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I laughed to tears: rofl:
In the morning, the interlocutors are no longer hear me.
I sinned already, and the headphone jack and a microphone, which suddenly broke.
In runet not found an answer to the question.
Friend suggested: "Ask question to Google in English".

And that's what fished:
I cleaned out the microphone hole with a needle. There was some fluff (pocket lint I assume) that came out. Just a tiny bit and a little tiny piece of debris.

Damn, I was half a head broke, was about to be held in SC, but here ... just need to clean the needle hole-in microphone: rofl:

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Today, suddenly ceased to hear the interlocutor me.
Through a wired headset okay.
What do you think Khan connector?
At Sony Ericsson Volkmene so I did.

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Dear, tell me,
This question on the search did not find otveta.Est video file on the memory card.
The phone is connected to a computer as an external drive.
I want to see the file on your computer, but instead he starts to play copied.
What is the problem?

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By the way, superudar is "pinch" the screen.

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The device is really excellent!

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C coming!
All the best for the new year !!!

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breakmike @ 30.12.2011, 13:27*
buy a small solar battery the size of ipod nano, which has also a built-in battery is very capacious.

And you can reference on this device? I have not heard about this.

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My first phone was a Sony Ericsson T100.Poyavilsya I have it in 2003. Really I liked the phone, served me faithfully.
Was replaced by the Nokia 6131. ​​Quite interesting clamshell used it for six months, I have changed in the Nokia N76.
76 caught quite buggy device, in general, do not like.
Namuchavshis 76 bought the Acer S200. That was a miracle of technology. The device fully meets my requirements and is fully suited me. Used it for almost two years, but on the next the get drowned after returning from the MAKS-2011.
Then a couple of months used the Sony Ericsson W880I, who found a wife in the Volga. Also a good device, but utoplenichestva not survive and eventually died.
Recently, I use Sony Ericsson S500I, who used to be his wife. A handy slider.
Now I bought a Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman, for the money machine just gorgeous. All suits under my requirements fully fit.

So this is my 4 SE for 8 years, good phone cases :)

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