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* Tor68 ,
Do not carp: P

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Evening Hi kotovody
Club salute you all a good evening: good:

Still do not like home, do not get: moil:: hysterics:

Bought a few gadgets: heppy_dancing:
TV BOX H96 4/64 and phone doche Sharp Aquos S2
On TV BOXu surprises all that is expected and received. But on the phone, I generally enthusiastic at a cost less than 7 thousand He has everything and the phone for 70 thousand:.. Blink:: unsure:

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TomCat16 @ 20.02.20, 22:15*
washed purchases?
Mukamol @ 20.02.20, 22:22*
urgently needs to wash: russian:

Yes, I came for family and sit in a cafe to overeat: D
Tor68 @ 20.02.20, 21:42*
stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos, ip68, wireless charging?
Wan to what it all: D
Main docha pleased to elephant after bathing: D
Love @} ->-- @ 20.02.20, 21:50 *
but who need it on a large
: Acute:: tablet_za:

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lmp44 @ 20.02.20, 9:22*
apotheosis - afitsioz
Why swear: D

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lmp44 @ 20.02.20, 9:17*
And so hold on, now. )))): Rofl:

Well, while I'm here: D

Posted 02/20/2020, 9:20:

lmp44 @ 20.02.20, 9:17*
Jack, welcome))):. Rolleyes:
Valery: drinks:

Happy Birthday!!!
Best wishes to you and your loved ones: drinks:

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ProphetGreat @ 19.02.20, 21:57*
Rename: rofl: from SONY, Samsung

I have long talked about this: D

vovin07 @ 19.02.20, 21:59*
And I Xperia 5: thank_you:
Vladimir is a great phone, I picked up a daughter, after the Xperia 1 in his hand is just super.
vovin07 @ 19.02.20, 22:26*
I've missed the Germany with the price was 495 euros
Before I could even cheaper: blush:

Good day: good:

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Mukamol @ 19.02.20, 9:21*
SonyCat, raked his affairs?
Almost, not all so simple: D

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Greetings to you colleagues
Club salute you all a good day and good mood: good:

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lmp44 @ 18.02.20, 8:07*
Ladies and gentlemen, I congratulate you on your birthday of our club.
Hurray, hurray, hurray. !!!
Happy Birthday Club !!!

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* Mukamol , Thank you: thank_you:

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TomCat16 @ 15.02.20, 15:01*
Get well !
: thank_you:
TomCat16 @ 15.02.20, 15:01*
It hurts now expensive.
Yes: suicide:

Posted on 15/02/2020, 15:14:

* evgen0791 Hi: D

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evgen0791 @ 15.02.20, 8:55*
Like output: unsure:
Work: moil:: butcher:
More and sick: hysterics:

Hello Club salute you all a good day and a good

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* (KSANKA) , I feel sorry, hold on, sorry: hysterics:

All a good day and good mood: good:

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* lmp44 ,
Greetings to
Good day: good:

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TomCat16 @ 10.02.20, 8:38*
Good thing the cat feel better

Excellent: good:
TomCat16 @ 10.02.20, 8:38*
just back here again, exasperated.

After yesterday's cases, I feel as if the cars unloaded: suicide:

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* Generalgrant ,
Greetings Grant: friends:
Club salute you all a good day and good mood: good:

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Good Morning
All a good day and good mood: good:
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aldaron @ 9.02.20, 19:04*
The truth is slightly nakosyachil not deleted persist.sin
About the fact that you need to remove it when the firmware learned somewhere after six months of using these instructions. This is my first time, too, are not deleted.
Problems with your phone has not been at all. Yes, the same key is not enough, what it affects so on mine and have not understood, or maybe I do not know: blush:

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Mukamol @ 9.02.20, 14:12*
raked his affairs?

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