Rep: (153)
transic @ 02.06.20, 18:37*
And then you choose the drive from Baracuda and Intel) Although the right here is your business, but too long you have worked plekstor. How many hours of operation were not you remember? And according to how much reading and writing?)

Well, I am far from this theme (SSD), so that after reading the internet and asked around, I saw that basically recommended mainly Baracuda, Intel 545s, more Crucial MX500, and of WD blue. So I chose intel ordered in Citylink at an affordable price.
And plekstoru, that's what diskinfo shows true total time lying seems to me, just 106 days. I have it in this complex set in 2014, and before that he worked more in a monoblock.
Attached Image

Rep: (153)
transic @ 02.06.20, 12:54*
And what happened to the old plekstorom? How many worked? And if you normally showed himself, why now do not take something from plektora or Samsung for instance?
While those that you took off, both good.

Yes, three days ago, after a brief power outage, the UPS is also not helped, dead at the most inopportune time, the computer passed out, and when you turn hung on "preparing disaster recovery", then passed diagnostics, correction of errors, but nothing helped, the system is not loaded, no dancing in that day did not help in the SSD BIOS could not see the next day I was about to use the Recovery, but the first time it has not turned to run from a USB drive, and so far downloaded another assembly, everything suddenly booted and worked fine. As it was then suggested, it was necessary to wait a little more enabled computer. Looked program HDTunePro smart, there were these lines:
HD Tune Pro: PLEXTOR PX-128M6S Health
ID Current Worst ThresholdData Status
(01) Raw Read Error Rate 100 100 0 0 ok
(05) Retired Block Count 100 100 0 1,179,648 attention

(C4) Reallocated Event Count 100 100 0144 warning

Health Status: warning
In general, I decided in any case to take a new SSD
PLEXTOR worked for about 8 years.
In general, here are the pies ... :)

Rep: (153)
* ls340
* WSonic,
clearly understood, thank you. Intel will take then, as he liked me more.

Rep: (153)
Good evening!
I want to buy to replace your old SSD PLEXTOR PX-128M6S new. Chosen here such:
https: //www.citilink.r...ks/hdd/ssd_in/1199794/
https: //www.citilink.r...ks/hdd/ssd_in/1160147/
Which one is better to take?

Rep: (153)
* RomKaВ® ,
I was in the second half of the 80s he took, just for the flight coupons (no checks) has received in our valyutnike their emissions , cost is cheap, given only one pair, could snatch.

Rep: (153)
alex175157 @ 27.05.20, 11:38*
so you're still on the train and they took off? ... Lawlessness first checks for the purchase, and then go-ahead to leave unattended, ayyayayayay, carelessness

Yes, that's lohanulsya. Went to work in Sevastopol, lay on the top shelf, took them off, I thought I'll go once more to smoke, and then take away and passed out. The train is just a next car drove Dembele. Morning jumped down, and it was empty, and there is no other shoe. Good grandmother some sort of slippers home sold, the new truth, so take a taxi to our hotel and went to the sneakers, but already there friends bailed footwear.

Rep: (153)
RomKaВ® @ 27.05.20, 11:00*
Just loved Romiku with youth ... and that is always a shame about it, few people remember

I have been "Romik," took in valyutnike "Black Sea", excellent Cros. Relates a couple of weeks, demobilization've stole the train.

Rep: (153)
brutus-som @ 26.05.20, 19:20*
I OL silent.

Letter from traka24. It was, then copied.

Rep: (153)
"Starting from May 18, 2020, in Russia the international departure from Singapore have started to arrive.

Today arrived and immediately released from customs Another batch RB-SG ranked in the export of 2 months ago!

View Statistics movement you can by clicking on the following link:"
The letter came to the soap

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* asusk55vm ,
clear. I did not eject.
Now at the same time checked the satellites .... catches the moment, 10 seconds and found a bunch of satellites.

Rep: (153)
* asusk55vm ,
mug in place. And like operating normally.
A GPS setting is where?
Long press on the "geolocation" in the curtain is it? If so, I did not eject.

Rep: (153)
* asusk55vm ,
However, through the root updated. Unpacking less than a minute, and then restart as usual at the time. In general, I was going to cook the coffee, keeping in mind both the 409 long to update, and then only tore ass, and already offers a PIN code to enter ... and yet, the machine is ready.

Rep: (153)
* asusk55vm ,
everything updated, I'll watch.
Something too fast update was on time as usual to restart, can for a moment longer.

Rep: (153)
At 409 beta can be rolled forward from the 424? Or roll back is necessary to 9 android?

Post has been editedBad04 - 26.05.20, 13:57

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Chertenok3D @ 25.05.20, 23:04*
samsungovskie telly very peculiar, support the transmission of images with only Samsung phones

I'm on my Sams 55H6500 (2014), normally transmitted and Asus, and Honor, and Xiaomei.

Rep: (153)
Psychasthenic @ 21.05.20, 12:17*
As you know, Samsung Telecom Yutubchika support ended, from which the aforesaid became unavailable, retired

Something on my CAMCE 55N6500 2014 "Yutubchik" is still here, currently operates perfectly. : D

Rep: (153)
* uti_putin ,
in the now "matches" on the site.

Rep: (153)
uti_putin @ 21.05.20, 13:32*
my Sportmaster down, if not, then update the application.

No nifiga and "my Sportmaster" Updates to the play store no, I have the latest version 3.7.4 (21262).
Attached Image

Rep: (153)
uti_putin @ 21.05.20, 12:27*
in bonuses, where in the past were only small they are now, 20 maximum.

I do not know anything in bonuses has not found similar to "matches"
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (153)
uti_putin @ 21.05.20, 11:51*
Tab advances in the application. and matches.

And where the matches? Achievements have again sit there at home. Matches not found.

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