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No, you can not, but if the speed of pass defenders got a pointing direction, it looks almost like a trick: D
But the special keys and no action.

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I will write about the composition of Spartacus:
Emenike defender and the attacker must be
Pareja center back, and should be the central
Bilyaletdinov center midfielder, Romulo winger, but should be the other way around
Bokketi and can play on the wing and in the center, in principle, but it has 37 protection, too low
Kombarov central midfielder, but he is more a winger or full-back. If possible, it is better to do in my opinion Kirill Kombarov Full-back, and Dmitri flank midfielder.
McGeady It must also be Winger
Carioca instead aatakuyuschego midfielder is better to make the defending
Romulo too soon DMF, although not much difference

Well and skills may be somewhat underestimated in some players, but not as much noticeable

And thank you very much for the fashion, this is exactly what was missing in the game, thank you very much for your efforts ^^

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By the way, I do not know to write or not, but if an excluded player to put in place a shot, but instead the goalkeeper to release the right player at the position in the team will still be 11 people: D Goalkeeper magically remain

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I generally no difficulty in the game can not see, Barcelona is defeated national team of Montenegro 3-0: D
And so, very good football, we are waiting to comment!

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Called the branch and said delivery parcel number.
Come, naschval number winced slightly without notice issued but now hold the Galaxy with ^^

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Mail has become a surprisingly fast) 12.07 in the import, today came to me, was the 13th MMOP. After 14ti'll get.)
In the end, I went to 9 days), and ordered the first

And as I understand it is better to call or e-mail to go to ask for a notice is not always good at it.

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And after the phone was MMOP, the next step to see the word parcel delivered and to go to the post office?

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Today, finally, my miracle treknulos on imports. I ordered second, fifth and sent here today in Russia, 7 days went by quickly.
Ordered with the universe if that.)

And the question, the premise is delivered to the district post office? (Moscow)

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It is a pity that 16gigovaya model is such a difference in price.
But I think that is enough for 8 gigabytes zakidyvanii to films, and the memory card used for other purposes.
By the way, there are also among the 32 GB card is something beyond the class 2?

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The phone itself is in the universe worth 377.31 Euros + shipping EUR 35 449 is from the Wat (vat), the tax only for Europe.

Posted 03-07-2010, 15:09:

Shop poidee must reimburse you for the amount of the order back, correct me if I'm wrong.

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computeruniverse accepted my visa electron, but in the mail I was told that they did not FГЎbregas sure if I have to pay it. If so, and not have no problems, they will deliver. So now I wait)

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15971 removed, very satisfied, it remains to wait for the second letter.)

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Just ordered a computeruniverse with Visa Electron, everything turned out.) I have a map of the Bank of Moscow, before it is necessary to byol on their website to activate the protection visa to be able to make purchases on the Internet.

Now I am also waiting)

And this question, and how to check order status? order number?

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people have already ordered with computeruniiverse?
I probably tonight or tomorrow the checkout process and will join the waiting)

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No, for the signature strip without any numbers.
If the score in the savings bank, there is an option to issue another card that would fit?

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Is there any option to pay in order computeruniverse if the credit card only Visa electron?

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Visa electron will in

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a question in which shop you can order cheapest model to 16 gigabytes of built-in and whether it be on sale?
And preferably lower price than hendteke and there a difference most painfully with 8GB model.

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