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Xamelions @ 07/18/19, 16:19*
Angry you however, on this smartphone

From what?
I was very pleased with him.
But now it is almost impossible to use them, in my opinion.
And it is absolutely impossible after using the phone, which leaves 60-50% of battery energy by midnight.

Posted 07/07/2019 19:31:

who needs to get himself a sendvyk from two batteries will forget about this problem

Well, and still these devices are dying like flies from old age.

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AresSerg @ 07/18/19, 12:33*
to look for a donor with a motherboard?

Do not look for any donors.
Throw away.

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I bought a magnetic usb cable to save

The magnet collects fine metallic dust; it is very difficult to clean it.
I threw such a cable, as a result.

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Is it worth taking for 3500r?

1. Guaranteed dead battery.
2. The phone can die at any time.

The first item is enough to not buy a headache.

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* vaduk,
And the contacts were not synchronized with Google?

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* MaXiM,
When I remember the trouble with the crib, I’m getting worse.
He walked around the cities as a tourist, a poverbank was no good for his pocket, he carried a bag because of a poker bank, and if he had a bag with him, some more junk with his weight accumulated in it ...

A lot of Fota, the battery melts quickly.
In order to flick - you need to open the bag, unhook the bank, get the phone, flot.
Then connect the bank, close the bag.
So because of the bad battery suffered so much inconvenience.
And it seemed to me normal, as if it should be ...

Until I bought a long working phone.

Only then I realized how this fucking awesome.

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A comrade at night fixing a bracelet on stray with an electric motor, then uploads pictures of the bracelet to a sports forum ...
All the figures, of course, on the number of steps ...

Posted 07/07/2019 10:03 PM:

* Zorchik0121,
8 months.
Normally worked, che.
Now in his trash.

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* MaXiM,
And what's the use if the battery does not hold?

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* n 8,
I have traditionally under the cover is aluminum foil layer in three.
In the case of this phone, it is located from the bottom to the dactylo sensor.
For me, this is more of a physico-experimental pampering, since I do not play games, and the problem of overheating is irrelevant for me.
But it is noticeable that the foil distributes heat, and therefore, slightly contributes to its removal.
I am sure that copper foil will work even better.

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* Two-faced Ghost
The decision has the right to life, of course.
In this way, I can achieve hundreds of hours of work.
I attach the car charger to a car battery, and voila ...

Ok when inregular picking don't even think about saving energy.
My phone has a balance of 60-50% by midnight, and I didn’t even check the screen time, because there’s no need
This is freedom.

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* Chemodan33,
Then this program is not needed.
"Feels Like" - no less accurate.

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* Chemodan33,
Measurement of capacity when charging is fundamentally impossible.
Part of the energy in the charge goes into heat, and which part is unknown.
Therefore, these programs work primordially, and not more precisely "sensations."

In fact, the battery Nexus did not suit me even new.

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* Chemodan33,
What is this "health"?
According to any charlatan program?

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* hamuvin15
Well, so I also say that the working Nexus do not prove anything, and buying this Nexus is now risky.

He works for me, well, he works for now.
I write right now with it.

But I would not buy my phone as a used one. Money to the wind, I think so.
The batteries are bad, and the whole phone can die at any time.

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* Chemodan33,
Mine is also alive.
But the couple died with friends for no apparent reason.
And in the branch before, there were always references to such sad facts.
And the branch itself fades away.
Obviously, not only old men go to the shelves ...
There is nothing eternal.

Phone is good while it works.
(Except battery)

But buying it now is not necessary, in my opinion.
Popados is highly likely.

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* hamuvin15
* Chemodan33,
And yesterday I saw a lively, sleek and shiny new Zaporozhets car.
Does that mean they're all on the go?

It always surprises me when trying to draw conclusions about the system from individual examples.

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* pasha678,
If the battery has just been replaced there, then it can be quite good the first time.
My after replacing kept well, almost like a native.
But after a couple of months sour.
So check does not guarantee anything.

Yes, and these phones are dying already massively.

Not the century they work ...

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Pasha678 @ 07/10/19, 21:49*
Going to buy a Nexus 5 ....
What could be the pitfalls here?

Reef will be necessary.
Dead battery.
Dead to such an extent that it will be almost impossible to use.
Then for this purchase will replace the battery for some slag ....
Even if nothing dies, it's all the same
get a solid uproar, both nervous and financial.

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* fcmkh_zenit,
The better that firmware?

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FCMKHENZEN @ 07/09/19 12:53*

What is it?

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