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Android: Need for Speed ​​™ No Limits [3D] | Need for Speed ​​™ No Limits VR [3D]
Ios: Need for Speed ​​™ No Limits

FAQ or Answers to all questions! Read before asking

Everythinghackswithrueandwithout rootdescribed under the appropriatespoiler

Club Rules
    Rules for all guests and club members:
  1. The club is fully operational"Forum Rules" . and Section Rules "Breaker"
  2. We post screenshots / pictures (under the spoiler)
  3. Try to stick to the theme of the club and not get involved in offtopic!
  4. We discuss only the in-game world, all technical issues are considered in the main theme of the game
  5. It is forbidden to write about the sale / purchase of accounts
  6. With personal discussions, go to QMS
  7. Club players adhere to political neutrality, all messages with rude or abusive reviews of other clubs or communities will be deleted and punished

For self-hacking, you need root rights or Parallel space and installed it in the virtual space of GameGuardian
Hacking the latest actual version without root

Hacking on devices with root

Irrelevant hacks (= !!! not working !!! hacks)
How to get money (bucks, loans) in the event (version 2.3.6)
Hacking into bucks (new replacement method - 2.2.3)
Hacking on machine drawings (no table)
New hacking for gold
Video on hacking quests (you can get gold and Mustang Hoonicorn)
Another gold break
Hacking for gold and bucks
New hacking for money \ bucks with video
Return of the old way of breaking the drift (actual at 2.3.6) + More detailed explanation
A new way of hacking money (bucks, loans) through drift(version 2.2.3)
Hacking flight time (version 2.3.6)
Instructions for hacking into cars + Separate instructions for hacking yellow BMW with vinyl (rarity) + Another instruction for opening cars + Video on hacking machines
Cheating gold + Video instruction + Lower gold value + Good guide to action
Hacking v.1.7.3
Hacking for secret functions in the tuning shop
Gold version 1.1.7 hacking with GameGuardian
Hacking videos
Instructions for hacking: tuning, crown
Instructions for cracking Golds
Instructions for hacking Gold'ov - 2
Instructions for breaking gold
Hacking videos on machines using ® GameGuardian
Hacking video for tuning glasses using SpeedHack
Hacking credits on versions 1.3.8 and later
Hacking into details
Hacking VIP points in version 1.8.4 (Lil Wayne event)
Video for breaking gold on version 1.5.3
Time Zone Swap Guide
Breaking the drift ratio (as a result, will give more bucks ) + More detailed text instructions on breaking the drift + Another description of hacking (text + screenshots) + another description of hacking (relevant to 2.0.6)
Breaking a scrap, version 2.0.6 and 2.1.1
Method of breaking into scrap
Hacking on fuel (gasoline) on version 2.0.6 and 2.1.1
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* zeropasha, cash games removed? Reset then do? Phone settings?

Rep: (337)
* ALYUDESH, I have after some time still loaded, although loading has become very long. Does not help?

Rep: (337)
* starfoxit15, * Misha Bychkov, policy android or not, is still the essence of one - the theme of the game is not concerned. Gathered to discuss the game, so let's discuss it and :)
Unlock and there was not, if there are craftsmen who can make - everybody will be happy.

Rep: (337)
* sanya559, configs tried to swing? As far as I know, it's still not root easily done.

Rep: (337)
* sanya559, and what problems arose?

Rep: (337)
* Antichrist999 If you have previously played the regular version without fashion, that is, Play Games is connected, then set the fashion as usual, just a new version.

Rep: (337)
* NokiaSmartMan, come on? How it's done? Never seen even to overtake them.

Rep: (337)
* psacebar, police here and you can not stand, you just have to dodge their charges, well, slow down ... But why, if you can turn to enter the slide (swipe down)? :)

* Whatcher, older version will not run, ask to upgrade anyway.

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* Ten96, experience has shown that people do not look, and there, too, judging by the questions "how to hack gold" :)

Rep: (337)
* diman299700, is long gone, see previous page :)

Rep: (337)
* _Noi-Zy_, I tried to download apk file to your phone and install it?

Rep: (337)
* Sania92467, No, this is not a fashion, and is unlikely to be.

Rep: (337)
* NeckDeep, if a time is not counted, do not risk more, at least in the near future. And try to beat out less damage.

Rep: (337)
* (KiRyShA), as far as I remember, this is a cant preserve the cloud and nothing will help you. Discussed similar. Create a new account, demand some compensation from the support, but no one guarantees that the compensation really will be.

Rep: (337)
Friends, the question is not necessary to set modes. When fashion goes, usually, it immediately spread here, so that regardless of the number of questions asked, fashion does not appear before it can appear :)

Rep: (337)
* Sam898, if you have the phone number correctly indicated in your profile, then there may be excellent graphics, but it’s unlikely that the maximum is direct.

Rep: (337)
* xandr333, ask a question in the Players Club, perhaps you will be helped to reduce the number. This is quite a lot.

* Sam898, within the game there is no setup of graphics, the game selects the optimal configuration (= graphics) for your device based on the video accelerator (model + version). You are free to change the configuration (ie graphics) just by downloading the file from those who share (there is a hat we have a lot of links, but be guided by your graphics accelerator (Adreno, Mali, etc.)). Or there is the option to change the settings of graphics via the GFX NL program, there simply press a few buttons, no shaking, no additional files.

Rep: (337)
* xandr333, for scrap banyat not, but if you have reached the limit value (ie no longer typed), there is a chance the ban. At least it was before.

Rep: (337)
* Stillnef, The simplest thing - to download GFX NL from Google Play and try different options.

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