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* myownsummer666 And as she turn?

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* Kovroff Pro sandwiches wrote in the topic XZ3

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* German aw , On paper, and visually XZ3 looks like, but the box XA2 A have not seen yet

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* jelezjaka2 , Try to display settings on the play, not how many regimes have or even manually adjust the sliders for yourself

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* Yura_X The phone is not on vibrate or silent mode, so usually deactivated and the settings of the camera has a shutter sound separately

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OnePlus 7 Pro - Official firmware
Picture7 Pro
Description | Discussion » | Purchase » | Official firmware » | | Unofficial firmware and custom kernels » | Accessories » | Camera talk » | Power consumption (autonomy) » | Modification and decorations » | Marriage and Repair »

F.A.Q. on firmware
How to update, how to get Root, how to install TWRP and more ...

Important information
You can not block the bootloader in the presence of any modifications of the device!

Drivers and Utilities
Official firmware
TWRP / Recovery

C User activity in the topic

For questions about filling the caps, contact the curator of the topic. batogofff

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* Chikale , 1 as able. In my only cinema pro pumped. Identical modules 1 and 5. And all this with a software update will come.

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* st.limp , Or Chrome OS, and there will be an assistant, but alas for windows has not yet delivered

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* opposym We have raised the price of preparing 11.11 plus realized that 1 and 5 are the same and the price tag will be the same. And then just start to lower to 20K hryvnia.

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* kat2 I personally meet various compacts and is confident that sales of more than 5 1. But what is the price for the flagships always expensive, better buy later after MWC.

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* Defardo , Wait until the fall, it is not clear why the price changed, I think it falls closer to 11.11, and so, alas.

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Finish flood and offtopic topic cleaned!

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* Sony Xperia_98 Already discussed is why the separation of a button. Iza American market and patents, software is not working scanner button there.

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Sony WH-1000XM3 - Discussion
Official site | Discussion »
Attached Image

  • Before asking a question, use search by topic . Respect your and other people's time.
  • To compare the device with competitors and on the choice of devices, please contact: Selection and Comparison .
  • Before posting photos, read the topic Working with Images on the forum
  • Messages that are not related to the topic of discussion (offtopic) are deleted without warning.
Other photos
Attached Image
Attached Image
QN1 noise canceling HD processor
Freedom from wires with BluetoothВ® and NFC
Adaptive sound control function
High quality audio with DSEE HX в„ў and LDAC technology
Control all functions with touch
Maximum noise reduction
Take a break from the sounds of the city thanks to an advanced noise reduction system. The system is implemented thanks to a tight ear cushions and noise-canceling HD-processor QN1. Headphones WH-1000XM3 very effectively suppress, for example, the sounds of voices and urban hum. The unique optimization function of atmospheric pressure provides high quality sound at high altitudes.
The sound, which is worth believing
The built-in amplifier integrated into the QN1 noise-canceling HD processor has the best signal-to-noise ratio in its category, low distortion for portable devices and exceptional sound quality. Thanks to powerful 40 mm speakers with LCD diffusers, Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones deliver impressive bass and can reproduce the full frequency range up to 40 kHz.
Auto Sound Tuning
Adaptive sound control automatically detects what you are doing — driving, walking, or waiting — and adjusts the volume of the surround sound as you need it. And with the quick attention feature, you can communicate without removing the headphones: to do this, simply touch their body with a hand to reduce the volume, and talk.
Device characteristics
  • QN1 noise canceling HD processor gives you the opportunity to enjoy music without interference
  • Unique personal automatic noise reduction function and atmospheric pressure optimization technology
  • Freedom from wires with BLUETOOTHВ® and NFC
  • Auto Sound Tuning with Smart Listening
  • High quality audio with DSEE HX в„ў and LDAC technology
  • Headphone Type: Overhead
  • Connection Type: Bluetooth
  • Sports: Yes
  • Model: MDR-WH1000XM3
  • Country of manufacture: China
  • Black colour
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Sensitivity, dB: 104
  • Cable length, m: 1.2
  • Frequency range, Hz: 4 - 40000
  • Resistance, Ohm: 47
  • Weight, kg: 0,255
  • Maximum power, mW: 104
Attached Image

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* myrzykov , November-December, the approximate dates

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* alberto20 , Take 3, showed only WI-1000XM2 for the international market.
Attached Image

And Earphones are compact and light, but to provide 35 hours of battery life.

Sony said that the headphonesWH-H910Nwill be available in Australia from January 2020 at a price SRP 399,95.
Attached Image
Attached Image

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* David6503 , Launcher in the hat is. A return to the theme, you can try to theme Sony

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* fng Just a CD, could be expected immediately with 1 show. 865 chip is not given. Sony camera 1-2 will vary. And about the IPhone price too due to this travels. And Samsun S10 is not much worse Note 10.

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* David6503 , Themes gone since XZ3 due to the transition to a new gesture control and launcher. Settings menu navigation only rarely vary in themes.

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* maestro_news , RAW, and full access to the chamber opened in the Xperia 1. But Google Camera on the device until the present.

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