Rep: (108)
NARISMA @ 31.05.20, 18:58*
now burned HDMi

Under what circumstances? Unfortunately - boxing in the basket, if AV is not interesting.

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hyper83 @ 30.05.20, 09:41*
Cordless dad does not work?

I think everyone in the house there will be a couple of unnecessary obsolete cords, for example miniUSB. Trim unnecessary and even twist the wires by color, not a large amount of labor.

Rep: (108)
Vetall98765 @ 26.05.20, 0:14*
currents, which are given to the phone, and not from the rapid charging. Ideally I would like to try on at both ends of the same wire.

The law states that the current in the circuit the same regardless of its ends. : Blush:

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ikar2006 @ 23.05.20, 22:59*
As with the device delete the application installed Android 9.

It is a classic method no longer works, "Settings", "Applications", "All apps" Choose required, "Delete", and it is not necessary to install or anything, unless of course, not talking about removing system applications.

Rep: (108)
alvas94 @ 16.05.20, 19:02*
firmware from SH ver.4

We talked about the drain 9, and who, where, what nakuralesil I do not know.

Rep: (108)
Cuphead @ 16.05.20, 18:23*
Yes that's right, I made, about the same squelch is written that on android 9 can fix the link.

Once this link leads to a "semi-finished product" that still need to study for the forum thread on, and the people too lazy to read, he must immediately gotovenkoe. Moudle the parameter after renaming will not valid ie anyway, that disable, but it is not beautiful because it could potentially be used. It will be correct, as I wrote above (note that it is not I naryl, I just repeated) And I think it is necessary to bear in "tweaks" of our hats.

Rep: (108)
Buratino Karlovich @ 16.05.20, 17:58*
Useful tweaks , , or firmware to uluchshalki uv.RequeLine,

Look carefully at the edited uv.RequeLine not exactly.

Rep: (108)
bentam @ 16.05.20, 10:58*
You just have to correct the word "Moudle" in the "Module" in the file in line /vendor/etc/tvconfig/pq/pq_default.ini pq.AllPQMoudle.en = enable

Please raise the hat.

Well, do not rename it, it is necessary to read the above topic a little deeper.
To disable shumodava should be the path to a file /vendor/etc/tvconfig/pq/pq_default.ini pq_default.ini replace pq.AllPQMoudle.en = enable on pq.AllPQMoudle.en = disable and set the attributes of a file rw-r-r (0644)

P.S. The cap is not found, pliz poke his nose.

* Cuphead,
unpack yourcustom, You see this move is also used, but in Tweaks "not taken out. More precisely rendered, but not quite.

Attached files

Attached filepq_default.ini(1.56 KB)

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I painted some poser. : Help: I ​​have the first revision of boxing. While Android 8.1 was no problems with the WiFi is not experienced. Now you can go to Android 9 (Stock firmware update for the January FOTA) and this is what I observe. If the router will choose the channel 7, then the WiFi box does not connect with him. Other gadgets 7 router duct work well. On other channels, box works well. I certainly understand that it is possible to force the router to choose a fixed one channel, which I did. But some sediment from the new firmware was. Maybe, who knows what with 8 Androyd relation to WiFi need kopirnut in 9th or how else to fix poser.
P.S. WiFi network on adjacent channels do not interfere with boxing channel 7 connects.

Rep: (108)
<zoran> @ 24.04.20, 13:38 *
What is it modifying something was? BP no, no feedback ..

I told you a yellow circle around where this PD feedback.

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Vitalij St. @ 04/24/20, 15:55*
Q5X2 V5.0 18436 is a new revision?

It is likely that this is an old revision. The new designation written on the board LP3, indicating that the use of DDR3 memory. 100% can be verified by looking at the markings chip Realtek WiFi if the new revision. Just in the designation of the firmware version has the letter "R" Realtek

Rep: (108)
LuckyWin @ 03.04.20, 12:12*
Resistors do not watch.

If between pads, marked with red dots, no smd resistor, it is necessary to close the not specially made copper penny, and on the green line.

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Attached Image

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baltik_lex @ 17.04.20, 17:16*
And not those 2 contacts have

No need to blame Vasily_5 he have the right contacts .. For this purpose, a specially made these copper pad. The fact is that enterprising Chinese sometimes soldered one resistor and therefore the closure of the copper areas does not lead to the expected result. I suggested to you how to get around this simple problem. This has already been written or a dozen times.

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baltik_lex @ 16.04.20, 20:18*
where to run ?

try it hereX96Max (S905X2) [Android] (Post Cakypa23 # 95305970)

Rep: (108)
<zoran> @ 15.04.20, 13:40 *
dolby + dual mono - it's that ???

This is a question to Google, he knows everything.
<zoran> @ 15.04.20, 13:40 *
A stereo is not what? mono only ...

But Dual, stereo, he is worse?
And anyway, what does your chosen property of a stream or a file to the topic under discussion.

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* smerch82.s,
Look in the header section Firmware Build custom

Rep: (108)
* vay11,
Like everything you do is beautiful, it should work as a 4-wire cable up to 100 and 300 but with 8-veined

Rep: (108)
Cuphead @ 13.04.20, 11:21*
Wire with 8 cores needed.

So he says that does not work (presumably to 4 vein)

Rep: (108)
* vay11,
In your case, it turns out that this is the eltex mtu1 and identifies you to the provider. What tariff plan from the provider of more than 100 Mbps. On. that the prefix declared in 1000, not the fact that the provider will give so much.

Rep: (108)
* vay11,
I do not know what eltex mtu1, as if to directly connect a computer or something like that, will it work?

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