi @ 24.02.2014, 12:29*
Tell me where to dig?
I have rebooted the taskbar app itself (stop the application menu) and would run again. It is simply more of the firmware depends first I, too, sat at 4.1 with stripes and button savier, and then put the home 2.3, so there is always a small strip and does not interfere. Plus, all the games have gone, that quartet were not due to lack of memory.

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Bedove HY5001


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pansasa @ 23.11.2013, 20:25*
Well, do not pull our zhelezopl Usb-Host.
I connected with no problems. On guglplee programm usb host helper like. Connects the flash drive, the movie with her spinning and files are copied.

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So TWRP then left on a device? Ogonek there when the labeled something there Press?

PS By the way zaproboval Gangstar Vegas from a company whose games left on this forum. Cache under three giga - and still flies.

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