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* nighthack1234 ,
#Aliexpress 1 246.80 UAH. 22% DISCOUNT | Wlenda for Oukitel K8 LCD Display + Touch Screen 100% Original tested tablet LCD Glass Panel Replacement + Tools + tape 3m
Something like this

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* iceandfire ,
Otpishi something happened?

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1. Setting Root rights through fleshtuls-rekaveri,
2.razblokirovat loader , (enter the tincture-system-for developers and
ON-factory unlock ,) then connect the included phone to a computer via the
Abd program, I did through windose 7 , wrote such prescriptions, abd devices-should
write about the Old devayse example Oukitel987654321, then
Abd reboot bootloader, it should boot into butlouder there is a recipe that
the first is the only way; fastboot devices, then; fastboot oem unlock, the phone needed
Volume + to unlock , bodies will throw to factory settings , check
If the bootloader unlocked: fastboot getvar all, and the end of the list is to write a
text unlocked: yes or no , sootvenstvo find razblokirovalsya loader or
no phone , run Google , do not put anything after that, and give to nesinhraniziruem
Google account , miss all settings then go to system menu, the menu
Developer include Abd and look at whether or not a check mark in the unlocked
loader then , put tvrp Route skipped set after installation tvrp well soon
Zaitov in tvrp , , vkl.telefona keystrokes and timing + , make a copy of the entire system
keep somewhere in a safe place , well, and now once to create one copy of the
the system should be cleaned ,
3.ochistka date in tvrp-yes write and restart in tvrp ,
4.ochistka dalvink, systems, and cache and data inside the memory , and sdkartu better not to put
tick , then sew the image systems such as Android gsi , 10 Havok 3.0, as soon as
established a system reboot tvrp ,
5.gapsy advise putting franca stock , as I remember the best, if the place lacked
put franca can slightly reduce the system in tvrp in treatment menu and choose
check system change and izvenyayus size there is a function so twice with
exhibiting galochok each time the changes in the mount, put a checkmark on
systems verdor-data sdkarta,
6.boot.img skipped after Bout Root rights Magick 20.1 or 20.2 ,
We put this file in the system perezagruzaemsya , waiting for a long-installation ,
8. In magick then will need to install expansion ViPER4Android_FX_Legacy-v4, and
Audio_Modification_Library maybe then it will be possible to hear the call reception and choose
melody as the android libs 10 are located in a slightly different location and because putanina
bit , I just put in a running system and with each installation of the repository
I reset the device ,
And of course you do it at your own risk , no one is responsible for the
your actions!!!

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* iceandfire ,
Something like that , if ask !!!

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* iceandfire , Put havok 3.0 was just a problem with the sound of tunes as well as the flight is normal android 10, if it is necessary to accomplish your goal as a set

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* djujsi , * Serguc Decided to put the problem in the sound module called magick audio modification library.zashol in the sound settings put his melody to call all , gud

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* djujsi Also put Havok 3.0 everything works fine Magick is simply not updated , really have a small problem with the sound of his bell Adapting generally do not have a sound call it , there is no music playing video and TD , can anyone tell me pliz stykalsya !!!

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* Dz001 And you checked the space on the disk system can have no place , and what you put franca if the system itself is not loading? I just recently on mtk6750 probyval flash through Abd, no wheels but through flashtuls , firmware and 9 and 10 Booth then patched separately through it flashed and zashol in rekaveri put Magik , was surprised to see systems was 700 mb space , and started to run the firmware flashing tin ,

Posted on 17/12/2019, 10:14:

* Serguc 10 Isa demolished in order that she had a lot of problems, the same method set all the rules of the Andes 9 , here is a screenshot
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* iceandfire At the speed of processing and the launch of 10 course the best but we trek MTK processor minus 10

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* iceandfire ,
10 all kosyachny

Posted 16/12/2019, 1:51:

* iceandfire , So 9 is less but there serovno schools , better to sit on the factory firmware everything works fine !!

Posted 16/12/2019, 1:53:

* iceandfire ,
I 10, only one piercing run after , as the phone goes into sleep network flies sound is not working standards , in short all the raw ,

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* gejchuk2014 ,
https: // usp = sharing?

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* gejchuk2014 ,
Why do you format the phone? And through what program do it?

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* snikers-daemon Games go, but not all at maximum capacity , let asphalt 8 or 9 come , standards in other , do not play well, all games will run, and about the points do not even know what they look like, via bluetooth or perhaps vayfay they connect , , suitable means

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* snikers-daemon Downloadable archive uninstal Magick , and after you delete tvrp , reboot the system and then rolled again in the new tvrp and APC Fail , established in the system and all , !!

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* marshal507 ,
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Look for a Adapting !!

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* vitches69 And this also happens ,

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* marshal507 , There is nothing you can not turn off the proximity sensor , , , you can disable the system

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* marshal507 , Try to look in the settings you can change something there , but I'm not so stykalsya ,

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* marshal507 , Trying to throw off the factory or through fleshtuls , , Of nakotiie firmware for the new instruction has , and , topic ishite

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* Ikshpre , An update is only needed for a system update in the case if you have internet enabled , , but no more updates can be set only when you activate Google account , and Adapting can set update ,

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