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Hello friends
Tell me please
I want to take the subject as a second phone
captivates the aforementioned reduction in eldorado)
phone is necessary for navigation (YandeksNavigator) calls, instant messengers

as it has in terms of the speed of the navigator? how to determine the location? there are no sores in this regard?
are also interested in principle, the overall balance of the device (or any schools identified?)
I plan to take, of course, the minimum version 3/32

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* lngush,
I think they do not work)

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Friends, but this question

a couple of years there were several pairs of headphones

noticed in one pair has firmware 2.0.0 - there when you switch modes NC could not wait until my aunt will announce the name of each mode and quickly switch on (because the headphones are switched on immediately switched off the squelch, ie 2 rapid clicks and all)

When headphones are on the latest version of software - once said that does not quickly change the mode by pressing the button - wait until will announce the name of the (ambient sound) - and then you can press a second time (say "off"), it's a little pissed)

so here
probably it was a problem specific to the instance, or so everyone on the latest firmware?

Just now, had got another pair of 1000x, they were on the old firmware (1. then and there)
I want to update
but I do not want to bother with these brakes voice commentary

Posted on 04/16/2020, 20:45:

* lngush,
ASC Sony You do not return the money, they will give a paper on the impossibility to repair and it can go to the Messenger of money.

just likely, it is possible to repair them

and how much they are purchased - service not care, the main thing that was off a check from a reseller

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* lngush,

most likely the battery is dead, but had a chance to revive a once Earphone - stupidly long time lying on the charge in a case connected to the charging of the iPad

but most likely, he died)

you can search by region Avito separate earpiece (there were a few ads a month ago as it is now - xs, promonitorit necessary)

By the way, why not try to contact the ASC Sony? They may be able to help with the warranty
the money is returned to the store does not make sense

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* Poletoff,
You perfectly understand what I mean

and for a review of 6 thank you, I scared the bad reviews about the autonomy of the output time 6

will be to roll, we'll see)

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MVideo in there off the straps of adequate prices

for example, I took the original leather Classic Buckle 4Q considering cancellation of bonuses, rules topic in my opinion

wanted more Leather Loop (it is still cheaper in) - but after ordering contacted me and said that the strap is a showcase that is matsany) which is unacceptable for me

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Well, not this put) were hours (AW 4) on watchOS 5 paired with the phone on ios 13.2

devil pulled the phone to update to 13.4.1

Now the phone is very strongly need to update the clock on watchOS 6

uvedolmleniya not come to the Clock app on your phone without updating the log does not give)

so that's actually what I am it)
did not win this hell?

And the second question - whether the worst highly WatchOS 6 than 5? just when she (6) out - were deteriorating autonomy reviews

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Hello, I managed to get a sealed time capsule at the latest 2TB for adequate money, so I think - leave yourself or sell) someone to date, if not confirmed the date of purchase (for -So when you first turn on the guarantee date will appear on the site?
and in general - are served there still time capsule off services?

and yes) the most important thing)

much if speed is cut from ROSTEST versions?

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Friends, original leather case phone scratch steel frame? Silicone Case is not exactly scratches, checked in the x / xs / 11 pro - only silicone used (original and copy, but with microfiber throughout the abutment area)

interested in the appearance of even mikrotsarapinok, is there? or all of the super?

Posted on 12/04/2020, 16:36:


If you do this -
the promotional code does not happen, I think)
this is the usual sellers with crusts, what sort of promotional offers))

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* MEN48,
where they took in the end?)

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* MEN48,
fakes are not met
I think they do not exist

Avito to buy is not a problem, the only thing - I would take packed

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* joker.2,

And by "share" menu was very uncomfortable - to put it bluntly tweeted desired article add to reading list you need to perform several actions. While on iOS 12 this is done by long pressing and selecting the desired item

And, more opera does not work on iOS 13 (need for specific requirements)

This is from what I remember), more precisely, that the soul sunk most of all)

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Hello) I sit here on the iOS 12.4.1 and I think - whether it is necessary to update soon exiting 13.4?

Bethke put off 13 before the release, did not like)

Is finished 13 to 12 stable version? Just note, new chips such as the trackpad and mouse do not need me. You just want new experiences on iOS (of course, do not want bad feelings at all))

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* En1quel,
Of course we ordered
but it is easier to find somewhere cheaper (in the off resellers)

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* jpaul,
if you bought them for 18 and sold for 8 ushatannye - that your anger is understandable)))

However, when buying in 'officials 12 sell used at the ideal 11 - very good in my opinion)

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If you are interested - have a promotion code in MVideo at 4000r, headphones can be bought is obtained 19tys

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* cosmmmic
very well sold on Avito they demanded quite a thing

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* pezq,
no unfortunately

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* ilnurnur,
it should be on the iphone

during using Wf-1000x even used to and it seems to me the most convenient - because talk through wf-1000x is not possible, and so - earphone pulled out of the ear, the phone call received and norms
easier than to switch the source of the phone

but of course, it may not be very comfortable on the WH-1000xm3

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* catfelix,
Congratulations on your purchase)
true, there is a guarantee, but not in Russia)

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