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Matr0x @ 30.05.20, 09:07*
However, for a long time I could not find her, searching for topics of the forum is not searched from the word at all, why?

search online a lot of things not sought, it does not work so cleverly as Google, for example. This can be written complaints, suggestions ...
But it is better to do so (if something can not be found):
Attached Image

By the way, I used to not add site:https: //savagemessiahzine.comAnd a site:savagemessiahzine.comAnd worked, is not working, it may be due to the fact that switched to https ...

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In connection withWhat's new while you were gone (Post qq1978 # 96940957)I suggest immediately to correct errors in the new points, namely - after all the three words "verification" to remove unnecessary commas:
Added rule items:
2.1.6. After passing the verification, accounts brands allowed nicknames containing a brand name.
2.2.3. After passing the verification, accounts brands allowed avatar with the brand logo.
2.3.2. After passing the verification, accounts brands authorized signature with the text: "The official account was verified.".

Thank you for prompt correction. Who else noticed that missing comma after:
2.1.6. After passing the verification of accounts brands allowed nicknames, containing the name of the brand.

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muza9 @ 28.05.20, 15:27*
And this package spirtikom not to splash?

pour on it a lot spirtikom and 30 seconds rubbing. So it is necessary there.
That's straight from the tin:
Exposing sanitayzera Dr. Komarovsky and Andrew Alexandrine

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garrys @ 28.05.20, 08:09*
1. The browser play videos from Youtube in the background (to listen to the sound of his path, doing on the phone with something else, or put out the screen)

Opera Browser
garrys @ 28.05.20, 08:09*
the least resource-intensive program:

take your pick of the proposed.

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* rvrun,
I'm not a pure treat, as stated above.
I do not know how to handle the purchase from the store.
Suppose brought bread in the package, yogurt, sausage in the package, and so-forth.
Packages outside protresh not, change them each time to the new kind of pathetic.
Kefir, in principle, could be in the sink with cold water to wash, but do not wipe sanitayzerom same.
In general, I do not much bother, we have in the village, thank God, morbidity is not yet audible, and from civilization until recently were almost cut off - trains and taxis did not go.
People are not afraid - hands hello, and wear a mask if you, does that on the chin. One amused when drivers (themselves in the car) went masked. What's the point?..

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rvrun @ 28.05.20, 11:26*
and how does this:

Telephone wipe alcohol solution (water, 80 degrees) without softening and flavoring additives. What for me the phone with fat from glycerin screen?

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* Kpacomka,
I do not know why the novel is written - in those years it was referred to as a PC or the like so call PC, or just a typo, but there is nothing the context is not appropriate. Rather, in addition to PC and notebook is suitable.
It would be possible to look, as he wrote in those years Roman, and other users, but why do I need these philological research ...

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muza9 @ 27.05.20, 19:12*
And in this case, any "sticky" additives, such as glycerin, is clearly excessive ...

Glycerin there needed to soften the skin. Because alcohol dries the skin.

Personally, I have never sanitayzerom did not use, although we were given on the job. As I go back home or to the workplace, with my hands with soap, and all ...

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Kpacomka @ 24.05.20, 17:37*
BB - that for a reduction?

most likely, there was a view of a PC.

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Megaboson @ 27.05.20, 07:10*
Yes, but where will undertake hot state when charging at home?

I told you - I have used as an access point. When data is being transferred - heated. Not very much, but still.
Sometimes used as a surveillance camera, only then it gets very hot. One saving - thanks to the weak charge, shitty phone cord is not able to charge up to 100 hanging by approximately 70% ...
Megaboson @ 27.05.20, 07:10*
My oldest, now 10-year-old

this is some almost fantastic exception to the rule, so what is there to say ...

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* Megaboson
no problem is not that the battery has reached 100% and can not be charged, and smart work from the network.
As claimed the guru in this topic:Lithium Batteries - Operating RulesThe batteries stay in 100% of a charged state and a hot phone significantly reduces its life.
Personally, I have the same phone is used as the access point and all day connected to the charging, the battery is swollen. On the other - yet.
The first I bought a new battery and use В®Battery Charge Limit, the second Ruth at the time could not be obtained, so that - whether that be ...

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Meihaco @ 24.05.20, 20:42*
Is there an app that automatically turns on the music at a specified time? It is a playlist, not just a chosen melody that repeats.

Many alarm clocks have a point settings - to run an application (choose which one). Here and there the player to choose.
Unfortunately, my alarm clock - Alarm Clock Extreme - does not run with these settings the music, but only offers manually click (have two), so she went.
But I tried it for you - quickly.
In general, I recommend to look further in this direction.

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XBOCTAH @ 21.05.20, 21:30*
I at this time, and the price fit in Moscow - Simferopol ...: scratch_one-s_head:
Naturally air.

Now w \ tickets from Simferopol to Moscow costs more than the airfare, which at times. It seems that the construction of the bridge gradually to recapture. (I have acquaintances in Yevpatoriya live).

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Tutt @ 19.05.20, 18:37*
and whether there is a watch or a widget that displays the time of the test

is there, but the rating and reviews are not very:Minimalistic Text: Widgets
I found it guglopoiskom.
If you really want to, you can still search the same way ...

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CIRCASSIA @ 18.05.20, 01:47*
Through a program 4pda on 9ke not download files for some reason.

use a different boot loader.
The solution to this problem is often searched for here:Forum, searching results

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?incognita? @ 05/15/20, 06:32*
Is there any application that in the present tense shows that hangs in the RAM?
possible without the application:
- Settings - Developer Mode - Memory - Memory usage applications.
To get there faster, you can make a shortcut on the desktop "For Developers".
P.S. It's on my phone with a 9-Coy, in other way, the label can be longer or shorter ...

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Alex78g @ 12.05.20, 15:00*
I wonder how many programmers here?

I do not know. Maybe 20 decibels less than the forum

: D

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* Semyon,
I also made such comments, but they told me that ordinary people 1 order - is ten times more, and for programmers who are accustomed to binary system, one order of magnitude - it is twice more :)

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Well, I've written before that, according to the results of measurements USB-tester, battery capacity is significantly lost, AccuBattery says he's like new.
A measured from the fact that the subjective has become much worse to keep - if previously charged up to 80% every 1-2 days, now barely reaches one day. Despite the fact that it specifically and operate like. Perhaps due to the fact that data transmission and simultaneously vayfay included ... (previously did not do): scratch_one-s_head:

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* Waterman,
too late, I told you - a friend bought. Yes, the old way, has already served 8 years ...
A similar situation was with the smartphone - until it was old with 1 gig operatives (well, it's still 2-3 years ago), there was never enough operatives - flew applications. That just did not do - grinifai put, cleaned operatives pressing the widget restarts. Then he bought a new one with 4 gigs, and there are no problems.

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