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* xpboy, I have a True Phone, in the settings there is.

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Windows 10 Mobile

Main menu caps

10 Windows Mobile - is a mobile version of Windows 10, developed by Microsoft. It is designed for devices with screen sizes up to 8 inches. 10 Windows Mobile is designed to provide greater synchronization with the version of Windows for PCs broader content synchronization, the new "universal" applications, as well as the ability to connect devices to an external display and use your smartphone as a PC interface with support for mouse and keyboard. Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. Some features may vary depending on hardware compatibility.
  • The Start menu, application list and task manager received support for the background image.
  • Recently installed applications are now displayed at the top of the list.
  • Interactive notifications: the ability to respond to a message from the notification center without opening the application.
  • More quick settings in the notification center.
  • Now you can move the keyboard around the screen.
  • Redesigned application settings.
  • New application "Explorer" to view the file system and browser Edge, replacing IE.
  • Windows applications have been updated.
  • The Continuum feature allows you to use your smartphone as a full-fledged computer.
  • Updated Office Mobile software.
  • Added control mode smartphone with one hand. It is activated by pressing the "Start" button.
  • Added support for Windows Hello.
  • Voice Assistant Cortana.
  • Support MicroUSB Type-C connector.
  • Support gapless (continuous music playback).
  • New Windows Store, which replaced Windows Phone Store and now contains new universal applications, music and movies.
  • Ability to scale the interface.
  • Skype is built into the standard messaging app.
  • The "For Developers" mode allows you to install unpublished applications, without having to register a smartphone through a special program.
  • Sign out of your Microsoft account without resetting.
System requirements
The screen resolution can now reach QSXGA (2560 Г— 2048) and further, unlike the maximum 1080 for Windows Phone 8. The minimum amount of RAM is determined by the screen resolution; screens with resolutions higher than 960 Г— 540 require 1 GB of RAM, screens 1440 x 900 and above require 2 GB, 2048 Г— 1152 and above require 3 GB, and 2560 Г— 2048 and above require 4 GB. The operating system requires more than 8 GB of ROM memory.
Like Windows Phone, Windows 10 supports Qualcomm’s Snapdragon ARM platform, adding support for 208, 210, 615, 808, 810. Support for IA-32 System on Intel Atom x3 chips will also be implemented [1]. Although these chips are 64-bit, Windows 10 Mobile only supports 32-bit operations.
List of smartphones that will upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile Ceators update 1703 and Fall Creators Update 1709
Microsoft has begun to send an update for old smartphones released under the control of Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile. Unfortunately, not all smartphones will receive an update. According to the developers, this decision was made with respect to Lumia 920, 1020 smartphones and other smartphones released 3-4 years ago. These smartphones can get Windows 10 Mobile as part of Windows Insider.
BLU Win HD W510U, Win HD LTE X150Q, JR LTE X130E
Lumia 430, 435
Lumia 532, 535, 540;
Lumia 635 (1GB), 636 (1GB), 638 (1GB), 640, 640 XL;
Lumia 730, 735;
Lumia 830;
Lumia 930, also listed as Lumia Icon (since 06/23/2016)
Lumia 1520;
MCJ Madosma Q501.
Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update will officially receive only the following smartphones:
HP Elite x3.
Wileyfox Pro.
Microsoft Lumia 550/650/950/950 XL.
Alcatel IDOL 4S / 4 Pro.
Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL.
Softbank 503LV, VAIO Phone Biz, MouseComputer MADOSMA Q601, Trinity NuAns Neo.
This list is missing the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL, which are officially updated to the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update (1703). This is rather strange, since there are no deep changes in version 1709. There are no reasonable reasons why older smartphones may not support it. However, the owners of Lumia 640/640 XL will be able to get FCU as part of the Windows Insider program:
New features in Windows 10 MobileAnniversary Update
Browser Edge :
Continuous input in the address bar. Now you can type a search query in the address bar using continuous input (Word Flow).
Easy creation of private tabs. Now it is much easier to create a new private tab - the button for this is located right next to the button for creating a regular tab.
Warnings at startup. Now Edge will show a warning when loading a file with the ability to cancel the download.
Gestures. One of the most popular reviews was a request to return gestures to move backward / forward, as it was in IE Mobile. Now the gestures are here, and the mechanism of their work is optimized!
Many small improvements and fixes that will make your work in the browser much more convenient.
Cortana :
personal voice assistant with the broadest possibilities. And these features have been expanded even more in the Jubilee update! We are pleased to present to you:
Simplified music search. Now the music search button is located right on the main page of Cortana.
Attaching photos. Now you can add a photo to the reminder.
Synchronize notifications between Windows 10 devices. Now you can receive and respond to notifications from your smartphone right on your PC and vice versa! Synchronization takes place almost instantly, which allows you not to be distracted by your other Windows 10 devices when working with one of them.
Send photos to PC. Are you viewing your photos and want to send any of them to your computer? Nothing is easier, just tell Cortana "Hey, Cortana, send it to my PC".
Personal DJ. Now Cortana can easily manage music playback.
Improvements in the interface. Now it has become more understandable and convenient. Like on a PC.
Please note that Cortana is available only for specific regions and languages, and Russia and the Russian language are not among them. You will have to change the region and language to supported (for example, US and English) to use these functions.
Notification Center :
Improved application icons. Now, if you have multiple notifications from the same application, they will be grouped, and the application icon will be displayed on top of the group. This will save space. In addition, now the notification icon will not necessarily be an application icon. We gave developers the opportunity to choose the icon for each notification from their application, which they have already used.
Notification design changes. We have expanded their functionality with the help of many new templates with photos, buttons, text fields, which some developers have already taken advantage of, and all the others will use it very soon!
Improved display of a large number of notifications. Now, if you receive a lot of alerts from one application, they will not occupy the entire Notification Center, as it was before. By default, only the last 3 notifications will be displayed, the rest can be seen by clicking on the "More" button under these 3 items. In the Parameters, you can change the number of immediately displayed alerts to one of the values ​​1, 3, 5, 10, 20.
Priority notifications. Now in the Parameters you can set notifications from any application to one of the three priority values ​​- "High", "Normal", "Low". Notifications with a higher priority will be displayed higher in the Notification Center, and with a lower priority, lower.
Customization quick action. Now you can remove unnecessary icons of quick actions, leaving only the most necessary, in addition, you can choose not only the icons of the first row, but all the others! In the Parameters you can move all the icons as you like.
Parameters section :
Settings icons. Now, each subsection of a particular category also has its own icon! For example, the battery icon is displayed on the icon of the subsection of the "System" category "Battery Saving". And so on.
Applications for sites. Now this feature is finally available for Windows 10 Mobile. It provides application developers the ability to associate links to specific sites with their applications. For example, Twitter developers can associate their application with links to, and all links to will open in their application.
Navigation Bar and Glance Screen. The navigation bar and Glanse Screen settings are moved to the "Personalization" category.
Upgrade charge saving settings. This subsection has been completely updated, acquired a new design and some new features.
Update Update Settings. Now you can set the "Active Watch", at this time the smartphone will not exactly automatically install the OS updates.
Lock screen :
We replaced the "Back" button, which is in no way used on the lock screen, with the "Camera" button, by double-pressing of which you can instantly start the camera.
We also added a music panel to the lock screen so that you can control the playback of your tracks without being distracted by unlocking the smartphone.
General changes :
Together with the anniversary update, you will receive new versions of some applications. In particular, the “Store” has acquired a new functionality, which you asked for in a review, and a new design, the “Microsoft Authenticator” application has been updated with new features, for example, unlocking your computer using a smartphone. The Windows Reviews application has been updated and has become the "Feedback Center", where new features like commenting are now available.
It is worth noting the new version of the application "Wallet", which added support for instant payments using NFC. Please note that this functionality is currently available only for specific regions and specific smartphones.
There are new emoticons, Continuum now supports Ethernet-cable, changed animation of the system and inside the application, the word "Goodbye" when you turn off the smartphone is now displayed to the end, removed the functionality of "Children's Corner" and "WiFi Sense", as it is almost none do not use it, remove built-in FM-radio application, reduced the size of backup settings and application data, is now in the preparation of the report on the delivery of SMS instead of joining a separate message, the message that is delivered is marked with check marks at the beginning of July in razrab Otke is a new functional universal Skype application that will replace the Skype integration into the application "Messages", added functionality of Visual Voicemail, and more.
Windows 10 Mobile FAQ
Before you do something or ask a bunch of questions in a topic, readBasic W10M Recommendations and Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Rollback to the out of box version
In the event of a collision with some critical bugs or instabilities, you can quickly (relatively) roll back your smartphone to a stable Windows Phone 8.1, for older phones, like Lumia 535, 640, 735. Newer smartphones will get windows 10 mobile when rolled back . To do this, Microsoft released a special utility Windows Device Recovery Tool.

Requirements for your computer (PC):
--- Microsoft Windows 7 operating system or later.
--- USB cable to connect the phone to the computer.
--- At least 4 GB of free disk space.

Attention! It is desirable to carry out all the operations listed below with a native USB cable, and without any adapters to it. And also try to use one of the USB ports which is located directly on the motherboard, namely the rear ports, and it is best to avoid the front ports (on a laptop without a difference). This can greatly affect the firmware of the phone, even to obtain a "brick".

Recovery Instructions:
1. Download and install the Windows Device Recovery Tool (Usefulness spoiler)
2. Make sure your phone is sufficiently charged.
3. Connect the device to detect it.
3.1. If your phone is not automatically detected, disconnect all the phones from the computer and click My phone was not found at the bottom of the main screen.
3.2. Connect your phone to a computer using a compatible USB cable.
3.3. If prompted, select the phone manufacturer.
3.4. If the phone is not connected for one minute, you can try to restart the phone: leave the USB connected, press and hold the power and volume button down at the same time. Release the keys when the phone vibrates.
4. Once the phone is found, click Install software to begin installing the software for your phone.
5. You can choose the accent color and theme that will be initially applied after the launch of your gadget.
6. Do not disconnect the cable from the phone until the installation is completed.
7. After installing the software and downloading the phone, you can restore the data from the backup you previously made (if of course you did it).
Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor (Upgrade Advisor)
Recovery of "unformatted" memory card
Attached MB)
Yandex Search
How not to lose the application in Add-ons after XP
If you have an unsupported model, but really want W10M
Alternative cut to AU fm radio
How to change the Outlook calendar "birthday user" to the contact name
If you don't havewivesaccessories or they don't work
Another way to upgrade to W10
Manual for creating video from the screen of your phone and then creating a GIF file.
from user Pushdybatn

Ability to change the version of Windows Mobile 10 to the corporate version without consequences, as well as change the operation of the Windows 10 mobile update center
For those who want to stay on the assemblies of TH2, here's how to do it:
If there is no computer, then it is better to follow the link, read the instructions, download the file (thanks to superman_md).Nokia Lumia 1320 - Discussion

1.WDRT - install update assistant - download update 10586.107 - remove update assistant - install update - restart, do not enable internet.

2.Stap the file from the link, reboot the body.
If it is not immediately picked up, then we go into the explorer, tap on the file, and it should work. In the "updates - additionally" there will be a new item "Postpone updates" - put a check.

Go back a step, check for updates, the latest version should come: at the moment it is 10586.753. Thanks for the instructionsLyapaDara

Microsoft appx repositorydownload linksthankYuripet

Frequently asked questions about a Microsoft account

Important information
Messages that are not related to the topic of discussion (offtopic) are deleted without warning.

Hereprohibiteddiscussion of issues that do not fall under the theme (Offtop),
as well as the creation of messages that do not carry useful information (flood)!
Also try to avoid in your messages lyrical digressions and reflections on the meaning of life!
For open conversations, we have the appropriate sections!

In the subject areForum Rulesin full.
Say "Thank you" by increasing your reputation. If you have less than 15 messages -
Click the "complaint" button on the message where you were helped, and write who helped you.

The firmware and repair of devices are discussed inprofile topicsyour phones!

Highly important information
  • WITHDecember 10, 2019 Windows Mobile users 10 will no longer receive updates from Microsoft Corporation for the system ...
  • AfterDecember 31, 2019 You will no longer be able to use WhatsApp on Windows Phone operating systems.
  • BeforeMarch 10, 2020 will be created automatic or manual backup device settings and some applications.
  • BeforeDecember 10, 2020 (At least) will continue to operate some services, including loading photos, recover the device from an existing backup.
  • January 12, 2021 Microsoft will stop support for Office applications for Windows 10 Mobile. They can not be set from the store.

Thanks for the infoboromir

Useful topics to note:Forum FAQ | How to search the forum? | How to clean the image under the spoiler

Not to be confused with Windows 10 Insider Preview for phones!

For all questions, as well as for filling the topic header with useful information, contact the curator evgen35rus at QMS

Due to the fact that the system is updated monthly, and does not carry any new functions, but only fixes and improvements to the security system, there will no longer be any entries in the topic header of the new build. Let me remind you only that updates (corrections) come every second Tuesday of the month.

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Where to start recording system sounds when recording with the screen?
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* SOKOL-DEN, Settings- Batareya- Power Saving Mode.

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* SOKOL-DEN, judging by the profile, you will have.

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* locksmith77, I noticed a strange thing (or bad hat reading): when you create a clone inside Parallels automatically creates Facebook and Messenger. At their disposal are not clones of other work. And yes, reinstall any add-ons or the program does not help. Something like this.

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Today started. Resetting does not help.

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* SergeCheb, Parallel

* qeen07, connector cleaning?

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osaksenia @ 24.12.19, 12:51*
And you?

Who do you contact? It's all not a bit cooks, no one knows how to cook is not and never will. Everyone in McDonald's! : D

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I have an account in Russia is tied, dials work.
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* Denzeb, but through a Google Account to reset your password?

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In the setting of this option is not found.

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The second time bracelet brings not receive any notification, any of the band screen, no vibration. The "Health" device is connected, the search for the phone works. And nothing more. Turns on / off the blue tooth, rebooted bracelet.Nothing.The last time helped reboot phone now helpedopening and closing of the bracelet (which is not a reboot!). The bracelet was purchased in the Russian office. store (ext. to the phone), the firmware Unpleasant ...

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Questions and discussion of the topic is prohibited! Violators will be sent to the reading room.

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Mahdi @ 05.12.19, 17:09*
headphones Redmi Airdot

Work correctly, no complaints.

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Hello everyone! Multiple replies on this bracelet from Huawei Support

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stivus @ 12.11.19, 11:06*
From hats 1.2.1. And I put 1.1.0.
stivus @ 12.11.19, 11:06*
stivus @ 12.11.19, 11:06*
books in what format?

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