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FCTSU001 @ 07.04.20, 20:18*
It is no marking on the address of the sheet through the mangle - route to m2.

FCTSU001 @ 07.04.20, 20:18*
build a tunnel between m1 and m2

And what if a particular address? Can enough of the route?

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VoRGoo @ 07.04.20, 11:37*
Pomagite please ... it is necessary to re-write

It is not necessary to write, and sanity to ask a question.

Rep: (27)
vland @ 07.04.20, 09:41*
To completely unprepared

In most cases (depending on the specifics), there is a possibility to connect to the existing grid of the new Router desired "end" and go to the computer in LAN ala teameviewer someone "a little prepared." Of course, if it is not the primary internet connection.

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vland @ 07.04.20, 09:41*
once this file is uploaded using FTP to the router

And as in the unconfigured Router throw for ftp?

Rep: (27)
Sp1ne @ 06.04.20, 20:46*
Well, if you feel like it and have the time you can script nakropat

This "genialnvya" idea was somewhere slipped:
Merzkaya Gnida @ 04.04.20, 09:09*
You can, of course, generate a script / interface wireless access-list based on the dhcp leases, but this will agree, quite well, "koryavenko" ...

Merzkaya Gnida @ 05.04.20, 10:29*
Maybe from the excess time (quarantine adnaka) pile script to synchronize leases and accsess ...

Rep: (27)
Bayard13 @ 06.04.20, 16:43*
How it to see if the whistle is cut

Bayard13 @ 06.04.20, 16:19*
because Now run the market, it updates the application ...

Instead, run your favorite convenience store softinu with temperature monitoring.

ZY Given the not very typical operating conditions (shaking, vibration), suggested that it could fall off a parody of the radiator, which the Chinese snot glued to the processor ...

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Bayard13 @ 06.04.20, 16:19*
I think overheating,

A look real proca temperature (not to guess but to know) - religion does not allow?

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romsandj @ 05.04.20, 12:08*
but thelogin attempt on the interface in any case be at least for MAC devices.

romsandj @ 04.04.20, 19:30*
As mikrotik generally learns about the client's MACwithout his authorization ?

Is not it a contradiction?
Let me explain once again what I wanted, and leave this subject.
And I just wanted to get rid of the need for duplication of the list dhcp leases in the wireless access-list. At the moment, I made sure that there is no such mechanism ros (probably never will).

Rep: (27)
Sp1ne @ 04.04.20, 20:40*
And what is the purpose?

Just perfectionism. To achieve this, it is possible in many ways, it seems to me that such an option would be convenient, and sometimes claimed. But the "Gathering" I have not found a solution, that to me does not mean his absence - so asked. Now convinced - such options are (now) no. I leave as is (through the duplication accsess-list). Maybe from the excess time (quarantine adnaka) pile script to synchronize leases and accsess ...

Rep: (27)
romsandj @ 04.04.20, 19:30*
As mikrotik generally learns about the client's MAC without his authorization?

Try to connect to wifi by microtia with the wrong-wifi password - registration will not, but look at what's in your log ...

romsandj @ 04.04.20, 19:30*
Well, judge for yourself how mikrotik will know whether there is the MAC list dhcp without authorization wlan?

IMHO - like exactly the same way as a wireless accsess-list. Just "look" is not in a list, and in the other. I do not know absolutely everything possible ros, so asked. Apparently the final realization (at the moment) in ros not.

Rep: (27)
densen2002 @ 04.04.20, 16:54*
if you make maki handles static lease, so at the same time make them aksesslist in vlan settings

so now and I am doing. I am looking for a way to do without this duplication.

Rep: (27)
LESHIY_ODESSA @ 04.04.20, 14:19*
Given me an option is about it. No registered MAC addresses - there is no IP from the DHCP server, which means there is no connection.

It is not about that. I'm looking for a way that there was no registration on the interface. Dhcp-server on the client may file a DHCPREQUEST only when it is registered on the interface - ie, not just not, but in general not the same.

Rep: (27)
romsandj @ 04.04.20, 12:52*
And if so?

romsandj @ 04.04.20, 12:52*
This is a quote, find the rest themselves.

I and so all is realized. The question was whether it is possible to make not an IP issue level, cutting filter or arp lock, and recording level on the wlan-interface - as it is done by / int wireless accsess-list, but to not fill this very sheet manually, and to poppies They were taken from the dhcp-leases?

Rep: (27)
wheel69 @ 04.04.20, 09:56*
there is a button there quick set - click

I'm afraid that if the "failed" - probably pressed her repeatedly with different variations, but this way is unlikely to be used more than once (without resetting) ...

Rep: (27)
denis0932 @ 04.04.20, 09:42*
There are people who can be configured remotely? Certainly not for pleasure.

People always have something (in the foreseeable time interval). You would have sounded, it is necessary to adjust - and not without remote access and material expenses will manage ... In any case, something to sell 99% members of the forum, but something - very few ...

Rep: (27)
wheel69 @ 04.04.20, 09:11*
And new customers are not planned?

Very infrequently. Say once a year. Will occasion - prescribe handles leases ...

Posted on 04/04/2020, 10:45:

vjacheslav_o @ 04.04.20, 09:22*
And then from that bridge to start up

Already wrote:
Merzkaya Gnida @ 04.04.20, 08:54*
Wishlist - not to keep it out (this is so implemented ), And to not register ...

Rep: (27)
wheel69 @ 04.04.20, 08:58*
This is understandable, but the device does not register until it is in the dhcp leases, and there it will not appear until it has registered

This is what is necessary to me. Those. there dhcp leases - are welcome, no - do not register. In the proposed scheme of "debriefing" takes place after registration.
You can, of course, generate a script / interface wireless access-list based on the dhcp leases, but this will agree, quite well, "koryavenko" ...

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wheel69 @ 04.04.20, 08:41*
It is a bit like Wishlist,

Not really. Wishlist - not to keep it out (this is so implemented), and so were not recorded ... As through / interface wireless access-list, only that there are not handles to drive ...

Rep: (27)
Can tuplyu asleep ... Is there a standard mechanism for the ban on registration of wlan-interface device that Macs are not registered as static to dhcp?
About the Access List, I know, but there have to be added manually. And so that once if the Mac is not in the dhcp - the refusal to register?

Rep: (27)
Romeostyle @ 02.04.20, 22:00*
There is a solution?

Almost certainly ... in red hat ...

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