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* Helico,

Power is not enough for the controller is likely.

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* Deadushko,

GBoard have (and works well) and on the iPhone.

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* RetroPhone,

On the right phone is in Night Shift, and judging by the time the photographs (01.04) is active.

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Kanevin @ 23.02.20, 01:36*
The people that say about us on 1click type? The price on it 18 990 в‚Ѕ. This is significantly lower than the retail giants.

Considerably lower - it is about 10%?
Over 20990 have a PCT (eg,, and ozone).

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alviphoto @ 21.02.20, 19:50*
I wonder when will swype input to standard keyboard? there is for the English language, for others not delivered yet)

This input works fine in Google Keyboard, which has more and Haptic feedback as you type, and normal autocorrect.

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nesan2000 @ 18.02.20, 10:34*
you have set manually or via the QR code? if hand-that was prescribed in APN?

Through qr-code, then according to the instructions changed the APN, including mobile data roaming, and pointed out that for mobile data use SIM2.

APN way I knew your every network, ie your APN, see the instructions.

Posted on 18/02/2020, 10:20:

Please note that APN need to specify even when the through qr-code (see. The instructions in the screenshot).

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nesan2000 @ 17.02.20, 22:51*
who used the application airalo? as a test for Russia bought Yesim, 1GB package for a week for $ 5. all prescribed as indicated in APN, including roaming data, and nothing. there is no network.
who faced? scene-Peter

I just last week used, but not in Russia, and the Netherlands.
Did all the instructions, everything worked like clockwork.

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* den_78,

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I have a dozen works fine 196-I version (purchased)

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erny1982 @ 11.01.20, 20:48*
urpek, you want to say that if it is included alveys, the imprint with him does not move? because it is then a wild miscalculation

The imprint also moves (when displayed on AOD).

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political scientist @ 12/25/19, 06:32*
but why now is not the Orthodox, not in the header of transition immediately ?!

I hope hat you already revered in all subjects, and read that after the firmware kastomov permanently lose part of Samsung Services (Samsung Pay, protected folder, etc.)?

flashing backnot recover services, so people upgrading to the custom firmware on Samsung is small enough.

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Bixby all, now it's Samsung Daily (today flew to upgrade to the beta).

However, apart from the weather and news, which are not loaded, nothing else, even calendar events removed

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Shadow @ Angel @ 27.09.19, 01:32*
I cry so much in this life, for everything. And if there rukastogo guys head that can lomanut all that is possible and spread it bezvozmezno I swing the broken version.

If in 40 years to jump the turnstile in the subway, the health is good.
But on the quality of life is to think.

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vladg72 @ 12.09.19, 14:53*
Hello, and where's the black list?

Black list is used in your dialer - the program does not work directly with the challenges, and transmits them in the default dialer.

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da2001 @ 30.08.19, 10:17*
Writes - The app is not compatible with any of your devices.
How to put?

Works correctly on all devices version 7.01.14hhhh, it is this topic in the archive.
Placed on all phones, location and organization of work (detect spammers and organization names for incoming calls).

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maxxx333 @ 30.08.19, 09:18*
Still very much gives the screen unlock the conversation and press buttons cheek
Constantly turn call hold or hang up

Change the dialer and / or manner of holding the phone.
In my time about 2-3 hours of talk time, and never encountered such a problem.

But - using dialer Google, called for the design of Samsung's annoying me.

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Dmitriy_Shtorm @ 08/30/19, 2:40*
It ceased to support?

It ceased to maintain a couple of years ago. And from the convenience store was gone, because no longer comply with the new rules of Google, this is a problem in most programs with access to phone calls.

After - on the non-display of missed and rejected calls. On my Samsung S9 all perfectly shows on Android 8, and I was inclined to agree that the problem with specific firmware and / or versions of Android (for those who have these challenges are not displayed).
Now moved to Samsung S10 Android-9, but nevertheless in the call log shows all calls, including missed and rejected.

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maxxx333 @ 30.08.19, 06:37*
On the scrape appeared) after wiping cloth)) gorilla Tone, nail FIG probesh

Out of the box on the screen, a thin film, it is almost invisible, but she really scratched.
Are you sure it was removed, and you scratch it on the screen?))

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maxxx333 @ 30.08.19, 07:26*
Especially I remember posted this screenshot of vayberu
And me in the return line arrives in the style of a letter "that you sent me not hear anything for crap"
I began to increase the screenshot and really understand it either that it was impossible to

All messengers compress photos.
Take a screenshot and send it to whatsapp or viber, and look at the quality of the sent file, and then compare it with the quality screenshots in the gallery. The messenger file is almost unreadable, but it will be in the gallery to the resolution equal to the resolution set in the phone settings.

What does the phone - I do not understand.

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And somehow you can turn a successful unlock vibropodtverzhdenie finger?

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