Rep: (2777)
Andbes @ 08.24.19, 17:50*
How is the timer implemented? as I understand it, with gestures it can be started / stopped
not. Only through the menu, with handles (more precisely with a finger;))

Rep: (2777)
66serg66 @ 08.23.19, 18:47*
Perhaps this is a built-in option only for native launchers?
possibly. Was the clone created by a third-party program or a regular phone option? If the staff, then the situation is understandable.

Rep: (2777)
66serg66 @ 08.23.19, 18:32*
there is also no clone
you write
66serg66 @ 08.23.19, 16:40*
icon is in the list of applications
In the application menu? Then soAttached fileSVID_20190823_183733_1.mp4(3.45 MB)

Rep: (2777)
* 66serg66, But through the usual addition of the icon, the clone is not visible? Go Launcher EX (Post ErichElf # 13937357)

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Rep: (2777)
Dimasmirnov33 @ 08.23.19, 14:04*
How to crop a video in it?
So you tap on the roller - the Scissors tool;) (and other tools) will appear in the left panel. Now the tools for adding content are shown, since nothing is highlighted.

Rep: (2777)
Mastykal @ 08.23.19, 01:37*
Well, the measurement of oxygen in the blood is over
I doubt that this is just the right function. It’s definitely not necessary for me.
Mastykal @ 08.23.19, 01:37*
the dials are over
8 pieces. Doubtful advantage.
Mastykal @ 08.23.19, 01:37*
Is it worth it to upgrade to the new version?
it's not the same for everybody. I definitely won’t. There will be a measurement of pressure, then ...

Rep: (2777)
* and_bond38, after a long tap, when crosses appear, drag the icon to the upper left Info tab - you will be taken to the removal of the program in Settings.

Rep: (2777)
Corwin_ @ 08.21.19, 13:08*
do a reset on the bracelet.
It may not be needed, but still what is it and how is it done?

Rep: (2777)
Max256 @ 08.20.19, 17:42*
all inclusive
Max256 @ 08.20.19, 17:42*
plus daily workouts?
Not. Although, in principle, once or twice a week I turn on a bicycle training. It lasts from one and a half hours and longer.

Rep: (2777)
they constantly blink, the battery flies away instantly.
I have about three days.

Rep: (2777)
Khalitz @ 08.20.19, 17:02*
updated health (438), checked at home, does not turn off

Application version (updated yesterday) - after turning off auto monitoring, the diodes do not light up: ok:

Rep: (2777)
or it is not closed by the sleeve and freezes, or it is closed and wet
That's it (although the screen doesn’t seem to get wet - it doesn’t fit to the hand.
checked it on bike trips in winter
extreme? ;)no, my winter is resting. Like the videos.
diodes start to blink
Does it bother you? They are not visible! o.O

Rep: (2777)
Max256 @ 08.20.19, 14:38*
the bracelet is under the jacket, not directly on the street
in ski training thermal underwear and a light jacket, sleeves are pulled up. And the wrist is not particularly covered with gloves.
often pauses the workout when the sleeve is wet with sweat or rain
Well, I didn’t get so wet during the training (in summer). But while washing, he noticed that the bracelet reacts to warm water. It is.
In general, it is understandable, I think the direct contact of the bracelet with cold winter air will need to be avoided.

Rep: (2777)
Hello! Did someone have this bracelet last winter? How does he behave in the cold? (winter is approaching, ski training - I want to know in advance what should be prepared for).

Rep: (2777)
Vedun85 @ 08/18/19, 13:01*
lost display of the pedometer on the lock screen
In the DarkEmuiTest theme (dark) there is a pedometer.
Attached Image

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Rep: (2777)
and where did you see the service firmware on the 9th bucket?
Huawei Mate 20 Lite - Discussion (Post by arttzag # 88008234)

Rep: (2777)
Haruko @ 08/16/19, 11:21*
darkemuitest I did not find
Theme catalog Huawei Emotion UI (Post Dinamitry75 # 84192692)

Rep: (2777)
* Haruko
* stream51,
Try DarkEmuiTest: yes2:
P.S. Evanescence is also not bad (and even more like it), but it has jambs. Therefore, I refused it.

Post has been editedSlav_nsk - 16.08.19, 03:43

Rep: (2777)
ELADJ @ 08/13/19, 10:46 PM*
Where to find themes for locker
Themes for GO Locker

Rep: (2777)
Sergiybala @ 08/15/19, 03:10*
different number of steps
on the phone and bracelet? Just in case, I’ll clarify - is there a regular pedometer on the phone, not an external one?
Phoenix93 @ 08/15/19, 03:21*
The phone always considers too much
I have this "excess" is only a couple of dozen steps from the force. And here the difference is quite tangible.

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