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Discussion Asus 1015b and 1215b netbooks
AMD Brazos Netbooks
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Features 1015b
OS Windows 7 Starter;
Screen 10.1-inch diagonal resolution of 1024 x 600 dots with LED backlight;
CPU AMD C30 hybrid processors (single core, 1.2 GHz) or C50 (two cores, 1.0 GHz) with an integrated AMD Radeon HD 6250 GPU;
Ram 1 or 2 GB DDR3 RAM; ( expandable up to 4 GB )
HDD HDD size of 2.5 inches in volume of 250, 320 or 500 GB;
Wireless interfaces Wireless adapters Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR ( optional - Bluetooth 3.0 + HS );
Webcam 0.3 Megapixel, there is a curtain that opens and closes manually
Ports D-Sub and HDMI video outputs, three USB 2.0 interface ports ( optional - one USB 3.0 ), RJ-45, 3.5 mm diameter connectors for connecting audio devices, a device for reading and writing SD, SDHC and MMC memory cards.

As well as screenshots CPU-Z with 4 GB of memory

1215b specifications
OS Windows 7 Home Premium;
Screen 12.1-inch diagonal resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels with LED backlight;
CPU AMD E350 hybrid processors (1.6 GHz, two cores), AMD C30 (1.2 GHz, one core) or C50 (1.0 GHz, two cores);
Video card AMD Radeon HD 6310 GPU (in case of using AMD E350) or AMD Radeon HD 6250 (in case of two other CPUs);
Ram 2 or 4 GB DDR3 RAM;
HDD size of 2.5 inches with a capacity of 250, 320 or 500 GB;
Wireless interfaces Wireless adapters Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n (optional - Bluetooth 3.0 + HS);
Webcam 0.3 Megapixel, there is a curtain that opens and closes manually
Ports Video outputs D-Sub and HDMI, three USB 2.0 interface ports (optionally one USB 3.0), RJ-45, 3.5 mm jacks for connecting audio devices, a device for reading and writing memory cards of SD, SDHC, SDXC and MMC formats.

Those. AMD 6250M specifications
Windows 7 Performance Test for 1215b with E450

Games for laptops
Windows xp

Windows 7
Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction- C-50, 800x600, Direct3D, perspective on / off without a difference, the properties of the shortcut are set - disable the visual design, desktop composition and compatibility with wines 2000. The game is going well, one of them slow down (loading the map on the fly).
SW: KoToR- C-50, 800x600, shadows and traffic are disabled, framebuffer effects too, 2x anti-aliasing, higher settings - usually 25+ fps, in battles it drops to 15, but since step-by-step combat is not important, in large locations also sags up to 15 because of the abundance of geometry.
Red alert 2- C-50, without any additional settings is going fine.
Nox- C-50, 800x600 with all the settings does not slow down.
Homm3- C-50, 800x600 - in the properties of the shortcut set - disable the visual design, the composition of the desktop and is compatible with 2000/98 wines. If this is not done, sudden departures to the desktop are possible, there are no brakes.
Lineage2 C1-C4- C-50, 1024x600, everything depends on the processor, it will be impossible to play on densely populated servers, it does not depend on the settings. On average, 20 fps.
Baldurs Gate 1 & 2- C-50, 800x600 - the shadows are removed, everything else is on - it goes without brakes.
Dark Messiah of M & M- C-50 - failed to start, the game simply does not start, the reasons are not clear.
Counter Strike Source Steam- 1024x600, C-50, textures and shaders - height, the rest of the bottom, or off, multi-core rendering - on. 30+ fps on servers with 10 players, for large ones not tested.
Battlefield vietnam- 800x600, C-50,4gb ram, Win7 x64 - excellent on any settings, but it is better to set the quality of geometry to low.

Windows xp

Windows 7
1215b E450 / (4Gb RAM) / Win7 (x86):
The darkness ii - it goes well ([ 1280x720 , settings are average,Vsync on] or [ 1366x768 , settings are average,Vsync off])
Overlord ii(2009) - goes well at maximum settings, occasionally sags up to 20-25 FPS (battles for 30+ characters)
Fallout: New Vegas- average settings, E450, w7 x64
E450 + 6320 4GB Win 7 Ultimate
Dead space- settings are low, with vertical synchronization disabled. It goes without friezes and falling FPS.
Dead space 2- settings are low (on medium and high - play only with connected charging and external cooling, more fingers and brakes), with vertical synchronization on. It goes without friezes and falling FPS.
Heroes III- works fine, with all addons.
Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (on your first engine, not Dark athena ) 1366x768 graphics on max .. anisotropy max .. almost not freeze ..
Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena ( 800x600 on the minimum salary is not playable)
Deus Ex 1 with ENB + DX9 (shader 3.0) 1366x76 8 flies
Deus Ex Invicible War + HD Texture Pack with mod resolution 1366x768 on max. multisemp x2 flies
Deus Ex Human Revolution 800x480 minimum salary ... more than 15+ fps does not happen .. mostly 10-11 (not playable)
Chaser flies
Condemned Criminal Origins 1366x768 at max .. anisotropy x2 smoothing x2 .. the fog is simple .. the shadows are off (almost flies)
Thief III 1366x768 flies
Quake 4 1366x768 on high without shadows (not ultra) flies
Turtles TMNT 1366x768 all parts fly
Gothic 2 with all addons and textures packs to max 1366x768 flies
Deathspank 1366x768 flies
Enclave 1366x768 on max flies
TES4: Oblivion Gold (all off addons, textures are all on max, drawing without distant landscape .. maximum drawing without remote landscape 1366x768 fps 18-35)
TES5: Skyrim 800x480 minimum salary .. fps 4-20 (not playable)
Fable the lost chapters ( 1366x768 On max, without shadows and minus 1 drawing step) flies
Fable III 800x480 medium-minimum frisite (not playable)
Vampire The Masquerade Bloodline on max with mod resolution 1366x768 fps 18-40 (very playable)
Devil May Cry 4 (high, not ultra 1366x768 ) sometimes sits up to 18 fps .. and so stable 25+
Onimusha III Demon Siege on max 1280x720 1366x768 not achieved: (flies
Chaos legion on max 1024x768 flies (could not script under 1366x768)
Heroes5- average misalignments.
Harry Potter 1-6- high settings.
Harry Potter 7.1- average settings.
Alan wake- the minimum level of graphics, 15-18 FPS (playable, but for an amateur - the resolution is better to choose less than the native 1366x768)
Cannon fodder 3- it goes well
Braid- it goes well
Spore with a 32 * TV connection 1920x1080 flies high
Overlord 1 and 2 1366x768 almost a max, fly
Drakensang 2009 1360x768 medium - high (with improved textures ((option in the game))) FPS 15-26 (danz 30 - 60)
Shank 1,2 1366x768 fly [/ quote]
Orcs Must Die! on max 1366x768 MSAAx2 fps 17-35 +
Mass Effect I if by shaman with graphics, then 1366x768 playable
Call of ctulhu flies
Doom III on max with mod resolution 1366x768 flies
Far cry i on max 1366x768 smoothing x2 flies
Mafia i on max 1366x768 flies
Silent Hill III on max, texture density 2048x2048, flies
Knights of the Old Republic II texture max, shadows off, anti-aliasing x2 .. with mod 1366x768 (it behaves strangely, in cramped rooms, FPS 30+, in large spaces, FPS 22+, it will appear enough to smoke, steam, and everything similar to smoke, it starts to freeze and sink to 4-8-12 FPS)
Beyond Good and Evil 1366x768 flies high
Rayman Origins 2012 (just a super xD game) 1366x768 flies
Arx fatalis (1C, Akella, Fargus) 1366x768 max settings, lags the menu on all voiceovers and patches, everything flies in the game, but it happens not very smoothly, but you can play it easily, logs are associated with poor compatibility with Win7, the widescreen resolution is written in cfg.ini file
Legend of Grimrock- 1366x768 shadows off ... a little frizit .. not annoying, it is passable .. Very playable!
Sudeki (RPG)1366x768 max, no shadows .. Smooth x2 .. Flies, occasionally frisite with a bunch of special effects.
Torchlight 1- flies
Torchlight 2 beta- flies

OS compatibility
Windows XP 32bit - works if in BIOS to set HDD operation mode - IDE
Windows XP 64bit - it is impossible to install this OS from a flash drive. She does not see the hard drive netbook (special drivers for which there is no).
Windows 7 32bit - Everything works well, but the performance is lower than that of Windows7 64bit.
Windows 7 64bit - the perfect choice for this netbook, even with 2GB of RAM.
Windows 8 x32 \ 64 - It works fine, but the Metro does not work at 1015b.
Windows 10 x32 - It works fine on 1015b (There is no data for Audio over HDMI, I think it works, there is a playback device via HDMI).
Unix - We can say that Fedora 16 is working (the one with Gnome) - in the course of the fire rose (somewhere at the XP level)
and Ubuntu 10.10 is about the same as Fedor, but I had to download a little myself.

D Drivers and stuff
Short guide on downloading drivers for Win7 x64 by Dr_Quake
1) ATK0100 - now it is Keyboard Hotkey Filter, you need to download from 64bit from offsite, SURPRISE, it is incomplete, so that OSD and all keys work, not half, you also need to merge the 32bit version and put HotkeyService from it.
2) Sound - the latest version from the site does not allow you to do Sleep, just fucking, but reflex works well - we take from
And yes - do not forget about the effects, they EAT the CPU, immediately cut off Immediate Mode (notification sounds) and in general all the effects in the sound settings of Windows, otherwise the processor time eats audiodg regularly.
3) Video - well, then naturally (component category is notebook graphics, product line is C-series APU, product model is C-50 or C-30 APU, operating system is Windows 7 x64). Also, after installing the Catalyst control center, it is recommended to turn off the Vari-bright (almost the last item) in the settings thereof because of it, the brightness of the screen when working on batteries becomes unreal (everything is lit up even at a minimum).
4) SHE (Super Hybrid Engine) - he is one for all
5) The touchpad, there is no reference firewood for it, but again ALL versions for all OS in one archive. Yes, in the version for 32bit Windows.
6) Bluetooth - similarly again in the 32bit driver there is a 32bit one. It is old, update immediately with
Where is the surprise? He will not immediately download a new one if he does not find the old one.
7) LAN - all in the same version for 32bit Windows.
8) WiFi - here we immediately hammer and go download to the site
9) AHCI - do not even try, it will be worse (the driver is in the original package on MB from amd, hangs up the disk). Let it work on default.

And the little things - NB047 is Broadcomm Bluetooth, NE785h is LAN, BR43xx is WLAN itself. In theory, others can bet, I did not see. USB 3.0 is clearly what it is called.

The card is just a terrible combo with BT + WIFI, but if you only use wifi - 3.5 megabytes per second and there is no problem with the search, or rather, it is just faster if you leave the default bt + wifi = on and do not change the settings - bt will work wifi when working In general, wifi will be VERY slow to look for networks. It is recommended not to install Bluetooth.

While these two spoilers are not filled, we will fix it over time.
Sata Driver for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (All x86 and x64) (for 1015, maybe it will work for other models)
New Sata driver
Dated 09/23/2014
in the package
Amd Catalist Handler Manager - 8.0.916.0
AMD Sata AHCI Array -
Amd USB Filter Driver -

http: //
Video driver for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (All x86 and x64) (for 1015, it may be suitable for other models)
Package AMD Catalyst Omega 14.12.1003
HDMI Audio Driver -
AMD Video Tranporting - 13/30 / 100.41120

In the package go
AMD Display Driver - 14.501

BOIS update - if, when you try to update the BIOS, the Model Name does not pop up message, you need to rename the BIOS 1015B-ASUS-0404.rom file to 0404.rom (the numbers may differ depending on the version).
How to update the BIOS - copy the BIOS file to the USB flash drive, insert the USB flash drive into the laptop, go to the BIOS itself, select the Advanced tab, then the very first item - Start Asus easy flash, then in the window that appears, use the arrows to select the BIOS we need and press enter. After reboot, the BIOS will be updated.

Useful information
  • Win8.1Pro x64 to 1015b Installation Report
  • How to make functional buttons work on Windows 8.1 64-bit on ASUS EeePC1215B
  • Enable hardware acceleration for adobe flash playerandin linux
  • ASUS EEEPC 1015BX UpgradefromMrGeptil
  • she + hot key for 8.1
    For the hot keys and utilities SHE, the version with FIXs from Asus is needed
    1 - SuperHybridEngine V2.22 -Attached MB)

    2 - Hotkey service V1.48 -Attached MB)

    (While they are on the official site, the valid version of the software is from the netbook Eee PC 1225B)
    The latest version of the video driver + part of the sound (Whether there is sound for HDMI or not unknown)
    AMD-Catalyst-Omega-14.12-With-DOTNet45-Win8.1-32bit (Compatible with x64) (Formed)
    (Removed - .net 4.5, C ++ 2012 x86 + x 64, Raptr (In view of complete confusion)
    Only drivers -Attached fileAMD-Driver.rar(53.71 MB)

    Auto Identification and Download Utility -Attached fileautodetectutility.exe(5.2 MB)

  • Temperature measurements on various models
    Asus 1215B (e450)
    -Temperature (idle / max load) = 42-55 / 68-74 (for this chip, within the normal range, dump is not planned)
    -Battery runtime (at max load / average) = 3.14h (play with shaders 5.0 DX11, setting maximum performance) / 7.22h (Screen 70% brightness, no USB hinged, network and wifi OFF, work in Word Excel, Paint Power setting to Maximum battery saving.)
    -OS = Win7 Ultimate SP1 x64
    -Perc = E450
    - RAM = 2x2Gb (4gb) Hynix`s 1333mhz (blue textolite) are both the same
    Model = Asus 1215B (e450)
    -3DMark Vantage: P967 GPU: 866 CPU: 2234
    -3DMark 2006: Default test: 2944 Points

    - Temperature: idle time 60-65 / max. Loading75-83
    -Battery battery life at max load 4h (Left4Dead over WiFi) / average 5h (Internet / office / player, etc.)
    - OS: Windows XP SP3 x86
    - Perc: C30
    - RAM: 1GB ASint DDR-1333 native
    -Model: 1015BX
  • CapsLock Keystroke Indicators

    The program is designed to display in the system tray letters (uppercase / lowercase).
    When launched, the program is minimized to the system tray in the form of a Tray icon.
    When you press the "Caps Lock" key, the letter input mode is switched, which is indicated by changing the program icon in the tray:
    lowercase letter mode - CapsLkAOff
    capital letters mode - CapsLkAOn
    Author's site -
    Attached Image
  • Backlight brightness adjustment does not work (solution also for Windows 10)
    But the brightness adjustment does not work, or rather the buttons work, but in fact the brightness almost does not change. We solve this:
    Quote ([email protected], 05:30)
    Follow the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Control \ Class \ {4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} \ 0000
    Next, look for KMD_EnableBrightnessInterface2
    There you set the value to 0. Restart to make the effect appear.
    Folders - 0000 may not be, but will be different, for example, 0002, we are looking there

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Translate please^ 3 player (aka Cubed)

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From casual games Eskeyp Plaine bad. In general, I'm waiting for the announcement of Loco Roco 3.

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8, 9, 9.

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Create cards in ModNation Racers: Road Trip
gameplay fify

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How well it becomes sound in the ears when using a DSP Manager in comparison with the drain to ask?

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Sferaboltus Here's a photo for an example you do the same?

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Question owners, who bought the device in the fall. You have the distance between the screen and the protective plastic matrix is ​​the same as in older models of Optimus Ouen?

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It would be good. If I'll take it, the closer to the end of the year. Games still at the start not so much.

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NeoDorr, PS3 in Europe costs 250 euros, we have 13,000 rubles, ie, at 3000-2500 rubles more. With the PS Vita, I think, will be the same. Although the novelty still, so that may well be to throw a few thousand.

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The entire starting lineup of games will be fully translated into Russian. The console will be in Russia on sale in February and March.

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Few details about the PS Vita:

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By the endSveta2012 will be taking Vita. Then the price may be reduced, and the game will stand.

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NeoDorr, in the 3G version has GPS.

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Is it possible to download files through the native browser?

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The purchase of this unit are discussing here:Sony Ericsson XPERIA pro - Purchase
Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro - the same,
as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, onlywith pearl
in the form factor
side-slider with QWERTY-keyboard. And options
other colors: black,
red, silver. IN
the rest - the same flag:
3.7 "screen
Support for Sony technology
BRAVIA Mobile Engine, connection via
The HDMI, 1 GHz processor, 8 MP
Camera sensor Exmor R and
etc. Prior to Sony Ericsson counters
Xperia Pro will reach the end
second quarter of 2011.

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Well, so would immediately and said.

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Old new touch. OK?

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The new touch is the same as the old one. Feil.

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Touch feil. Iphone 4S feil. Ios 5 wines.

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