Rep: (24)
burkin26 @ 12.03.20, 19:39*
andrchepras, can return to 9ku

I Gm..a 9-ki even think to go to 8-a-boo! : Sveta:

Rep: (24)
oryushev15 @ 10.03.20, 08:00*
Hello. Android 10 on s9plus. Terrible autonomy. From 9 am barely barely enough to 15:00. At the same time use a 9 easily lived out until 20:00. Right now I do not depart from the wall outlet.

Club owners communicate Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 + (Post Ginger # 94556405)

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* senyabakalin,
Well, if it is on the 9th placed posts, under the 10-a-boo, I see, it is not sharpened ?! If it does not remove, tady, probably only an extreme measure format:? Sveta:
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artemnet @ 06.03.20, 17:41*
Thank you, but it is impossible to break

Sorry, but all this happened even I, with the 1st time !!

Rep: (24)
Yakudza71 @ 26.02.20, 19:14*
I sit on the 8th ... and half of your problems do not have !!

During responsible for all his "Bazaar" !! Yesterday, for the sake of interest, updated after a 9-ku .. (Thailand, with call recording ... there was a record, but the additional volume has disappeared) ...SUCH More disappointment in my life imel- complete bullshit ! Many prog (which I have used for years) is not adequate ... the camera, alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, etc., utter misery! My favorite black ( Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 + - Modification and decorations (Post Hooligan360452 # 72301981) ) Theme-general squalor! Today, I'll come back with great pleasure on the 8-ku (fortunately, I'm not chasing a loader-not navizhu when Samsung, for example, will dictate its conditions !! (Kstati- only plus 9-ki-after firmware on it I IMMEDIATELY Without all the drums with the week, there was an item on unlocking the bootloader (which for the year by 8-ke did not show up! All these pribludy-like a good, protected folder-me and the gift is not vporlis) ... And. for example, the 4th on my android, the S5 is just a fairy tale !! I am especially very sorry for those who switched to 10 of the ... IMHO : rolleyes:

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signumm @ 24.02.20, 10:47*
The flagship of your doomed to live in the socket?

Yes, very intensive use, in the charging time in the evening, with moderate use, every 3 days!

Rep: (24)
julyKorn @ 26.02.20, 15:20*
You look, and we will 11

I sit on the 8th ... and half of your problems do not have !!

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Today, for the first time in many months, disabled-saving mode the difference in the work is not noticed by the wordAT ALL ! Once again saw-all of these core gigahertz-only marketing, for which not sickly PEOPLE paying loot !! : Happy:

Rep: (24)
Viktor19940309 @ 17.02.20, 18:24*
A Th there are still those who have not yet been updated?) Is amazing)

Give me one reason that I, for example, with a very stable 8s updated this imperfection 10-ku! ?? : Blush:

Rep: (24)
Viktor19940309 @ 16.02.20, 11:17*
By the way learned that in New 20/20 + increased sensor size

Yeah, and the diaphragm changed for the worse! And sense then this sensor ...: sveta:

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In my opinion someone sprashival-Rollback C 10 Android On Android 9

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Rezvan @ 02/09/20, 5:42*
I ate all night Samsungi not less than 10%, just put the aircraft at night.

Gosha! I, on 3G, 2 percent of the night ...: sveta:

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As pokleit glass with UV Clay

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Guys! Thank you so much for your help, but I just did-point of the unlock did not appear! : Blush: It remains, perhaps only one or upgrade to the latest updates, and wait 2 weeks ... o.O

Rep: (24)
RpRICE @ 24.01.20, 09:22*
poke daw OEM unlock

The fact of the matter, the item in the developerdoes not appear the word at all! : Sveta:

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RpRICE @ 24.01.20, 09:16*
What prevents the same hack android?)

Yakudza71 @ 24.01.20, 08:55*
On the S5, for example, on the 4th android, I got Ruth the day of purchase, and on this, the S9, I have 10 months can not unlock the bootloader! I do not befriended him

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RpRICE @ 24.01.20, 09:07*
which is made to order by skilled craftsmen, and is sent to you in the mail in a few weeks?

Yes, we were with the development of Symbian-all this is gone (mean time), and Android on the contrary, the farther away, more and more restrictions and ban ...

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RpRICE @ 24.01.20, 08:57*
Signature certificate, universal certificate instalserver

You Th, laugh? : D "Rutirovalsya" device for a minute! : Rolleyes:

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Viktor19940309 @ 24.01.20, 08:51*
Only it seems to me 8ku already does not go

Here I am about it, all these restrictions, prohibitions simply enrage already! This is not an open OS. but some kind of intrusive "advertising" google! o.O On the S5, for example, on the 4th android, I got Ruth the day of purchase, and on this, the S9, I have 10 months can not unlock the bootloader! Not friends I was with him ...: blush:

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* Viktor19940309,
Yes, because of this "politics" google something that can not be, it sho ... (especially annoying inability to connect the body to a computer as a removable media (I dohighly ! Necessary) Ah, the good old Symbian, not to kill, without inhibitions OS was ...: sveta:

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