Rep: (1964)
4upuk @ 16.02.20, 14:33*
because this infection is still discharged a couple of days of rest
an excellent question, too, are interested in, since xiaomi AirDots Pro also discharge case.

Rep: (1964)
Covers from ordinary buds fit to the new?

Rep: (1964)
* vizhu_vizhu , 9
vizhu_vizhu @ 16.02.20, 11:42 *
samsung proprietary
with samsung Note 10+ will be friends?

Rep: (1964)
Alan @ 15.02.20, 21:24*
Once intricately described ..
After the first press send button appears in the form of hearts, opens at the touch of your favorite applications.
Attached Image

A separate button is the button to remove the translation, but it turns out duplication or she for dictionaries rigid bindings?

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Rep: (1964)
dgleg @ 15.02.20, 11:23*
I found not
there is only white.
Attached Image

Interestingly, in the branded showrooms Samsung is already on sale and can you try before you buy, how to sit in your ears and sound like ??

Rep: (1964)
How do Buds planting in the ear? Now, too, I think to take Buds +, and then on the Xiaomi AirDots Pro battery AFASS for the year, and I want to pribludy from the same manufacturer, the phone Note10 +, Galaxy Watch the clock.
Can anyone compare the sound in Xiaomi AirDots Pro and buds?

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Rep: (1964)
Alan @ 13.02.20, 20:30*
DEBUG 2002131
+ auto-scrolling
on oneplus 7 pro and Samsung note 10+, it works fine.

Alan @ 13.02.20, 21:41*
Well now try to reduce the time, scroll the whole page, not increase.
and can change the locale, by clicking on the + speed is increased by: - ​​reduced accordingly?

And yet, can make not only on Tap +/- button and change when you press and hold, how it is done on the buttons brightness?

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Rep: (1964)
Rooky @ 9.02.20, 15:18*
Those. puts this CГ­fer and automatically put the ANM?
ADP is included in the clock setting, the screen does not turn off, and displays the information constantly updated only once a minute.
Attached Image
Attached Image
as an example, only the ANM does not show the second hand.

By the way, Eugene added in the VIP section of the dial Moscow 1937 for lovers of the classics most it.

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Rep: (1964)
Chupackabra @ 9.02.20, 14:41*
Who does not know what kind of face?
here are the most similar

Rep: (1964)
Gbonusso @ 4.02.20, 12:22*
I did not find the author of a dark theme. Even in the VIP section
Online you click on ordinary white version, the page for downloading the white and black dial, and then putting the instructions.
Attached Image

The only thing I removed the steps and pulse before being loaded into the watch.

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Rep: (1964)
Mazzit @ 4.02.20, 12:31*
For vertical orientation (top chamber) - works.
In horizontal:
turn left (left camera) - does not work
turn right (right camera) - works
on samsung Note 10+, android10, works in any position, but the included gestures are not always correctly works, but it is a problem because of the new gestures, if you select a navigation bar, or the old gestures (swipe from the bottom), then everything is fine.

P.S. on oneplus 7 pro, android 10, also works in any position

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Rep: (1964)
som72 @ 3.02.20, 8:40*
You just work out for themselves?
I did not like the black, and practice too.

Rep: (1964)
zaybatsu @ 1.02.20, 17:37*
And with the archives, I can not put
yesterday tried, very simple, the main thing to act according to the instructions.
Attached Image
today I want to try with Glory poubirat steps and pulse

Rep: (1964)
* EREMA13 , * zhect , Thank you for your answers, I'll pay with kiwi, when paying cancellation fee will be charged, so I think to change the map on the BEAC, and asked why.

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Rep: (1964)
Comrades who pays dials with sberovskoy card, please tell me, since you deducted Commission 30R?

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Rep: (1964)
Alan @ 1.02.20, 16:32*
flipping you are trying to close on the edge of the screen, in which the system works back
how much everything is simple ..
Alan @ 1.02.20, 17:10*
once again altered the settings menu.
interesting implementation.

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Rep: (1964)
Alan @ 1.02.20, 15:19*
row state depends on what is specified in the settings.
Then strange because when svayp float, translucent, and with no tapas

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Rep: (1964)
* Alan , Full-screen status bar (below the skin) appears when you swipe to swipe, and does not appear when tapas, as it should be?
Prescribed usenotch = 1
Attached Image

Samsung Note 10+, android 10.
If you set usenotch = 0, the status bar is displayed continuously and accordingly action in tapas and swipe the same.

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Rep: (1964)
Those who have, share the link to watch dials with the times of the USSR, and then search the store so so ..

Rep: (1964)
som72 @ 1.02.20, 13:32*
just as an example
do not share the link?

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