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That's not clear. Who managed to establish a tvOS 13 Beta to iOS 12?
In general, whether there is such a possibility without Ceyla?

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* ayayo ,
The main thing is that please do not automatically swings.

Well do not want to serve a beta tester iOS 13. Twelfth almost ideal for today.

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In general, after some time of using the method proposed by respected* ayayo , We have the following situation.
Updating the firmware and see.
And as a consequence edinichka appeared on the icon. A reminder of the firmware comes with an enviable constancy.
She starts firmware is downloaded, but is paused. In this state, and remains. The store does not show busy loading memory.
In principle, in the absence of what is simple. This method is well suited. At least not be able to suddenly see the iOS at 13: D
Grateful for the opportunity* ayayo ,. : Thank_you:

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* Xlebushek_ ,
It's like that )))
Chances are you like me, this method is not suitable. Unfortunately: unsure:

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* Univega ,
Here I can not download the profile. Just do not have access to the site. It does not matter from what devaysa try.
I would be grateful if you can fill in this profile at any cloud.
Who knows, maybe earn: blush:

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* ivan1999 ,
Who I tried on two iOS devices.
The file is not downloaded.
But on the droid is downloaded.
: Unsure: that does not understand

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KostyaPro @ 12.02.20, 21:12*
As a place exempt reboot and then go to the software update, if it simply sees no blue lettering at the bottom to take and upload a pause and resume downloads, and the like, and gray (not available) it is, will have to download and try to download continuously as the prisosotsya to WiFi and charged with particularly

That's what I happening.
Made from a reputable manner* ayayo ,

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Do not set tvOS Beta Configuration Profile.

Apple iPhone 7
Firmware: 12.4

Jailbreak : Not
Description of the problem:
Set profile tvOS Beta Configuration Profile for instructionsHow to disable automatic iOS update / How to remove badge (unit) with available iOS updates
IOS 12.4.
A few days later, the profile switched to normal and there was a proposal to update.

There have been actions:
No desire to be updated on 13 OS.
When reinstalling tvOS Beta, the link from the topic, says that the installation is not possible. The certificate is not supported.
Please suggest a solution.
Thank you in advance.
Method 1 вњ“Do not set tvOS Beta Configuration Profile. (Post ayayo # 93670109)
Method 2 вњ“
Do not set tvOS Beta Configuration Profile. (Post Diplodok333 # 93710809)
Method вњ“ 3
Do not set tvOS Beta Configuration Profile. (Post KostyaPro # 93764073)
Currently no profile tvOS Beta blocking is not available.
We wait )))

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* ayayo ,
Perhaps it may depend on the firmware?
Or the model or a country for which promoted smart?

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* Kostyapro ,
Thank you for your manual.
But if there is no access to routor settings?
I have to work two such established. Approached with a request for changing settings, cause a lack of understanding.

Posted on 12/02/2020, 20:51:

KostyaPro @ 12.02.20, 20:41*
That's the pause can not leave! Will swing and swing and kachat.Ya watched it on two devices at random, as it is to wean download any WiFi.Nado wait a full racing 2.93 g, for the other models and up to 3.9gb on .IPSW see size under each model.Poka I observe in different embodiments

You can read more about this on?

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ayayo @ 12.02.20, 20:30*
because if it works many

Let's define what does the word for you "work"?
Firmware sees.
Edinichka and uvidomleniya appear.
Pumping begins.
We have to stop. Hanging on hiatus.
Link correctly.
That in this the word "works"?

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* ayayo ,
Tragically, your method was not working.
Firmware sees and starts to swing.
Tested on SE and I7.

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* NT User ,
And you can decipher which leads link?
* ayayo ,
Became interesting. Do not come with a smart publicly available information?

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ayayo @ 9.02.20, 22:23*
I have not checked

: rofl :: d
Set your instructions.
Pogramma updates. As well as see the firmware update.
I will beg the Test for downloading in the background.

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ayayo @ 7.02.20, 14:16*
Plus the fact that this method works on any device and on any apple ios

Prompt on software update, it does not affect?

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t.r.o.n. @ 02/07/20, 16:02*
You can put a file on dropboks and make it a direct link

We wait )))

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Shadred @ 06.02.20, 21:38*

IOS 12.4
"Invalid Drive.
This profile can not be installed on iPhone "

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* yahweh67,
* Shadred
He was found a way? : Clap:
Please share a link to tvos13 beta 1.

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Shadred @ 06.02.20, 20:37*
Put tvos13 beta 1 profile.

Perhaps of more?
What's the point to put the profile of the 13 tv wasps?

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* 2_unlimited ,
If it does not work that. Is this necessarily a monster?
Alternatively, or moisture from the fall began with the antenna or loop problem.
I for example to se stopped working vibration. Whether from the fact that "dropnulsya" on the floor or in the car warmed up by the stove. And then all of the details of the marriage.

Posted on 04/02/2020, 22:51:

Ilai Solo @ 4.02.20, 22:09*
Generally I bought with 7ku hands.

Tested on the site? Color, model and memory coincides with the statement?

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